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Full Moon in Gemini - The Playful Spirit

Forecast for 24th November - 1st December 2007

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Uranus, planet of change, innovation and also the planet associated with astrology, begins to slowly move forward, on Saturday, 24th November, enabling progress to be instigated more readily now. If you have been finding it difficult to make the changes you'd like, this should become easier now.

The Moon shimmies into airy, restless Gemini on Saturday too; a few hours later, it culminates in a Full Moon, opposing the Sun in Sagittarius. When other planetary aspects are involved in a Full Moon scenario, they always colour it, and this time around it's Saturn in Virgo, squaring the Sun/Moon opposition. It's always good to look for a link between the signs, especially if the aspect is a tense one.
All three of these signs like knowledge, in one way or another, so issues connected to this are likely to crop up. Communication features significantly; issues such as education, dealing with analytical data, and health are all things that may be in the news.

The underlying essence of this Sun/Moon/Saturn combination is a need for a spirit of creative playfulness to be let out, and allowed free rein (Sun in Sagittarius/Moon in Gemini), but that others (Saturn), particularly authority figures, teachers, politicians and journalists,etc. may try and put the kibosh on plans and aspirations, and be in particularly picky mode.

If you feel you've had your nose to the grindstone far too much recently, it's now time to move it away, to come out and have some fun, live the lighter side of life, be philosophical about any trials and tribulations going on, and ignore as much as possible anyone who is behaving like a damp squib.

Mercury squares Neptune too on Saturday 24th. This is a bit like Mercury retrograde, when communications could go awry, and it's very easy to be misunderstood. Be as clear as you can, when talking, writing, etc. and be aware also that others may not be telling the truth. On the negative side, deception, especially by charmers, is very easy today, so watch out for any dodgy deals, and for anyone who seems to be shifty. Use your intuition to help discern the truth.

Venus, planet of love, trines Neptune, planet of the imagination and the spirit, on Monday,26th November, making this a day when romance is in the air, and love in its highest form permeates the air waves. Take time to tell others how you feel about them, and enjoy the mutual support and warmth.

All through this week the Sun in Sagittarius is approaching the exact square to Saturn, (on Friday 30th). Saturn is the planet of boundaries, practicalities, lessons and limitations. You may feel hampered by others, especially if your birthday is around now, but they be doing you a favour. They may, by their awkwardness, be showing you where your life is working, and where it isn't.

Saturn can be personified as 'the teacher', or 'wise old man', and can show where metaphorical 'pruning' or cutting out the dead wood is needed, so fresh growth can then take place. Sagittarians love to explore, and dislike feeling tied by anything, or anyone. This week it may be time to take a step back (or at least stand still), to listen to others who may seem to be blocking you, and see if the 'blocks' give you ideas of you how you could do something even better.

Mercury, planet of communication, leaves intense, sensitive Scorpio, for the wide-ranging, philosophical, and often funny sign of Sagittarius, on Saturday, 1st December. It resonates with the pre-Christmas season, so let your hair down, and do things that bring more laughter into your life. Watch your favourite comedy programmes, go to see your favourite comedian, and surround yourself with people with whom you can have a good belly laugh. It does wonders for your health, and your spirit, helping you to re-centre, and focus on the meaningful stuff.

Enjoy the week!

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Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Saturday, 24th November
Uranus goes direct – 10.16
Moon enters Gemini – 11.29
Full Moon in Gemini – 14.30 – 1 degree 55 minutes
Mercury square Neptune – 17.49

Monday, 26th November
Moon enters Cancer – 11.07
Venus trine Neptune – 9.55

Wednesday, 28th November
Moon enters Leo – 13.23

Thursday, 29th November
Moon trine Sun – 00.37

Friday, 30th November
Moon enters Virgo – 19.44
Sun square Saturn – 20.23

Saturday, 1st December
Mercury enters Sagittarius – 12.21
Moon square Sun – 12.44

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