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Column for Sunday 13th - Saturday 19th May 2012

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As I write this, Francois Hollande has just been elected to be the next President of France. Interestingly, he said, “I want to focus on growth”. This fits beautifully with the upcoming conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter, which takes place on Sunday, 13th May. A Sun/Jupiter link signifies growth, exploration and expansion, and in Taurus, the last thing to be considered would be austerity. Taurus is usually savvy when it comes to finances. A harmonious link between Venus and Saturn at the moment also helps with making productive changes when it comes to money matters.

The grand trine between Mercury, Mars and Pluto, which I wrote about in the last column, is sparked off all through this week. Mercury trines Mars on Sunday 13th, and Pluto on Monday 14th. Mars trines Pluto on Wednesday 16th. It’s a good time to push through with any projects you are working on, as there is powerful, grounded energy around.

Venus, planet of love and money turns retrograde on Tuesday 15th, until June 27th. When Venus focuses inwards it’s a good time to look at what really is of value in your life. Is it having the latest gizmo, or is it having a good quality of life? How important are the relationships in your life? Do you tell loved ones how you feel about them, and act accordingly?

Satisfaction may come more from small things like watching a stunning sunset with some-one special, rather than being one of a crowd. Social gatherings may not hold as much appeal for the next few weeks.

Relationship and financial matters may have a few glitches. The way forward is to go deeper and focus on uncovering what may have been hidden. Then take action to sort it out.

An imaginative vibe colours Sunday, as the Moon enters Pisces at 12.42 BST, and then conjuncts Neptune at 18.24. This happens once every lunar month, and highlights a time of creativity, dreaminess and of potential to tap more easily into other realms. It is also good for any kind of escapism: going to the movies, theatre, ballet, or just having a convivial time at the pub (especially with the Sun/Jupiter conjunction).

The Moon shimmies into Aries on Tuesday, at 22.45 BST. A more dynamic, assertive energy permeates the air-waves, adding a bit of oomph to counter-balance all the earth signs around at the moment.

There’s a lively, unpredictable feel to Wednesday 16th, with the potential for pleasant surprises.

On Friday 18th and Saturday 19th, there’s a shift again to more Earth energy. The Moon moves into Taurus, turning the emphasis back on to matters of practicality and also looking at ways to move forward. On the 19th, the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun are all bunched together in Taurus. Good ideas abound, but it could take some time before they can be seen to be viable.

NB All times shown are for British Summer Time (BST) which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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