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New Moon in Gemini - Idealism and Confusion

column for 20th - 26th May 2012

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There’s a feeling of optimism and open-heartedness on Sunday 20th, as the Moon in Taurus makes lovely contacts with Mercury and Jupiter. There’s a meeting of the mind and the heart, coupled with bonhomie, and the expectation of a good day. Anything which delights the senses is favoured.

The Sun moves from Taurus into Gemini at 4.15pm BST on Sunday. Geminis thrive on communication, diversity and general light-heartedness. They are good at multi-tasking and moving from one thing to another; unless they have planets in earth signs (and plenty do), they can lack staying power, wanting to switch paths if the going gets too heavy.

The Moon moves into Gemini for a couple of days, and Mercury moves into its own sign of Gemini on Thursday 24th, so there is a real shift to an all-round mutable vibe. Change is definitely in the air this week. Shortly after the Moon changes to Gemini, there’s a New Moon (0.45 BST).

Shortly after that, the Moon squares Neptune, one of three squares to Neptune this week.
The Sun squares Neptune on Wednesday 23rd; Mercury squares Neptune on Friday 25th.These squares portray the main theme for the week.

Neptune is idealistic but not practical. Confusion and deception are often associated with this planet, especially when it makes challenging aspects.

Some people may not be what they appear to be. Some may be more elusive than usual; others may tell you only part of the picture, the part they want you to see. If some-one appears with an idea that appears to be too good to be true, then it probably is.

To swim well through these swirling, cloudy waters, keep your rose-tinted goggles at home. Be as straightforward and honest as you can, even if others aren’t.

If your energy levels feel lower than usual (especially if your Sun is in the early degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces), give yourself some down-time to go with it, if you possibly can.

Along with Sunday 20th, Tuesday 22nd May is the most promising day of the week, closely followed by Saturday 26th.

On Tuesday, faith that everything will turn out ok helps to overcome any feelings of confusion. There is also the monthly conjunction of the Moon and Venus at 22.24 BST, making this is a great evening to socialize and have fun.

Family and domestic concerns colour Wednesday and Thursday when the Moon moves through Cancer.
There are potentially awkward moments on Thursday, with sudden events disrupting the normal routine and some-one could be more difficult than usual. If you can side-step them rather than confront them, this would help to avoid any potentially nasty moments.

The weekend looks fun with the Moon moving into Leo at 23.11 BST on Friday evening. It will be there all weekend, and coupled with a Gemini Sun, play, not work (or housework) should be the name of the game.

NB: All times shown are British Summer Time (BST) which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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