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New Moon and an Eclipse in Scorpio

Column for Monday 12th - Sunday, 18th November 2012

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As the week begins, the Moon enters the sign of Scorpio (11.10 am), setting the tone for the new moon on Tuesday 13th. The lunar aspects on Monday suggest a desire to combine a realistic view with an idealistic one, giving each fair due, and visualizing the potential to move forward, particularly concerning anything which affects the emotional life.

Eclipses particularly touch those who have planets or the Sun and Moon near the degree in which this is taking place (21 degrees 57 minutes Scorpio in this case). These people need to create space wherever possible to allow for unexpected situations that may lead them encounter new, surprising circumstances.

A new moon typically symbolizes new beginnings of some kind. In Scorpio, itís always interesting because Scorpio is the sign of transformation, birth, death and re-birth. Some things may be ending as well as starting with the Scorpio new moon. It is a good time for anyone to set intentions for the coming few weeks, particularly those which favour spiritual growth, and cultivating new habits which will benefit you and those around you.

Because this new moon conjuncts the north node, important associations may be formed, which have long-lasting effects.

On Wednesday, the Moon and Mercury square Neptune, making clarity of communication challenging. Go with the flow wherever possible, and make allowances for others who may be having a hard time. Ways of making positive changes and insights can appear, as the Moon trines Uranus too; it may feel as if itís a shard of light emerging from the fog.

The Moon moves into Sagittarius on Wednesday too (10.52), lifting the intensity of the past couple of days, and adding an expansive feel to potential moves forward.

Thereís a generally sociable, happy feel to Thursday, as the Moon aspects Jupiter and Venus. There could be a tendency to go over the top, but itís all done with a feel-good factor and a humorous bent.

On Friday, there are no less than five lunar aspects, so expect the day to feel different as the hours unfold. Thereís a lot of fiery energy around in the morning, then the energy shifts as the Moon moves into Capricorn at 10.35 am. Practicality may take over from frivolity, and ambitious ideas from philosophical ones. Expect the unexpected around 18.32, as Uranus challenges the Moon, or maybe do something unplanned.

On Saturday 17th Mars moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn, and immediately makes a benign aspect to Neptune. Mars works well in Capricorn, enjoying getting things done, being pragmatic and ambitious. Neptune will ensure dreams are included in the unfolding of new ventures, so that they are not just about the mundane, and the self, but have an inclusive, healing quality so that others benefit too.
The Moon moves into Aquarius at 12.10pm on Sunday, bringing in an innovative, humanitarian flavour to the day. Itís a good time to consider what is and isnít working in your life, and to think about ways of pruning those things which have little value for you now.

It often takes time for intentions set at the New Moon to materialize; allow things to happen rather than pushing too hard, and keep checking in with yourself to see how you are feeling, as you may want to tweak those initial intentions. Flexibility can enable you to bend with the breeze rather than be snapped in half by an unexpected stormy gust.

Scorpio is the deepest sign of the zodiac; it will be a significant time for those who want to make major changes in themselves, and move forward, as the inner levels that are usually covered up in Ďnormalí social interactions can be accessed more easily now.

NB: All times shown are for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
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