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Full Moon in Scorpio - Values

Column for 6th - 12th May 2012

The main act this week plays out on Sunday, 6th May. This is the day of the Full Moon, and also of Mercury opposite Saturn. The two aspects criss-cross across the sky like vapour trails; energies are being pulled in different directions.

The Sun in Taurus is moving towards Jupiter (conjunct on the 13th), and is already in expansive, optimistic mode. The Moon in Scorpio is more introverted, yet also concerned with the material side of life. There’s a tendency to want more of everything. The question is: do you really need more, and what are you going to do if/when you get it?

The Mercury/Saturn opposition favours abstemiousness and cutting back, so may act as a brake on any projects which are too grandiose. Plans may be delayed; authority figures may try to thwart the best ideas. This doesn’t mean they can’t be developed, just that more patience may be needed. Tweaking of said ideas may pay off dividends in the long run.

There could well be a feeling of intensity on Sunday, especially connected to family matters. Scorpio is one of the most perceptive signs, so use the depth of feeling to tune into what you are experiencing at the time. Use this to think about what, or who is of value to you, on an emotional level, and appreciate them for what, or who they are.

On Monday 7th, the intensity diffuses as the Moon moves into Sagittarius at 2.39am. It’s Bank Holiday Monday in the UK, so a day to have some fun, and leave the potentially ‘heavy’ weekend behind. There are challenging aspects from Mars and Neptune to the Moon. There could well be conflict about what to do, where to go. However, there’s also a lovely trine to Uranus, which favours doing something new, possibly slightly eccentric, and going somewhere different.

It’s back to work for many on Tuesday, and with a challenging link form Mars to Uranus, expect the unexpected, and a hiccough or two. It could be that a way of doing something is no longer working, and that a change needs to be made so that there can be an incorporation of new ideas which improves efficiency. This may not be welcomed at first, but may be worthwhile in the long run.

There’s a change of tone on Wednesday to an emphasis on the Earth element. This signifies practical issues come to the fore, and it’s easier to focus on getting things done. The Moon moves into ambitious Capricorn at 3.00 BST, and Mercury moves into Taurus. Modes of communication calm down, and can seem slower while Mercury is in Taurus (until 24th May). This can feel frustrating to fiery and airy types, but is much more conducive to those of an earthy and watery disposition.

Taurus likes to be thorough, has endless patience, and will take time to do a good job. For the last couple of weeks, the Sun in Taurus has enjoyed harmonious links with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Now the Sun is moving away, but Mercury has come to take its place, and next week will trine Mars and Pluto. The Sun is concerned with identity and ways of being; the recent links to Mars and Pluto have enabled a flow of creative energy to be released. Mercury will enjoy talking or writing about these changes.

Mars and Pluto are the planets linked to Scorpio, and writing personally, I have felt it much easier to be focused and creative recently, and have really felt ‘in the flow’, a lovely feeling.

There’s harmony in the air on Thursday as the Sun and Jupiter trine the Capricorn Moon. It’s generally a good working day, when much can be achieved, and plans for growth can progress.

An Aquarian Moon colours Friday (from 6.03 BST) and Saturday. There can be difficulties expressing how you really feel on Friday, as the Moon squares Mercury (13.12). A sparkle is added to Friday night as the Moon sextiles Uranus; this is a good night for a friendly get-together with like-minded people.

Late on Saturday night there could be tension as the Moon squares the Sun (22.47 BST) and Jupiter (23.40). All these celestial orbs are in fixed signs, so if there’s any disagreement no-one wants to give in.
Luckily, an hour or two later, the Moon trines Venus and Saturn, so arguments can be resolved, and there can be a peaceful night ahead.

Enjoy the week!

NB Times shown are British Summer Time (BST) which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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