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The Peace of Inner Knowing

1st - 7th December 2008

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Sometimes, when the mind chatter quietens, and the ego steps to one side, all that is left is a feeling of bliss. There is no urgency for anything, or anyone, just acceptance of what is, a feeling of warmth and contentment, an inner knowing that all is well.

On Monday, 1st December you may feel this, as Venus, planet of love, links together with Jupiter, planet of expansion, and the Capricorn Moon sweeps by, briefly touching, like the brushing of a cheek, both Jupiter then Venus, before moving into Aquarius on Tuesday,2nd.

In a fire sign, this combination would be partying, and probably over-indulging in some way, but in earthy Capricorn, it is quieter, less flamboyant but steadier, with potential 'a-ha' moments that connect us to something much greater than ourselves.

Venus is near the crescent Moon in the daylight hours of 1st December. At sunset, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon appear together in the sky, a lovely sight if the weather is clear.

If Monday is a day to enjoy, give and receive blessings, Wednesday flows with opportunities for taking the next steps with any ideas formed on last week's Mercury/Mars conjunction. The Moon sextiles the Sun, Mars and Mercury today, infusing it with positive, active energy.

Thursday is a day to dream, maybe literally in the UK, as the Moon conjuncts Neptune at 2.15, and then later, after 18.23, when the Moon enters the imaginative, ethereal realm of Pisces.

Friday, 5th and Saturday 6th, could feel much edgier, as there are all kinds of tense aspects around. Mercury squares Uranus on Friday (5.52am), causing all kinds of unexpected glitches in the world of communication. Travel could be difficult, as challenges crop up, so allow extra time, be patient and smile if possible! The Sun conjuncts Mars on Friday too (22.04), so look out for overly assertive, argumentative folks, and side step them if possible.
Energy is up but not easily contained. If you can find a constructive channel for this, like knocking down a wall, so much the better, as it's much less likely to cause disruption. Even energetic house work can help (although you may not want to be doing this on a Friday night!).

The edgy feel continues into Saturday 6th, as the Moon and Mercury make tense links with Saturn (10.36 and 19.14 respectively). There may be a feeling of lack in some way, and/or a desire to withdraw. Others could appear to be difficult. It's a momentary phase, so acknowledge what you might be feeling, but don't take it to heart.
If you can, turn it round into one or two positive affirmations, e.g. 'I can't afford Christmas' to 'I enjoy prosperity at all times now' (and then think of all the ways you do feel 'rich' even if not in a monetary way).

New vibes, in the forms of the Moon moving into active Aries at 2.44 (much more compatible with the fiery Sagittarian Sun), and Venus moving into Aquarius (23.37), lends Sunday 7th a different feel again. There's more warmth and lightness around, and after the challenging aspects to Mercury over the last couple of days, there's now a lovely link between this planet of communication and connection, and Neptune, planet of spirituality and the arts. This is a great day to write Christmas cards (connecting with loved ones), to jot down creative ideas, or simply to reflect and give thanks for all the good things in your life, feeling that inner glow again, maybe also feeling it physically from the dancing flames of a log fire.

Enjoy the week! xx



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