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Make Plans

1st - 5th January 2008

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The Moon is in waning phase this week (the New Moon is on the 8th, so it's a good time to tie up loose ends, especially in the sense of eliminating anything from your life that isn't working. Mars opposes Pluto on the 2nd January (21.23 GMT), symbolizing a desire (Mars) to move away from anything that is controlling (Pluto). This could be an attitude that has held you back, a relationship that feels unequal or out of balance, or realizing your life is full of 'stuff' (emotional, mental or physical) that you'd like to let go of. Now is the time to assess where you are, compassionately, hopefully,and honestly, to discard the outworn and anything you feel doesn't inspire the 'you now' and then to create new intentions as to what you'd like in 2008.

Make plans, and see the week as clearing murky energy, so the new can enter next week around the time of the new moon. Take time to ground too, after maybe too much sitting around over Christmas. Go for walks, enjoy the winter beauty of nature, and connect again to the earth, anticipating the delights of spring, which is showing signs of being nearly here.



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