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New Moon in Leo - Play with a Purpose

Column for 17th - 19th August 2012

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New Moon time symbolizes a new cycle of possibilities. Although the sky is dark, and clarity may be in short supply when it comes to knowing how certain ideas will pan out, it is a time for being hopeful, and making heartfelt wishes.

Leo is the sign of play and creativity, of drama and colour, generosity and warmth. Leos paint life with broad strokes, rather than dwelling on details.

This new moon, taking place at 16.54 BST, on 17th August, encourages setting foot on new creative avenues, particularly ones that are close to your heart.

Mars and Saturn, both in Libra, are making harmonious links to the Sun and Moon, adding energy and realism to the scene. Thereís likely to be some deeper purpose behind any playful project.

Partnerships are also high-lighted; co-operation rather than conflict enables more progress to be made. Two or more heads may be better than one.

Astrological patterns are often complex, and alongside the grounding influence of Saturn, elusive Neptune is just making her presence felt, opposing the Sun and Moon, albeit by some degrees. Things may not be clear over the next week or so. Dreams, particularly creative ones, may not be realistic, so try and decide if something is really feasible.

This is a time to do groundwork, make plans, take some steps on that new avenue, but also have a plan B in place. Flexibility could be needed.

The Moon moves into Virgo for the weekend of the 18th/19th, favouring doing all those little jobs that you have been procrastinating about, like cleaning somewhere you donít usually bother with very often, or sorting out paperwork.

Bring in a playful vibe too, by playing some favourite music while you do the above, or planning something enjoyable to do after the jobs are done. The Sun is in Leo until next Wednesday, 22nd, so make the most of the fiery spirit thatís around.

On Sunday 19th, thereís a sparkling, harmonious connection between Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Aries. This is a day to notice bright ideas: itís a repeat of the same aspect that happened on the 4th and 25th July (thanks to Mercury going retrograde). New, positive attitudes, looking at things from a different perspective, may take root more easily now. Intuition is heightened today, so notice those hunches, they could be very helpful in showing the way forward.

Enjoy the weekend!

NB All times shown are British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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