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Deep Pool Diving

Column for 24th - 30th October

There?s an underlying transformative, Plutonian feel to this week, with the movement of the Sun into Scorpio last Sunday, 23rd October, and Jupiter entering this sign for the next 13 months, on Wednesday, 26th October.

A sleek, coiled snake is slowly unwinding to reveal its beauty and strength. Scorpio is the most secretive sign of the zodiac, and reveals only what it wishes to, and usually only to a selected, trusted few. He/she knows words are powerful, that gossip can lead to unkind situations. Scorpio is deep, intense and penetrating, and has an awareness that cuts through to the meaningful stuff. It also has a wicked sense of humour, and can lighten up the darkest scenario with a well-turned quip.

Jupiter is the planet of exploration and understanding, and it will be the Scorpio interests of transformation ? birth, sex, death, in all its forms, physical, mental, spiritual, which will hold the attention over the coming year. Places can be reached, in the body, mind, and spirit, which have been unknown terrain before.

In mundane matters, expect new breakthroughs in medical science on the one hand, and signs that extending licensing hours in the UK isn?t a good idea, on the other.

Back to the serpent image now - this is a water snake, and it will slither gracefully into a deep, dark pool of knowledge and wisdom, in order to transform intense emotions and fathomless desires into something that is healing, both for itself, and others. Scorpio and Virgo are the signs associated with healing. Scorpio, at its highest level, wishes to destroy everything that causes pain, and to bring into being anything, which leads to a more sane, peaceful and kind world.

Scorpio is also the sign of intimacy and shared resources, and aspires to a partnership where two people can do much more together than if they were on separate journeys. Their combined energies ?gel?, support and empower one another, and enable them to be more effective as a team.

Jupiter is also the sign of excess; Scorpio can choose to follow the high road, or the low road. (Sometimes it finds the middle road in later life, having experienced enough drama for one lifetime).
You can see there?s the potential here for all kinds of unhealthy situations if the latter (low road) is chosen, so, if you have planets in Scorpio, think carefully before you do something that doesn?t feel ethical, or that you feel won?t serve your highest interests in the long run.

Fresh, juicy carrots (or chocolate cake if you prefer), may be dangled, metaphorically speaking, in front of you, in the form of ?a wonderful project?, ?a fantastic money-making scheme?, ?the promise of fame and glory?, or ?a tempting sexual offer?. Jupiter in Scorpio can be materialistic, especially when it involves someone else?s money, or resources. Consider potential consequences before taking the first bite.

As Jupiter transits Scorpio over the next year, it will take some hard knocks from Mars, Saturn, Neptune. Thankfully, Uranus, planet of change and innovation, will be there sometimes, to show a way out of some tricky situations. Think of the difficult times as just another opportunity to learn something, usually about yourself.
Take care before you jump in the pool, because once you?re in there, you may find it difficult to climb out. Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Neptune are all in fixed signs, which are the ones that don?t give up easily, and don?t like change. They may appear as rocks, or even icebergs, you hadn?t noticed before, stumbling blocks and obstacles in your pool, but hopefully not insurmountable.

The more you?re centred in yourself, clear about your intentions, and boundaries, and aware enough to question whether something feels right for you (and, if it applies, consider how much others gain from your choices), the more easily you will swim with the current.

See the challenges as buoys which are signposts for the point you have reached, and if they are spiky, like those old bombs, circle them surely, but warily, knowing, once you?ve navigated them, that another turning point has been reached, and successfully manoeuvred, then swim on.

This is an overview for Jupiter for whole of the next year; I?ll say more about these underwater obstacles as time progresses.

Phew! That was a bit heavy, in true Plutonian fashion, but I felt it needed to be said, just in case you Scorpio types thought you were in solely for a year of feckless frivolity and fun. You?d be bored if it was ? honest. You will have this too, I hope, (put it on your wish list), and it will also be potentially a year for huge growth, spiritually and materially.

As this week progresses, candles light up, in the ledges of the high rocks around the pool, and looked at closely, they reveal windows, portals to previously unknown places, glimpses into new terrain. Uranus in Pisces harmoniously links in with enigmatic Sun in Scorpio to reveal the next part of the mystery. With both in water signs, new emotional, compassionate scenarios are likely, particularly for people born around the end of October/ beginning of early November (oh, that?s me), or with Scorpio planets here, revealing a desire for change and new conditions, and a hint of how to manifest them.

This Sun/Uranus link culminates on Sunday, 30th October (7.07am GMT) ? an amazingly apt time for the ?School for Warriors? to begin. Mercury moves from Scorpio to free ranging, optimistic, philosophical Sagittarius on the 30th too, making learning and communicating fun and enlightening at the same time.

Hope to see you there! If you?re coming, don?t forget to put your clocks back on Saturday night (the Doc, being all-considerate, has given us an extra hour in bed)
All my love, Astral xx



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