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New Moon in Scorpio - seeds of change

14th - 20th November 2009

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New Moons signify new beginnings, a new cycle. In Scorpio, the sprouting seed of something different may be so small that it is hardly noticeable, or it may be still deep underground and not emerge for some time. Secrecy may play a part, things going on behind the scenes, or on a personal level, changes may be happening in the unconscious, and it will only be in a few months time that the significance of this phase becomes clear.

Muddy waters are in evidence, but when the mud settles, the water will be crystal clear and sparkling. On Sunday 15th, Saturn squares Pluto, the Sun trines Uranus and squares Neptune, and the Moon conjuncts Venus in Scorpio. This is a complex mix involving hard challenges needing a resolution, a desire coupled with possible openings for change even though the outcome isn't at all clear, and a fleeting but powerful dose of feeling love on a deep level.

For most of us the Saturn/Pluto square operates more on a mundane level than a personal one. These planets symbolize limitation, lessons to be learned (Saturn), and power and control (Pluto), and I think we've all seen the clash of these two in the world recently. It's important to stay clear of negative vibes as much as possible, and to promote being the 'good fairy' whenever possible, just by making small gestures. For example,the other day I gave my parking ticket, which had most of the time left on it, to the first person I came across heading for the pay meter, and asked if he'd like it. He looked surprised but said 'yes, thank-you', and I thought it's often little things that can make such a difference to how a day turns out.

The aspects at the time of the New Moon involve Uranus and Neptune. There is an other-worldly feel to this time, with possible openings of an unexpected kind, and an element of needing to trust that things will turn out OK, because circumstances, or people, aren't clear.

The bottom line, especially as the Sun, Moon and Uranus are all in water signs, is to go with your instincts. How are you feeling when presented with a new option? Intuition, and what your body is telling you (tense neck, knots in the stomach, restless sleep, etc.) will give you answers that can help you make good choices. It is good time to be open to change, but not to rush into something which could turn out to be burdensome. One step at a time, and ask as many questions as you need to to clarify what some-one is offering.

Mercury moves into fiery Sagittarius early on Monday 16th. This shifts the communication mode from one of intensity to a lighter, potentially funnier but also more voluble one. Sagittarius loves to tell a tale, but with embellishments to make it more entertaining, so take some of it with a pinch of salt.

The other aspect to watch out for this week is a square between Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Leo on Thursday, 19th. Misunderstandings could abound, especially between partners, and stubbornness could be to the fore. Both are fixed signs, so won't want to give any ground, but it could be worth it for the sake of peace and harmony. There could be a conflict between what you'd like and what you have, so count your blessings, and know that on 17th December 2009, Venus will be trining Mars, and it'll be much easier to acquire what you want.

Creative projects could be challenging this week too, but passion and perseverance will bring dividends soon.

Happy New Moon to you all! Xx

Some of the planetary connections this week:~

Saturday 14th November
Moon trine Jupiter ~ 2.28
Moon trine Neptune~ 11.10
Moon enters Scorpio ~22.24

Sunday, 15th November
Sun trine Uranus ~ 1.41
Saturn square Pluto ~ 15.20
Moon conjunct Venus ~ 15.41
Moon square Mars ~22.03
Sun square Neptune ~ 23.11

Monday, 16th November
Mercury enters Sagittarius ~ 0.28
Moon square Jupiter ~ 9.02
Moon trine Uranus ~ 15.57
Moon square Neptune ~ 17.40
New Moon in Scorpio (Sun conjunct Moon) ~ 19.14

Tuesday, 17th November
Mercury sextile Saturn ~ 5.00
Moon enters Sagittarius ~ 5.22
Moon sextile Saturn ~ 8.52
Moon conjunct Mercury ~ 9.22

Wednesday, 18th November
Moon trine Mars ~ 7.40

Thursday, 19th November
Moon square Uranus ~ 0.52
Venus square Mars ~ 8.22
Moon enters Capricorn ~ 15.01
Moon conjunct Pluto ~ 18.38
Moon square Saturn ~ 19.07

Friday, 20th November
Moon sextile Venus ~ 23.21

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