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Moving Stillness ? Getting things done with Inner Calm

Column for 5th - 11th December 2005

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As I was ruminating about how to write about Mars opposing Jupiter on Monday, 5th December, I decided to open Lao Tzu?s ?Tao Te Ching?, a book overflowing with Taoist wisdom, at random, to see if it would reveal some clues. It opened at number 43, ?The Value of Minimum? followed by number 23, ?Sincerity?.

?Thank-you?, I said, to any unseen friend who might happen to be listening.

When Mars, planet of action and assertion, opposes Jupiter, planet of growth and exuberance, there can be over-exertion, exaggeration, taking on too much, evidence of the superman/woman syndrome, clashes with others (especially those you feel have more power); and the tendency to act without considering the effect on others, or without full understanding of the situation. (It can also encourage writing very long sentences.)

This aspect can also result in success, if there is self-awareness, consciousness of intention, self-interest rather than selfishness, and a recognition that ?too much? might mean exactly that.

The ?doing? gently unfolds with ?non-doing? sometimes, especially if the preparation has been thorough, and you?re willing to go with the flow, trusting that you will be able to stand up to any overpowering waves threatening to engulf you. These waves could be in the form of others imposing their different views, beliefs, expectations on you, or feeling ?bull-dozed? into doing something that doesn?t feel right. If you are the one being over-assertive, the more you push, the more opposition you will encounter.

The ?Value of Minimum? reads,
? That which is most tender can overcome that which is most rigid?? that is, by being soft, gentle and compassionate, you will make progress.

?Acting without deliberate action, and teaching without uttering a word are rarely practiced.? Sometimes the less you do, the more effect you have, just by your way of being.

?Sincerity? reads, ?Speak few words, but say them with quietude and sincerity, and they will be long lasting?.
Sometimes a few well-chosen words speak more volumes than reams that have to be laboriously digested.

Moving swiftly on, the Sun sextiles Neptune on Wednesday, 7th November, opening up possibilities for developing more compassion and awareness of others? needs. As many of us in the western world are gathered up in the frenetic activity that accompanies the weeks that lead up to Christmas, this aspect encourages us to pause, to listen to messages from other realities, and to use any spiritual experiences as guidelines to cope with the seeming madness of material excessiveness that this season brings.

Receptiveness can bring some magical moments, some peace for the soul, and a feeling of spiritual well-being. The ego?s demands take a back seat today, which makes it easier to be open to receiving miracles, as well as being the instigator of them for others. Sympathy and compassion, especially as the Moon is in Pisces today too, will pervade the airwaves, but you have to be still to feel the energy. It?s time to feel the open-heartedness, true spirit, and good feelings that this time of year can bring, regardless of how much money you have, or spend.

If you can find a moment to spend in nature, this is where you?ll find the easiest access to the inherent peace and harmony underlying all things.

The Moon moves from gentle Pisces, into assertive Aries on Friday, 9th December, combining with the Sagittarian Sun to produce a fiery combination. Energy is high, and much warmth and enthusiasm abounds, but tempers and feelings could feel frayed (especially if you?re shopping), until the Moon moves into the calmer territory of Taurus on Sunday (1.46pm GMT).

Mercury began to move forwards last Sunday, 4th December, so hopefully communications generally feel like they are moving more in a straight line, or a smooth curve forwards (personally I prefer curvy to straight and angular), rather than zigzagging backwards and forwards, with the odd tangential thought, or glitch, thrown in to add interest and perhaps, provocation.

Mars now proceeds too, from Saturday 4th December, (it?s been retrograde since October 2nd), and could bring to the surface any latent discontent that has been lurking passively, but also enabling energy to flow more freely, cleanly and clearly, without pretence. If you have unresolved issues (and who hasn?t?) you may find it easier to face them now.

Mercury sextiles Venus again, on Saturday, 10th December (it did it last week too), so this is a great day for making merry, socialising and chatting harmoniously and lightly. It?s also good for writing Christmas cards, if you send these, because your thoughts will be loving and thoughtful.

It?s a week when ?moving stillness? will accomplish everything you need to, and a week to consider those less fortunate, to send love and help in their direction in any way you can.

Take care, and much love to you,
Astral xx

Moon signs:
Moon in Aquarius: Monday, 5th December (3.36am GMT) ?humanitarian, progressive, original, erratic

Moon in Pisces: Wednesday, 7th December (5.44am GMT) ? gentle, compassionate, dreamy, emotional

Moon in Aries: Friday,9th December (9.02am GMT) ? dynamic, assertive, fiery, impulsive

Moon in Taurus: Sunday, 11th December (1.46pm GMT) ? steady, productive, sensual, creative

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