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8th - 14th December 2008

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It's been great writing the column over the past few weeks, but as I sat down to write the next one (for 8th - 14th December 2008), something shifted in me. Apart from a sextile from the Sun to Neptune on 13th December, and even this day sees the Sun squaring Saturn too, the planets are forming some pretty disruptive angles, and I made the decision not to write about it this week (am I being an ostrich?)

I'd like to add more lightness and fun the world, in any way I can. It's been a hugely interesting year for me, and I've been exploring new avenues, am at the stage of venturing down one or two tentatively, and even just at the viewing stage with others. It's all good fun, and I'm enjoying the small steps forward, and laughing when I feel I'm going backwards.

I am still aiming to post 'columns' in here, at least once a month, (although need a break over the Christmas period)- they may have an astrological element (have you noticed the brightness of the moon this week - isn't it magical? It's the Moon's closest point to the Earth for a year), and also other topics that I hope will be good to read.

Meanwhile, enjoy the madness of this season, be frivolous and foolish if you feel like it, and wonder about all the good things you'd like in your life in 2009. Start visualizing it in order to bring it into being, and one last thing, BREATHE.............wishing you a Fabulous Full Moon on December 12th, and a Special Serene Solstice on the 21st!

Stay open-hearted, and be ready for the adventure!

With much love,
Sue xx



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