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New Moon in Capricorn - Seed Planting Time

Column for 11th - 18th January 2013

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On Friday, 11th January, at 19.44 GMT, the Sun and Moon come together in Capricorn for the first New Moon of the year. Mercury, planet of communication, is close to this pairing, but there are no other planetary links.

It is a good time to plant seeds that enable you to feel you are embarking on quite an ambitious project, one that will make its mark on the world at a later date. It may be a while before you can present it in a comprehensive form, but important beginnings on an inner level can happen now, and tentative shoots will emerge in the outer world soon.

Get in touch with that part of yourself that lies within, that is the authentic Ďyouí, not playing out any role for the benefit of others (partner, daughter, son, mother, father, etc.), and see if thereís something there that wants to emerge in some creative form. Then give yourself time and space to pay attention to it.

Helpful associations and partnerships can be made at this time, as although there are no other planetary links, there are really helpful connections to the north and south nodes. New people can come into your life which may prove to be very helpful on your spiritual path. Connections from the past may return for some new purpose.

Capricorn is a practical, ambitious sign, which is resourceful, and prepared to put in the hard graft to achieve positive results. There are no less than five planets in Capricorn at the moment, Venus and Pluto being the other two. The energy may feel a bit slow and plodding, but it will all change on Saturday 19th January, when the Sun and Mercury move into Aquarius. For this week, take your time to work though tasks that need to be completed, and return to some good work and health routines that may have been completely abandoned over the Christmas period.

Having written that, the Moon moves into Aquarius on Saturday 12th, making some lovely aspects to Uranus and Jupiter, so not a day to get bogged down with anything, more a day to respond to any invitations to socialize that come your way, especially if it involves doing or going somewhere different.

On Sunday, there could be emotional tensions, and a desire to break away from a relationship where you have felt restrained in some way.

Monday is more of a day-dreaming day than a work one, with the Moon moving into Pisces, and conjuncting Neptune. You may get your best ideas while soaking in the bath, or walking by the sea. Make a mental note of any inspiration that comes your way, and then use the strong Capricorn vibe to work on it!

Tuesday favours making practical progress and being realistic about what is achievable at this point in time.

Wednesday, the 16th, has positive links between the Sun, Moon and Mercury, helping to push forward with the seed ideas planted at the time of the New Moon. The Moon shimmies into Aries at 16.07 GMT, adding a more energetic vibe to the airwaves.

Venus, planet of love and finances, and Pluto, planet (Iím still calling it one) of transformation, come together on Thursday 17th. Expect to feel things on a more intense level today, and take a look at relationships. How are they helping or hindering? What could you do to change? Do you need to change your spending habits? These are just a few questions that could come up.

There is potential today to re-evaluate how you value yourself and others, and to change patterns that arenít helping.

By Friday 18th, strong opinions may have been formed since the time of the New Moon on the 11th. Just bear in mind yours is only one point of view and others may have equally valid ones, even though you donít see it that way.

It could be that Life is just testing you once more, and by going deep inside you find what is true for you.

Enjoy the week Ė there is much potential to move forward now, especially on an inner level. Donít worry if it feels too slow, and that most of it doesnít seem to be appearing in the outside world yet. When the time is right, it will.

NB: All times shown are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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