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Finding Balance - Full Moon in Cancer

column for 9th - 15th January 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usNext weekend sees the first Full Moon of 2006, its emanating energies will resonate with many of you, because it shines lunar beams on to the balance you have between your work and the rest of your life. Full Moon time is one of awareness, of increasing clarity; the signs involved give an idea of the kinds of issues that may be under the moon?s spotlight.

Cancer is the sign of family, home, roots, and is connected to that which nurtures; Capricorn is associated with career, social standing, status, and desires to produce something of value for the world. Cancer can be symbolic of insularity, in the form of a retreat, sanctuary, safe haven, or place we call home; Capricorn is open to the world itself. Capricorn types feel at home with themselves when they feel they are making a mark in the world, so the need for a home is often a practical one rather than an emotional one; Cancerian types feel happiest when they have a secure home with loved ones, and from that base they move tentatively into the world.

Questions can dismantle these concepts as new understanding dawns. The traditional Cancer view can expand exponentially to include yourself, as well as the place you inhabit, how you feel centred, at home in your body, your belly, and then moving upwards and outwards, how you feel in your heart, mind, spirit and aura. This encourages a sense of well-being, wherever you are on the planet, and is no longer so dependent on bricks, mortar, wood, glass, etc.

More and more of us are meeting, and connecting with kindred spirits, with a growing momentum, and among these is our ?soul family?, or tribe, with whom we may have shared many lifetimes. We feel closer sometimes to these people than our current life-time blood-relatives; there is a sense of coming together for a higher spiritual purpose, to help move life on this planet into a more positive direction, by serving in a way that uses our natural talents. It?s important to remember that anyone can join this group of people who live in a sixth-sensory way (with spirit), rather than the five-sensory way (with ego). The former is love-based; the latter fear-based.

The dichotomies which may arise are ones of how much time and energy do you put into these areas of work, family, home and play. How much do you love your work, how important is it to you? How do you feel you are making a contribution to the world; how much do you give to life outside work, whatever form that should take. How do you re-charge and nurture yourself, so you have the energy to go back into the world. It?s usually in moments of total relaxation that inspiration finds the space to enter, as you become receptive to new ideas, and the world as a whole.

If you love your work, and I do, you may find the distinctions blur into one ? you just Live, and flow between different activities, the work nurturing you as well as making you feel useful, contributing something worthwhile to the world at large, home life providing times of creativity and relaxation which then flow back into your work.

If you aren?t happy with your work, home, and/or life outside it, this Full Moon may highlight your feelings of dissatisfaction and unease, and the link to Pluto may encourage you to transform those parts of your life you feel are out of sync.

Venus has just retrograded back over the Sun at the time of this Full Moon, making it a potentially productive and affectionate one, but also, through the opposition of the Moon to Venus, making it a moody and discontented one, particularly for women.

There?s a sense here of men, and yang-oriented women, of being happy and fulfilled with their work; and women, and yin-oriented men, wanting more of their partner?s time for themselves, hence the push/pull feeling of trying to satisfy others? demands, at the expense of one?s own needs.

As the week unfolds towards the Full Moon, Mercury, planet of communication and symbolically Hermes, wing-footed messenger, delights with three positive aspects to uplift, energise, humour and broaden the mind. It?s a good week to think laterally but practically, imbuing ideas and thoughts with a positive sense, which can be developed as time goes on.

The Mercury/Uranus sextile, on Monday, 9th January, is similar to a ?double-whammy?, Uranus being known as the ?higher octave? of Mercury. This indicates, in plain English, rather than astrological gobbledegook, that it?s great to think ?outside the box?, consider concepts, thoughts, options, you may have dismissed before. This is a day when your higher self wants to communicate with you more than ever, to break through the barriers your ego and inner critics erect, to impart wisdom and help to guide you in life. Take time to be quiet, and listen.

On Friday, 13th January, thoughts are energised by Mars; debate is lively, possibly argumentative, especially around the practicality of any upcoming venture, or conflict over differing beliefs, and possible ways forward. It?s a day of glimpses of new possibilities, a passing view of easier times ahead, a visualization that needs to be anchored, especially in the body, but also the mind, heart, and spirit, so it can withstand another Mars/Jupiter opposition, which takes place on Sunday, 15th January.

The last one occurred on 5th December 2005, and these two have been in orb (an area of influence) all through the Christmas/New Year period. This is a materialistic, rebellious, blustering aspect, of the ego wanting its own way, no matter what. If you come across someone acting this way, just try and observe them, rather than getting involved in any arguments, and thank them for their drama, which could be quite amusing to watch unfold. Hang on to your core beliefs, and your spirit, and allow the aspect to blow itself out, which it inevitably will.

This week has much potential for increasing clarity, bright ideas, and ways to move forward. Enjoy!

Love, peace and hope, Astral xx

here are some of this week?s major aspects:
? Monday, 9th January ? Mercury sextile Uranus
? Tuesday, 10th January ? Moon in Gemini ? 1.58am
? Thursday, 12th January ? Moon in Cancer ? 10.50am
? Friday, 13th January ? Mercury trine Mars ? 10.40am
? Friday, 13th January ? Mercury sextile Jupiter ? 5.32pm
? Friday, 13th January - Sun conjunct Venus ? 11.59pm
? Saturday, 14th January ? Full Moon in Cancer ? 9.48am
? Saturday, 14th January ? Moon in Leo -9.31pm
? Sunday, 15th January ? Mars opposite Jupiter ? 9.28am

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