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Full Moon in Aries - Me and You

Saturday, 3rd - Friday, 9th October 2009

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An interesting week unfolds, beginning with a Full Moon in Aries, followed by several Uranus connections, suggesting surprising opportunities, intuitive insights into long-held problems, and new possibilities, underpinned by a healthy dose of pragmatic and practical thinking.

A dash of feistiness and exuberant energy is added to the weekend vibe, as the Moon enters Aries. Aries is an enterprising sign belonging to the Fire element. Its warm, enthusiastic energy enjoys pushing forwards with great vigour with most things, whether it's a career and/or a relationship.

The Sun however, is in Libra at the moment, a sign of striving for equilibrium, and desire to enjoy relating to others. The Full Moon shines on the differences of these two signs, highlighting the need for a healthy balance between fulfilling one's own needs, having the space to explore new projects, and spending time relaxing and being with others, encouraging them and relishing the differences between you.

Mercury sextile Mars suggests differences of opinion can be resolved now, and the opposition to Uranus brings new insights into problem solving. On a mundane level it may mean journeys don't run according to plan, but it may be that the 'wrong turning' or 'hold-up' enables some novel idea to emerge. Stay open mentally.

Innovative ways of taking action are to the fore on Monday, as Mars trines Uranus. It's a high, excitable day on the energy front, until the Moon enters Taurus at 17.33, and then the emphasis is on Venus (ruler of Taurus and Libra) for a couple of days. Love, art, music, good food and drink, and indulging the senses generally provide the potential for moments of delight. Take time out if you can to relax and enjoy the Venusian mood.

By Thursday, the Moon has moved into Gemini, another Air sign like Libra, which naturally channels energy in a light, flexible, and versatile way, skipping nonchalantly from one thing to another, making connections and then moving on. The Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Virgo grounds the airy energy, so that realistic boundaries and practical plans can be laid.

The week ends with the opposition of Venus in Virgo to Uranus in Pisces. Unexpected surprises can occur, along with a new perspective on relationships, and/or finances. Uranus always suggests to me a need to be open to noticing something that had been lying just beneath the surface of consciousness, and now insists on suddenly emerging into the clear light of day. It's a time of 'aha' moments. Freedom to explore is important, both emotionally and physically.

Enjoy the week!

Some of the planetary connections this week:-
Saturday, 3rd October
Moon enters Aries – 10.21
Moon square Pluto – 11.49

Sunday, 4th October
Full Moon in Aries – 11 degrees 10 minutes – 7.10am
Mercury sextile Mars – 12.37
Mercury opposite Uranus – 22.06

Monday, 5th October
Mars trine Uranus – 2.37
Moon enters Taurus – 17.33

Wednesday, 7th October
Moon enters Gemini – 22.46

Thursday, 8th October
Mercury conjunct Saturn – 7.34

Friday, 9th October
Venus opposite Uranus – 23.01

All times shown are BST (British Summer Time), which is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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