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Full Moon Breathing

Column for the 12th -18th December

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? Monday, 12th ? Mercury in Sagittarius ?9.19pm

? Tuesday, 13th ? Moon in Gemini ? 7.59pm

? Thursday, 15th ? Full Moon (Sun Sagittarius conjunct Pluto/Moon Gemini 23 degrees 48 minutes) ? 4.16pm

? Thursday, 15th ? Venus in Aquarius ? 3.57pm

? Friday, 16th ? Moon in Cancer ? 4.01am

? Friday, 16th ? Sun conjuncts Pluto ? 4.12 am

? Saturday, 17th ? Jupiter squares Saturn ? 5.16am

? Sunday, 18th ? Moon in Leo ? 2.18pm

A special Full Moon casts its moonbeams down on the planet this week, as it?s the one nearest the winter Solstice (December 21st) in the northern hemisphere, summer Solstice in the southern one. This is a magical time in the calendar, when there is a definite pause, followed by a change in the direction of energy. This flexible Full Moon on Thursday gives you the opportunity to explore potential options, consider various ideas, and make some major decisions, as it involves the mutable signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, and these two thrive on change. These signs aren?t renowned for being grounded; Gemini is an air sign, and feels at home with changing thoughts, concepts, and ways to communicate these; Sagittarius is a fire sign, full of inspiration and enthusiasm, but not so hot on putting in the effort to produce something tangible.

The Gemini Moon is likely to affect the nervous system, especially for people with the Sun or Moon in this sign, or personal planets connected to it. Mental pressures and disturbances could make you feel tense, irritable and highly strung, exacerbating natal qualities; the most helpful tip I can offer is to remember to breathe.

If you feel you?re mentally, or emotionally, going round and round, like a hamster in a wheel, jump off, sit down, relax, and breathe slowly and deeply, until you can switch off the internal and external chatter, and simply be.

With Christmas just around the corner, most of us could benefit from a dose of simply being, and taking it a stage further, meditation, accompanied maybe by music of your choice (Pachelbel and Albinoni are favourites of mine) even if it?s only for five minutes. It does wonders to restore mental equilibrium.

The Sun is very close to conjuncting (in the same degree and sign) Pluto at the time of the Full Moon (it?s exact on Friday), adding depth, intensity, and a desire for control. The air is thick with possibilities for change and transformation, and it will be interesting to see how role changes occur for those individuals with authority ? politics, religion, education and the law, all come under the auspices of Sagittarius ? expect to see some changes in the leading players now.

This can also apply to personal relationships in your life, as Pluto can stir up inner turmoil, resentments about who has control, bringing secrets and formerly unknown feelings to the surface, encouraging you to look at the way you are, the way you relate, in a possibly uncomfortable fashion, but giving you a chance to move forwards into more authenticity, as you reveal your true soul. Changes and separations may occur, but all in the cause of helping you move into a better space, or on to someone who may be right for you at this time in your life.

Aside from the Moon, two other planets change signs this week. Mercury moves forwards into Sagittarius on Monday, 12th, where it was, before it moved in retrograde mode back into Scorpio for a while. Communications will be more open, honest, humorous, joyful, and philosophical, flying hither and thither across the globe, in the form of Christmas cards, among other things, giving you a chance to contact people you ignore for the rest of the year. It?s a chance to say ?hi? to people who may have physically moved away, but who are still close to your heart.

Venus enters Aquarius on Thursday, 15th, the same day as the Full Moon, giving a different slant to the way emotions are expressed. As Aquarius is an air sign, there is a move away from practical yet sensuous Capricorn, and a move towards cool emotional detachment. Aquarius is known for its humanitarianism and concern for fellow human beings, but finds it more difficult to relate on a personal level.

It will be an interesting time for Venus watchers. Firstly, it will conjunct Chiron on Monday 19th December (more on that next week), then will turn retrograde on the 24th December, just in time for Christmas, returning to Capricorn on 1st January, and not moving forwards again until 3rd February. It doesn?t re-enter Aquarius until 5th March. In January 2006, there?s a harmonious dance between Venus and Mars in earth signs, although Venus is moving backwards and Mars forwards. They have a lovely twirl together on the 23rd January.

Questions and issues of how you relate, first to yourself, and then to others, will present themselves, and also questions of what you value, financial and otherwise. These will be ongoing over the next couple of months. I?ll write more about this in future columns, but thought it would be good to give you an overall picture of Venus? movements for the next few months, so you can look at it, and see what happens for you. I think many of us will learn much about relationships.

On Saturday, Jupiter squares Saturn, which is notoriously difficult in the economic cycle, as there is a clash between caution and optimism when it comes to spending. It?s a time when there are shifts and changes that don?t come easily, but nevertheless are worthwhile. There can be confusion in the world at large, about profit and loss, so it?s good to take some of those deep breaths again, focusing on your body, and realising that whatever is going on ?out there?, you are ?here?, to look after and nurture yourself, safe and secure in your own skin, centred in a place no economic cycle can touch.

It?s wise to stay detached from some of the moral arguments that may arise now, sensing it?s a good time to wait and sit on the side-lines, rather than a jumping in without a life-belt.

An interesting week will unfold, with much movement in the air; flow with it if it feels good, otherwise find your armchair, put on that music, and take some deep breaths.

Much love and many blessings to you, Astral xx

(PS It?s nearly Christmas ? don?t tell anyone) - details of readings, workshop, paintings.

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