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Creative New Beginnings

April 2009

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Full Moon: Thursday, April 9
New Moon: Saturday, April 25

Moon and planetary sign changes: (All times shown are British Summer Time, which is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time)
Wednesday, April 1 – Moon into Cancer 17.30
Friday, April 3 – Moon into Leo 20.32

Monday, April 6 – Moon into Virgo 0.01
Wednesday, April 8 – Moon into Libra 4.22
Thursday, April 9 – Mercury into Taurus - 15.21
Friday, April 10 – Moon into Scorpio 10.23
Saturday, April 11 – Venus retrogrades into Pisces 13.47
Sunday, April 12 – Moon into Sagittarius 19.01

Wednesday, April 15 – Moon into Capricorn 6.27
Friday, April 17 – Moon into Aquarius 19.19
Sunday, April 19 - Sun into Taurus – 23.44

Monday, April 20 – Moon into Pisces 6.55
Wednesday, April 22 – Mars into Aries – 14.44
Moon into Aries 15.09
Friday, April 24 – Venus into Aries – 8.18
Moon into Taurus 19.46
Sunday, April 26 – Moon int Gemini 22.02
Sunday, April 27 – Mars square Pluto – 17.14

Tuesday, April 28 – Moon into Cancer 23.38
Thursday, April 30 – Mercury into Gemini – 23.29

April 13 – April 3o

On March 6 Venus, planet of love and money, began a retrograde journey, back through Aries, into the last degree of Pisces, and on Friday, 17th April, it begins to move forward again. I wanted to write about this, because it seems many have been having to reconsider what they value, especially in terms of material possessions, ways of earning enough to survive on, and what actually matters. Although it may have felt frustrating, used positively it's been a time to reassess what is really meaningful in life.

Interestingly, now Venus is in Pisces, it's forming a stellium (3 planets in one sign, symbolizing a strong focus of energy in a particular direction, with Mars and Uranus). Mars conjuncts Uranus on Wednesday 15th, along with the Moon conjunct Pluto; this could be a day of sudden surprises, an overturn or upset, intense dealings which will lead to new circumstances. It's a prelude of things to come next week.

Next week sees major changes. The Sun moves from Aries to Taurus on the 19th, steadying the solar energy, bringing more stability and calm on one level. However, after Venus and Mars have linked hands in Pisces on the 22nd, they move into Aries, re-igniting the spirit of this fiery sign, but on a different level. It's a potentially extremely creative, possibly sensual combination, excellent for relationships, with the proviso that when Mars squares Pluto on the 26th April, and Venus squares Pluto on 2nd May, sparks may fly, and doors on the emotional and/or financial front may close. New openings will occur almost simultaneously, but may need to be recognized as positive to get the full advantage. Or it could be that an ongoing relationship, or creative project undergoes radical transformation.

Around the same time that Venus and Mars are in tense aspect to Pluto, the Sun is in harmony with it, so that a grounded, steady approach is likely to help you pull through any emotional or creative hiccoughs. The New Moon in Taurus re-confirms this approach as a positive way to proceed. Easy does it, but don't ignore any glimpses of excitement, and a more enjoyable way of being. Loosen up and lighten up ,but keep your feet on the ground.

Mercury, planet of communication, moves steadily through Taurus for the rest of the month, working well with the Taurean Sun from the 19th.
A good day for a balanced view is the 18th, explore new ideas on the 23rd, take them a step further on the 23rd, and watch out for any confusion or deception on the 26th. These can be fleeting but sometimes pertinent transits.

This is an exciting time, one to be relished for the possibly hidden or unknown possibilities just around the corner. Keep your eyes open and intuitive antenna on full alert!



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