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New Moon in Virgo - Inspiring Studies and Creative Change

18th - 25th September 2009

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This is a time of the old and the new vying with one another. Picture a see-saw, with Saturn (the old, traditional) and Uranus (the new and unconventional) on either end, and imagine first one, then the other, is up in the air. The opposition between these two has been going on for some time, it was exact on September 15th, and at last the tension between the two will begin to ease. Saturn has the slightly elevated position because it's moving in a direct fashion, whereas Uranus is retrograde until December 1st. Saturn is a great builder; now is a good time to define and redefine boundaries, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. So you could be painting gates (I did a week ago), studying something new, deciding you're not going to be an emotional sponge for another's woes, and working more closely with your intuition, learning to feel what feels right for you.

On Friday 17th, there's an amazing cluster of planets in Virgo, the Sun, Moon (astrologers refer to these as planets even though they aren't really), Mercury, which is travelling in backward fashion at the moment, and Saturn. The aforementioned Uranus, in Pisces, is opposite all of them.

What does it all mean? It means there's a lot of energy coming through in a Virgoan way, detailed, efficient, methodical, possibly pernickety and perfectionist, anxious and wanting to help, and it's likely to be upset in some way by unexpected change, or even expected change, which is felt more deeply than anticipated. The important thing is it's creative change.

New Moons usually signify beginnings of some kind, and many will be beginning new studies, which 'fits' beautifully. Mercury retrograde symbolizes that there may be some 'tweaks' along the way, and Uranus signifies there could be flashes of insight, and much creativity, which will enhance the Virgo way of being, loosening it up a little, and allowing for intuition to combine with rational thought.

Venus enters Virgo too on Sunday 20th, adding an artistic element to the mix, and feelings are expressed in a quiet, less showy, but probably more authentic way than of late. A beautiful trine from Venus to Pluto, on Monday 21st September, provides a 'window of opportunity' for positive change in the realms of love, art and money. This is a great time to declare how deep your feelings really are, pick up the paintbrush and try something new, and put into action a new financial plan, which will help your money go further. Or, there may be a chance of finding a new way of acquiring extra resources.

The Virgo cluster begins to thin out as the Sun moves into Libra on Tuesday 22nd September. There could be a feeling of more lightness after the Sun has squared Pluto on Wednesday 23rd. Tension could be in the air as this happens. Anything that hasn't been working could finish now, and letting go will bring blessings to follow.

It's a week to be flexible and adaptable, to look for new beginnings which will make your life easier, and increase the feel-good factor, and to say 'good-bye' to that which no longer is in your best interests.

Some of the planetary aspects and sign changes this week:-
Friday, 18th September
Mercury retrograde re-enters Virgo – 4.26
Moon opposite Uranus – 17.25
Moon conjunct Saturn – 18.17
Sun conjunct the Moon (New Moon) in Virgo – 19.44

Saturday, 19th September
Moon conjunct Mercury – 0.56
Moon enters Libra – 2.26
Moon square Pluto – 3.34

Sunday, 20th September
Sun conjunct Mercury – 11.05
Venus enters Virgo – 14.32

Monday, 21st September
Venus trine Pluto – 3.57
Moon enters Scorpio – 5.52

Tuesday, 22nd September
Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn – 10.08
Sun enters Libra – 22.19

Wednesday, 23rd September
Moon enters Sagittarius – 12.43
Sun square Pluto – 15.22
Mercury opposite Uranus – 16.36

Friday, 24th September
Moon enters Capricorn – 23.19

All times stated are for British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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