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Be Grounded ? Find your Place in the World

Column for 2nd - 8th January 2006

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? Sunday, 1st January ? Moon in Aquarius - 12.14pm
? Tuesday, 3rd January ? Moon in Pisces ? 12.43pm
? Tuesday, 3rd January ? Mercury in Capricorn 9.26pm
? Wednesday, 4th January ? Sun sextile Jupiter ? 8.16am
? Thursday, 5th January ? Moon in Aries- 2.44pm
? Saturday, 7th January ? Moon in Taurus ? 7.09pm

Although the planetary wheels of the grand cross (see last week?s column) are still turning, this week sees the positive link between the Sun in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Scorpio, and an emphasis of personal planets in the earth element. Mercury moves into Capricorn on Tuesday, 3rd January, joining the Sun and Venus in this sign.

Mars is moving forwards slowly through Taurus, and will form some potentially tricky aspects on the 15th and the 18th, but this week I feel a sense of calm, and peace, as most of us resume our usual activities.

There?s a magic inherent in our daily lives, and the earthy energies around help us to tune into appreciating small but nurturing things, such as exchanging a smile with people you pass on the street, the glow and smell of a log fire, listening to the wonderful quietness that the countryside offers at this time of year (in the northern hemisphere).

Capricorn is an enterprising, productive, and ambitious sign, so desires to make its mark in the world too. Mercury, planet of communication, moves into this sign on Tuesday, 3rd January, slowing down thought processes, calming the mind, after the exuberance of its passage through Sagittarius, making it easier to look at the viability of ideas and projects, and getting to grips with the practicalities of life.

The sextile of the Sun and Jupiter on Wednesday, 4th, offers opportunities for growth and expansion, particularly in the philosophical, spiritual or worldly sense, and the energising and positive lunar aspects on this day, encourage you to step into a new place in some way, to travel inwardly or outwardly, and feel a sense of what the future might bring. This would be the day of the week for visualizing what you would like to manifest.

The energy of the waxing moon in Pisces on this day gives more power to your dreams, the ethereal lunar energy swirling around them, so they become wrapped up in a vibration that can metamorphosize them into reality.

As I wrote last week, the new moon was one to help ground you, and enable you to put down roots that will help you feel you are playing a positive, useful role in the world. Any steps you take that promote your security, your place in your community, and the wider world, are good ones to take now. It?s time to get real.

Venus, planet of love and money, retraces her steps back through Capricorn, for the whole of January, reinforcing the message to re-value everything in your life, relationships, objects which you have cherished for years, and maybe most of all, how you value yourself, because this ripples out into everything else. Do everything you can to boost your own self-esteem, and the universe will reflect this back to you. Set high standards for yourself; reach higher to find emotional and financial satisfaction. Don?t settle for less that you deserve.

You may find yourself wondering what it is you have to offer; be assured that whatever it is, it has great worth, and needs to be let out, and to find its place in the world.

Capricorn can be conservative, preferring to trust things, and people that have stood the test of time; it?s comfortable with status and reliability. Some of you may return to a way of working that you know can provide security, particularly financially; some may reconsider a relationship that you thought was over, some may realize the relationship they are in, is no longer working, because they need something, or someone else. Some may be so sick of thinking about relationships (especially by the end of the month), that they decide they?ve had enough; they?re going to leave home, and go and live in a cave in the mountains, (a comfortable place for the Capricorn mountain-goat).

A few lucky ones may find none of the above troubles them; they find some treasure, a long-forgotten article that now has value, tucked away in their attic, or basement.

Even if you make changes that put you more in the flow of abundance, it may still take until February/March time for you to see the results. Venus retrograde can delay money, so try not to worry too much, knowing it will reach you eventually, if you have done the work you need to.

An air of quiet productivity, sorting out priorities, taking some positive steps forward, or at least having the intention to do so, and some reflection, characterise this week. Enjoy the relaxed ambience, after the frenetic activity of the past few weeks.

Much love, Astral xx
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