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December 2007

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As Christmas approaches, time and energy is often spent looking forward, wondering how all the cards will be written, presents bought, celebrations organized, etc. etc. What should be a time of joy often is a time of great stress. To minimize the angst, instead of looking ahead at the next few weeks, take the time to live in the moment. Do one task at a time, and put the rest out of your mind. Each day do something small towards the festive period, breathe slowly and freely, and before you know it all the 'small' things will have added up, and you'll be just where you need to be.

Everything moves in cycles; it's a strange time in the northern hemisphere, in that as nature slows right down, people are busier than ever. Enjoy the stillness of the countryside, and carry that stillness, that quiet-ness of the spirit of nature within you to retain a sense of connection with your environment, the planet, and a centred-ness within. Remember that you don't have to 'buy into' the madness that's around. You have the power to create the Christmas you'd really like.

One of the major astrological shifts for December is Jupiter's move into Capricorn, on the 18th December. It'll be in this sign all through 2008 (until 6th January 2009). Jupiter travels through a sign a year (roughly), and takes 12 years to navigate the whole zodiac. Jupiter is the planet associated with beneficence, growth, exploration and abundance. Capricorn is a cardinal (meaning enterprising, initiating) earth sign, which loves tradition, culture and a sense of history. It signifies ambition, and making a mark in the world, building something long-lasting, on firm foundations. As Pluto, planet of transformation, metaphorically puts its feet on to Capricorn soil, in 2008 (treading here on 26th January 2008, it then lifts them in and out until November 2008), it temporarily emphasizes this sign, signifying great changes in the spheres of the great structures of society.

The over-exuberance Jupiter sometimes displays is more grounded and tempered in Capricorn, and if it connects well with your birth-chart (mini-readings £20 until 15th December – see the blog of 3rd December), this could be a great year for business, or starting an endeavour you've long held dear. It's a time to make dreams real, by taking practical, yet inspired steps.

Venus, planet of love and money, spends most of December in Scorpio, sashaying in there on Wednesday, 5th December, and leaving on the 30th December. Venus here is passionate, curvy and sensual. Scorpios should make the most of it, as there is a lovely harmonious trine with Mars in Cancer until the middle of the month, enabling relationships to flow with much warmth and ease. Uranus, planet of exciting change also trines Venus, on 18th December, adding a frisson of je ne sais quoi, and the potential for an unusual or unexpected romantic encounter. Accept any party invitations around this time. The backward (retrograde) motion of Mars throughout the month may mean some find it hard to actually act on their feelings, but nevertheless the feelings are still there.

A new moon in Sagittarius, on 9th December (17.40 GMT), begins the last complete lunar cycle of the year. There are no less than 5 planets in Sagittarius at the time of the new moon, and three of them, the Sun, Moon and Mercury, are sextiling Neptune, and squaring Uranus. There's a lot of good feeling about, a desire to tune in to the spiritual side of the season, and to help and connect with others. Uranus signifies all may not go as planned, but to go with the flow, and adapt to the moment. There's enough fire energy around to light up the darkest spaces, so enjoy the warmth and feeling of bonhomie.

The winter solstice is on Saturday, 22nd December, at 6.08 GMT. In the northern hemisphere, the leaves have fallen, and the trees stand in all their bare beauty against the cold, winter sky. Darkness is at its greatest, as the Sun momentarily stands still, and then slowly begins its journey into more light again. The winter solstice heralds the Sun's movement into Capricorn; earth energy gathers strength, as does the inclination to look forward to the next phase. It's a good time to take stock (if you have time!) of the year's happenings, and to decide what you would like to create next year.

On Christmas Eve, December 24th (1.16 GMT), the Full Moon, in early Cancer (1 degree 50 mins.) will be shining down brightly on everyone, adding a celestial silvery glow to all the proceedings, whether they're religious, social, or domestic, sitting with family, friends and pets in front of a log fire, maybe, sipping mulled wine, and eating chocolate.

The Moon stays in its own sign Cancer, until 23.52 on Christmas Day, making the family and tribe priority, looking after each other and enjoying the company, so everyone has a great time. Wherever you are, and whomever you are with, I wish you a truly happy, relaxed and nurturing Christmas!

Days to note:
Wednesday, 5th November
Venus enters Scorpio – 13.29

Sunday, 9th December
New Moon in Sagittarius – 17.40 (17 degrees 16 minutes)

Tuesday, 18th December
Jupiter enters Capricorn – 20.11

Thursday, 20th December
Mercury enters Capricorn – 14.43

Saturday, 22nd December
Winter Solstice – Sun enters Capricorn – 06.08

Monday, 24th December
Full Moon in Cancer -1.16 (1 degree 50 minutes)

Sunday, 30th December
Venus in Sagittarius – 18.02

Monday, 31st December
Mars in Gemini – 16.00

All times shown are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Copyright: Sue Walker. December 2007.

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