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New moon for a New Year

Column for 26th December 2005 - 1st January 2006

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Column for 26th December 2005 ? 1st January 2006
New moon for a New Year

? Monday, 26th December ? Moon in Scorpio ? 2.04am
? Wednesday, 28th December ? Mars square Saturn
? Wednesday, 28th December - Moon in Sagittarius ?8.44am
? Thursday, 29th December ? Sun sextile Uranus
? Friday, 30th December ? Moon in Capricorn ? 11.35am
? Saturday, 31st December ? New Moon in Capricorn ?3.12am
? Saturday, 31st December ? Mercury conjunct Pluto
? Sunday, 1st January 2006 ? Moon in Aquarius ? 12.14pm
? Sunday, 1st January ? Moon conjunct Venus ? 12.25pm
? Sunday, 1st January ? Venus retros into Capricorn ?8.18pm
? Sunday, 1st January ? Sun trines Mars ? 8.21pm
? All times are GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Even though calendar time is just a socially determined way of measuring our passage through life, there is an air of finality about December 31st, and a sense of anticipation as a new year begins. It is a time of considering good intentions, resolutions, and re-solutions; the new moon in Capricorn almost synchronizes with this feeling of a fresh start, by appearing on 31st December 2005.

Personally, I like the fact it?s not quite perfectly synchronized with the calendar; it?s almost like this next cycle can?t wait, it wants to arrive before the party has begun, abandoning the ritual of waiting for midnight on the 31st, beginning the ?new? a day early. But then I always have been a bit of a maverick, and I?m also learning that imperfections can be perfect.

It?s the last week of 2005, Monday 26th being the anniversary of the Tsunami (Boxing Day in the UK); I pray that this year there will be no repeat of this rising up of the ocean, and would like to send healing thoughts to all those who are still affected by last year?s disaster.

There?s been a fixed ?grand cross? in action for some time now. This is a configuration of four planets, all in square (tense) aspect to one another, and forming two pairs of oppositions, all occupying signs that indicate perseverance, endurance, negatively rigidity, and stuck-ness. It?s a powerful and unusual combination, involving testing reality and dreams, that can either, if you persevere and channel the energy constructively, lead to an eventual successful conclusion, or it can lead to having to surrender something, but learning much in the process. It?s a time to be even more true to yourself, and to shape your goals into things that shine with purity of spirit, so that when you achieve them, others will be illuminated.

You may feel, if your chart resonates with this aspect pattern, that no matter how many affirmations you say/write, and positive mind-sets you engage in, it?s difficult to sense any progress; you may often feel like you?re running like mad to stay in the same position. Challenges, in the form of additional burdens, carrying more than your share of the load because others are not doing their bit, or others being difficult, obstreperous, distracting you from your path, can test your patience. Jupiter?s presence, as part of this group, adds a glow of light, a feeling of hope and buoyancy to keep you afloat, should you feel you are being buffeted by waves (or others).

On Wednesday 28th December, two of the above planets, Mars and Saturn, form an exact square, imbuing the day with an energy that isn?t easily expressed. There may be fear around asserting what you really want, self-denial, repressed sexuality, or anger turned inwards.

The best plan, if you find yourself in a difficult situation is to observe it, rather than become immersed in it. Inner stillness, and accessing a higher awareness can lead to clarity, and the way to a breakthrough in the given scenario. This energy will pass, as will the above grand cross, and by the end of January many will be breathing a sigh of relief, because they will feel they can shift, wriggle and move again.

Thursday, 29th December has a different feel. An interesting blend of constructive practicality (Sun in Capricorn) and imaginative innovation (Uranus in Pisces) colours today with the opportunity to make changes consciously, to tune into something on a different wavelength from Mars and Saturn, by-passing the obstacles and hurdles, and skipping merrily along on an intuitive path, trusting a sixth sense to help with ducking any curve balls that are being tossed around.

The weekend is a busy one astrologically, with Mercury, planet of communication, coming together, with Pluto, planet of transformation, in Sagittarius, on Saturday, 31st December, the same day as the New Moon in Capricorn. The Mercury/Pluto conjunction symbolizes profound communication of all kinds; it?s a day of revealing previously unknown thoughts, a day of being able to convey a message persuasively. Mercury is connected with Hermes, and one of his faces is the ?trickster? archetype. Pluto, god of the underworld, is sometimes connected with shady dealings (picture gangsters in dark glasses), so today could also see some shifty deals, and manipulation, in connection with communications of all kinds.

Positively though, and the way I would prefer to see it, it?s a time to go deeper with how you communicate, to take a risk in speaking your truth, first being as honest as you can with yourself, thus enabling you to reach a profound level of understanding with others.

The New Moon in Capricorn has positive aspects from Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, making it an auspicious time to work out some strategies to help you move forward on a practical level, combining aspiration with clear-sightedness, and the energy to physically put your plans into action. It?s a steady, cautious energy, but one which can produce really good results, helping with any projects that are proving over-ambitious, adding a measure of realistic re-assessment, so that good decisions can be made. It?s a timely helping hand to combat any feelings of frustration you have from the energies of the ?grand cross?, because the Sun and Moon are diffusing the tension from Mars opposite Jupiter.

Traditionally this is the time of year for resolutions, and re-solutions too ? have good intentions to make positive changes, but also re-think old problems, seeing them in a new light, apply flexibility of thinking to produce a ?light being switched on? moment, to reveal new possibilities for solving them. Given the on-going tough aspects mentioned above, it?s a good time to re-focus on the essentials, unloading anything unnecessary that is either holding you back, or draining your resources to a level which is not sustainable.

For those of you interested in chakras, I see this as a time of considering and clearing issues to do with the base chakra (an energy field situated at the base of your spine), which is concerned with survival, and how grounded and secure you feel in the world. This is the time, particularly on the New Moon, to build a solid foundation, to look at how you ground yourself, and take responsibility for your life. The more grounded you are, the easier it is for the abundance of the universe to flow towards you.

The New Year begins with the Sun trining (aspecting positively) Mars, providing energy to act assertively and courageously, but without undue force. Using the Taoist four ounces of pressure to achieve what you want would be good to practice today (and every day); this harmonious earth energy flow would resonate with this fully.

The Moon conjuncts Venus in Aquarius on the 1st January also, adding a brief infusion of universal love, before it retrogrades back into Capricorn in the evening (8.18pm GMT); many will be re-evaluating relationships, and what they value over the next few weeks.

I hope 2006 is a year when dreams come true for you, and that much healing happens for you and everyone on the planet.
With much love, Astral xx
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