Astrological Gardens

Nature, gardens, and outdoor spaces generally, offer a sanctuary from the madness of 21st century life. Being in nature, whether its a garden, a place of great antiquity (my local stone circle for example), or a wild place, can ground, de-stress, uplift, inspire and spark off feelings of happiness. To tune in to the rhythms of nature is to tune in to the natural cycles, and this encourages us to live in a flowing and harmonious way.

Many of us find the antidote to fast-paced, materialistic living by nurturing plants, and surrounding ourselves with the beauty nature has to offer. It feeds our soul.

Being an artist with a designers eye for colour and form, I thought it would be fun to try and develop some ideas for gardens, using astrology, maybe a sun-sign, or planet, as a starting point, so I shall be using this space to give you some pointers for each sun-sign and the planet(s) associated with it, and soon, will be offering packs that you will be able to buy from here, which elaborate on these ideas, and contain plant lists, etc. There are no fast rules just guidelines for creating a space that will uplift you.  


Signs of the Zodiac

The Aquarius Garden
The Capricorn Garden
The Sagittarius Garden
The Scorpio Garden
The Libra Garden
The Virgo Garden
The Leo Garden
The Cancer Garden
The Gemini Garden
The Taurus Garden
The Aries Garden
The Pisces Garden


Planting Plans for Gardens


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