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New Moon in Sagittarius - the Creative Spark

Monday 24th November - Sunday 30th November 2008

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Pluto moves into Capricorn (until 2023!)

Powerful Pluto has been gliding, like a majestic whale-like submarine, through the waters of Sagittarius, since November 1995, so it is a momentous shift when it changes signs, as it does this Thursday 27th, at 1.03am. Pluto made a brief entrance into Capricorn earlier this year, then retreated. Now it's entering for the long haul.

What does it mean? Will we notice? Pluto is the planet associated with the subconscious, and transformation, the cycle of birth/death and rebirth, a shift from one level to another, so can be working on a deep level for some time before the effect of its energy becomes noticeable either to us, or in the mundane world.

If it's connecting with something in your birth-chart by transit, something inevitably will change within you, even though it may take some time for you to notice.

It's a wonderful planet (yes, we astrologers still refer to it as one, even though astronomers have down-graded it), because it's about Growth, and without Growth, there's just stagnation, a murky swamp instead of fresh green shoots.

Some people are concerned when the big 'D' word is used in connection with Pluto. Death is just transitioning from one state to another, so that the birth of something new can happen.

Pluto in Sagittarius brought all kinds of upheaval connected to religious and political beliefs, and terrorism, but also, on a more positive level, a bringing together of people from different cultures and countries, the Internet being a major player.

In Capricorn, the sign associated with traditional institutions (such as banks!), structure, political institutions and our cultural heritage, will undergo a huge transformation over the next 14 years or so. Anything that's been relied upon, as something that's been there for a long time, may not be now. This is so new forms and structures, new models can be created, hopefully resulting in a fairer, more just, and peaceful world.

If this isn't enough to be happening on Thursday, later in the day (16.54) there's also a New Moon in mutable, fiery Sagittarius, a planetary set-up linking the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars close together. The time of a New Moon is a 'seeding' time when the combined energy of the Sun and Moon bring new ideas and possibilities to mind, or simply a shift of energy which is enjoyable. Enthusiasm and energetically charged communications abound at this time, and fortunate associations can be forth-coming.

This is a moment when the heart, mind and spirit can come together, all moving in the same direction, and the impetus of assertive Mars, enables the flow to be easy and full of vitality. If this combination were a river it would be warm, fast-moving, and carving out a new path. If there's something you've been wanting to put out into the world, but haven't quite had the confidence, this could be the time to try it out.

Other days in the week:-

Monday, 24th The Moon is in sociable, equable Libra until 17.54, when it shimmies into Scorpio. The Moon sextiles Pluto (Scorpio's sign) just before this, so a good time to get anything off your chest that you need to let go of.

Tuesday, 25th The Sun holds hands with Mercury, both in Sagittarius. A day for mind-mapping, ideas bouncing around or coming together.

Also on Thursday, 27th The Moon moves into Sagittarius at 5.14am, altering the energy to a lighter, fiery less intense note. Uranus, planet of innovative change and unpredictability, starts moving forwards at 16.07, having been retrograde since June 27th. If you've felt like you've been moving one step forwards and two steps back recently, now forward momentum can resume.

Friday, 28th Venus, planet of love and money, sextiles Uranus today, making this a great time to be open to a new friendship, relationship, or a different way of increasing your income. A trine from Venus to Saturn on Sunday 30th suggests anything started around the 28th, that may have seemed initially wacky, will also have an element of integrity and stability, so a great combination here. Don't dismiss anything or anyone unusual until you've given it/them a chance.

Saturday, 29th The Mercury/Mars conjunction that was around the New Moon on Thursday now meets exactly, signifiying a potent time of 'the assertive mind'. This can work in two ways: either it'll be a positive time for communicating ideas which need to be followed up with action, or it could be a time of ping-pong, argumentative banter.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 17.48 adding a practical, pragmatic tone to the rest of the weekend. A conjunction from the Moon to Pluto, soon after (17.59) brings a chance to shed any emotional baggage, or general 'stuff' (physical or mental) that may have accumulated in the past month. It's a good personal aura cleaning time.

All times shown are GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Have a good week! xx

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