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Change of direction

Monday, 6th - Sunday, 11th November 2012

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Two planets change direction this week: Mercury, the planet associated with communication, and Neptune, planet of dreams and spirituality. Mercury slows to a stop on Tuesday, 6th November (23.03 GMT), and then appears to go backwards (called retrograde) until Monday, 26th November.

During this time communication may not happen in a straightforward fashion, either mentally and/or physically. Journeys may take longer than usual, so. If you can, allow extra time. People may say one thing and mean another. Technology can be subject to glitches. Sometimes, all the challenges mean that in the long run, the extra time and focus taken to sort out a situation, leads to a better result than if proceedings had occurred smoothly. Sometimes having to take a detour, either physically or mentally, leads to discovering new vistas that are exciting and untapped.

Neptune, a much slower moving planet than Mercury, turns direct on Sunday, 11th November, after being retrograde since June 4th. The idealistic, spiritual, and artistic side of life emerges with new energy now. What seemed to be stuck, especially concerning dreams, can now take shape more easily.

On Monday 5th (Guy Fawkes or Bonfire Night in the UK), the Moon shimmies into fun-loving Leo, at 19.39. The dramatic is heightened for the next couple of days, slightly at odds with the Sun in Scorpio, which likes to appear enigmatic and cool. Both signs are passionate, and like to live life to the full. Drama is the keyword.

There’s a possible need to adjust something on Tuesday, as the Sun makes a challenging aspect to Jupiter. Plans may seem suddenly too grandiose and expansive, and you may decide to tone things down a little.

A fiery, energetic energy permeates Wednesday 7th, as the Leo Moon trines Mars in Sagittarius.

The Moon moves into Virgo at 4.35 GMT on Thursday, 8th November. There could be a feeling of restlessness and inconsistency around, but also a way to push through this feeling, so that progress can be made, especially concerning emotional matters.

Friday, the 9th is the best day to party and socialize. There is a grand feeling of bonhomie around, everyone wants to love and be loved. Finances are also favoured. Extravagance is likely, so make sure you really want what, or whom, you are about to lavish your attention on.

Libra becomes the sign the Moon is in from Saturday, 10th (9.35 am GMT). Partnerships are to the fore for the weekend. Sunday is definitely the easier day for expressing emotions in a positive way. The love vibration is at its highest on Sunday at 14.13, so a great time to be with friends and loved ones.

As it happens, I shall be in a very lovely pub on the Mendips, in Somerset, hopefully enjoying lunch with some dear friends I see once a year. Put the ‘jobs to do’ list to one side, and go and enjoy yourself!

GMT = Greenwich Mean Time (London)

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