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Care, Attention, Fun and Creativity

Forecast for 14th - 20th October 2007

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Energetically, there is contraction and expansion this week; the overall tone though is light-hearted with opportunities for positive change presenting themselves in a modest, trustworthy way.

The conjunction between Venus and Saturn, on Sunday, 14th October symbolizes a meeting between love (or finances), and limits. Any relationship which has been viewed through rose-coloured spectacles, coloured with wishful thinking and false hopes (e.g. 'he/she may change', 'really love me', etc.) will be seen in the clear light of day for what it is. Then a decision can be made based on the clarified truth.

This aspect can also work in another way. It could mean that the reality of a relationship, with all its foibles and idiosyncrasies, is accepted just as it is, and that it does include a deep and sustaining love.

On the resources front, money could be in shorter supply than anticipated, and if this is the case, take some time to work out how a better use of your resources could work more productively in the future. What could you live without?

Venus/Saturn can be an aspect of pruning, when the dead wood of anything (or anyone) can be composted more readily. It's a good de-cluttering time, creating space for something new to come in.

The Moon enters Sagittarius on Monday evening, lifting the vibe, and encouraging a view of seeing the humorous side of any situation. This continues into Monday 15th, when the square from the Moon to Saturn and then Venus highlight any trouble-spots that need attention.

Venus and Saturn in Virgo strive for care and attention, whether it's connected to work, creativity, or a relationship. The more honesty, openness and integrity are around, the easier things feel (as always).

Tuesday, 16th is a buoyant, lively, fun day, with harmonious interplay between Venus and Mars, and the Sun and Moon. Yin and yang dance together happily, each accepting the others' gifts, and leaving space for the other to grow.

After the potential 'sorting-out' mode of the Venus/Saturn conjunction, now is the time to build creatively and optimistically on any new foundations, whether it be a new friendship, romance, creative project, or financial strategy. Looking forwards rather than back is key.

The light-hearted flirtatious mood continues into Wednesday, 17th October, as Mercury sextiles Venus, and trines Mars. Mercury, planet of communication is retrograde now, and revisiting some of the aspects it made a few weeks ago. It's like being given the chance to have another go on your favourite ride at the fairground. Communications are lively and energized, and there's a spark around for love, and creative pursuits.

After the Moon has moved into Capricorn, on Wednesday morning, the energy lends itself to being more practical and ambitious. There could be a temporary blip of impatience and irritability as the Moon opposes Mars in the evening.

Harmony is restored as the lunar orb trines Venus on Thursday, 18th, and practical solutions to mental dilemmas present themselves on Friday, 19th October. Steady, constructive moves forward can be made now (yes, even with Mercury retro).

A airy, progressive, interesting feel to the weekend predominates, as the Moon shifts into Aquarius on Friday (17.52 BST), making this a good time to connect with kindred spirits, and do things which help humanity. The Sun sextiles Pluto on Saturday, 20th giving a window of opportunity to those who want to make some inner changes, giving a boost to spiritual growth. It isn't an 'in your face' aspect, just a gentle whisper to those willing to listen and heed.

Enjoy the week!

Some of the astrological connections this week:-

Sunday, 14th October
Venus conjunct Saturn – 5.28
Moon enters Sagittarius – 19.58

Monday, 15th October
Moon square Saturn – 5.58
Moon square Venus – 7.40

Tuesday, 16th October
Moon square Uranus – 2.58
Moon conjunct Jupiter – 5.32
Moon sextile Sun – 18.05
Venus sextile Mars – 18.37

Wednesday, 17th October
Moon conjunct Pluto – 1.32
Mercury sextile Venus – 4.18
Moon enters Capricorn – 8.03
Mercury trines Mars – 9.36
Moon opposite Mars- 22.43

Thursday, 18th October
Moon trine Venus – 0.07

Friday, 19th October
Moon square Sun – 9.33
Mercury sextile Saturn – 14.54
Moon enters Aquarius – 17.52

Saturday, 20th October
Moon square Mercury – 2.56
Sun sextile Pluto – 14.39

N.B. All times shown are for British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Copyright:- Sue Walker. September 2007.

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