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Onwards and Upwards

Saturday, 26th September - 2nd October 2009

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Anyone who listens to Gardener's Question time on BBC Radio 4 will recognize the title of this week's column as one of Eric Robson's favourite sayings. It's become one of mine too, especially at the end of a particularly tricky time. It pertains in this instance to the planet of communication, Mercury, moving forwards on the 29th, at 14.13 pm BST having been in retrograde (apparently backward) motion since 7th September. Usually this means there are glitches when it comes to communicating with others, and also with travel. On a positive note, it's great for reviewing a situation, or going deeper mentally into a subject. The 'reviewing' could happen because you can't make the progress you'd like to, possibly because of others, so it gives you the time to look at a situation again, to see if it's what you really want.

If you were born with Mercury retrograde, you may have found things running in a smoother fashion the last few weeks, although with intermittent aspects to Saturn and Uranus, I'd be surprised if everything had gone according to plan.

It could have been a particularly challenging time for Virgos and Geminis, who are both ruled by Mercury, and although there are still hurdles ahead, there should be a glimpse too of some kind of finishing line.

Mercury moving forwards is the main astrological 'event' this week, although there are a couple of ongoing major aspect connections I'd like to mention.

One is the ongoing Saturn opposition to Uranus. The dates when it has been exact so far are:- 4th November 2008, 5th February 2009, 15th September 2009, and still to come are 27th April 2010, and 26th July 2010. By the last date, the planets have moved from Virgo and Pisces respectively, to Libra and Aries. This opposition is often linked to the 'credit crunch'. It's a time of great change, but as I wrote last week, the old and the new are pulling against one another, and instead of taking the best of the tried and tested, and integrating new, better methods for improvement, there's a tendency to throw everything away, even if it was basically OK. The skillful way forward is to combine all the positive things, whether they are traditional or unconventional, and to build a third 'model' which combines the best of both.

This can be applied to your own life. Look carefully at where you have good foundations, and be wary of abandoning them if challenges occur. Try and persevere until easier times. If something is founded on sandy soil, it could be time to let it go, and begin again.

The other major planetary ongoing aspect is a conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune, with Chiron never far away. All are in Aquarius, the sign of humanity, and these three together symbolize great hope, and potential for healing on a holistic and global level. The first Jupiter/Neptune conjunction was on 27th June 2009, the second occurs, interestingly, on the same day as the winter solstice, 21st December 2009.

Although life may be challenging on a mundane level, it could be uplifting, hopeful and heartening on a spiritual one. I have a feeling the more we focus on the latter, the easier the pathway through the Saturn/Uranus obstacles. A heart with hope can climb many mountains.

Some of the planetary connections this week:-

Friday, 25th September
Moon enters Capricorn – 23.19

Saturday, 26th September
Moon conjunct Pluto – 0.44
Moon trine Venus – 14.01

Sunday, 27th September
Moon opposite Mars – 15.24
Moon trine Mercury – 19.35

Monday, 28th September
Moon sextile Uranus – 0.21
Moon enters Aquarius – 12.07

Tuesday, 29th September
Moon trine Sun – 0.13
Mercury begins to slowly move forwards – 14.13
Moon conjunct Jupiter – 23.26

Wednesday, 30th September
Moon conjunct Neptune – 12.34

Thursday, 1st October
Moon enters Pisces – 0.26
Mercury sextile Mars – 7.00

Friday, 2nd October
Moon opposite Venus – 4.08
Moon opposite Mercury – 20.08
Moon trine Mars – 20. 33
Moon conjunct Uranus – 23.02

All times shown are British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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