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Column for 19th - 25th January 2013

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Both Mercury and the Sun move into Aquarius on Saturday 19th January (7.25 and 21.52 respectively), shifting the emphasis form Capricorn to Aquarius. The vibe is a more airy one, concerned with ideas and ‘heady’ things, rather than practical, mundane ones.

There are challenging aspects to the Sun and Mercury from Saturn on the horizon, but also harmonious aspects from Uranus and Jupiter. So, even though there may be obstacles there will also be hope and new possibilities. A positive, philosophical mind-set will win the day, and it may be that anything that feels blocked is because there is good reason for it to be (even though you can’t see yet).

Whereas Capricorn favours the traditional, Aquarius loves the contemporary, especially if there’s a twist. Venus is still in Capricorn until 2nd February, but Mars is in Aquarius all through January, adding dynamism and energy to projects which have an edge of some kind.

It’s a time (especially for Aquarians) to celebrate your individuality, and to fully express yourself, in spite of criticism from others. Dare to be You, and don’t be faint-hearted.
The Moon is in Taurus from Saturday, 19th (1.36) until Monday 21st (14.04). Taurus belongs to the Earth element like Capricorn. You could use these few days to renew a connection to the earth, wrapping up, walking and appreciating the winter landscape, or planning changes you want to make in the garden. It’s a good time to get in touch with all the senses.

It may be that the energy really lightens when the Moon motors into the air sign Gemini, on Monday 21st, at 14.04. From this time, until Thursday, 24th, all kinds of communication, learning, travel are favoured. Any bright ideas should be noted and nurtured. The Moon makes harmonious links to the Sun and Mercury on Monday evening (GMT).

Mercury makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus on Tuesday 22nd, making this a day to look out for those intuitive sparks that flash fleetingly through the mind, and to take notice of them rather than let them just pass by. Also on the 22nd, the Gemini Moon holds hands with Jupiter, and sextiles Uranus, adding a lovely optimistic feel ing that anything is possible. Explore, be expansive (hopefully not physically unless you’re pregnant!), and say ‘yes’ to anything that lifts your spirits.

On Thursday 23rd, Mercury trines Jupiter, making this another really good day for travel, discovering new learning/teaching possibilities, and expansive thoughts and ideas.

Use these days well, for there is a change on Thursday, 24th, when there’s a more emotional feel to the airwaves. It may be you’ve been merrily following your own path, discovering new delights, either mentally or physically, or both, when you suddenly realize other people are involved, and need to be considered as you follow your own pursuits.

They will probably make their feelings known over Thursday and Friday. As Mercury squares Saturn on Friday, 25th, there could be a wake-up call about what you have taken on, or are considering taking on. A little bit of pessimism and doubt may creep in as others may try to undermine your ‘bright ideas’, or it may be you yourself that realizes more structure and form is needed before you can make more progress.

At the same time, there is no need to give up on it all, and it is important to nurture any creative changes you have been making to be true to yourself. The harmonious aspect between the Sun and Uranus encourages you to break out of any restrictive roles that prevent your inner light from shining, so keep being true to yourself. Don’t allow the nay-sayers to put you off; look for fellow kindred spirits to support you. Enjoy the week!

NB: All times shown are for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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