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Full Moon in Leo - As one door closes, another one opens

Saturday, 26th Jnuary - Friday, 1st February 2013

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Opportunities to explore and try something new are favoured on Saturday, 26th. Also, anything creative will lift the spirits as the Moon moves into the fun-loving, fire sign Leo at 14.20 (GMT). Itís a good day to celebrate anything which includes colour, drama and has an air of warmth surrounding it.

The Jupiterian influence is around at the time of the Full Moon on Sunday, 27th January, tempered by a challenging aspect from Saturn. Idealism and optimism may be challenged. There could be frustrating circumstances where you are thwarted by others, but this could lead to something new and unexpected appearing in your life.

If one door closes, another one will open. It is up to you how much you want to stand up to those who are blocking you in some way (emotionally, mentally, or physically). Sometimes it is better to walk away from a difficult situation, and to wait awhile to see what unfolds. Time changes things; what seems overwhelming one day may seem fairly insignificant a couple of weeks later.

Saturn is the planet associated with time, boundaries and discipline. This is a good Full Moon to assess what is working in your life, and what isnít. Prune back anything which no longer seems to have meaning in your life, so that you make space for something new and positive to flow in.

There are interesting, creative aspects between Venus and Saturn and Uranus later on Sunday. It could be that you find an innovative way of expressing yourself artistically or musically, or that you find a novel way to manage your finances better. Relationships that donít follow the conventional path, but mean a great deal, also come under the spotlight.

There could be tension around on Monday, 28th (16.59 GMT), as the Moon opposes Mars. It may be difficult for some-one to express himself or herself rationally, and they may fly off the handle. Itís time to let off steam, to take the lid off a frustrating situation. Count to ten if itís you that feels youíre about to blow, and try to see the other personís point of view.
Late on Monday (23.27 GMT) the Moon moves into Virgo, adding a more analytical approach to dealing with emotions.

Thereís a tug between dreams and reality on Tuesday, 29th, but as the day unfolds, opportunities to deal with life realistically predominate, in a good way.

If you have been thinking about what you like/donít like about yourself/your life since the Full Moon, Wednesday 30th could see the culmination of those thoughts, and action may be taken to bring about some kind of resolution.
An unsatisfactory relationship may end; a decision to end a debilitating situation may be acknowledged, and steps taken to change things. The more conscious you are about the part you have been playing, the more progress you will make, and the happier you will be with the outcome.

Jupiter, the planet of travel, growth, expansion and optimism begins to move forward on Wednesday, after several months (since 4th October 2012) of being retrograde (appearing to go backwards). At last you may feel you can move forwards again, which ties in well with off-loading anything or anyone who has been holding you back.

Thereís a magnanimous, social flavour to Thursday 30th as the Moon shimmies into Libra at 6.36 GMT. There may be some unexpected happenings or changes of plan, but also possibilities for enjoyable social get-togethers, so accept any invitations.

As the Moon moves through Libra, on Friday 1st February, she makes a harmonious connection to the Aquarian Sun. Ideas bounce around in a light-hearted way. Co-operation is desired more than trying to get your own way. Two heads can be better than one.

Personally, I am always glad when January has passed. The darkest days are over for another year (in the Northern hemisphere), and hopefully there are signs of spring. As I write this, there is snow everywhere, but I am hoping, expressing some of that Jupiterian optimism thatís almost here, that thereís some warmth and sunshine on the horizon.

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