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New Moon in Virgo - a Fresh Start

column for 25th - 31st August 2014

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A practical, wise new moon highlights the astrological scene this week, symbolizing an auspicious time for a new start. It dovetails with the beginning of the academic year; somehow those whiffs of cold, smoky air in the morning bring a feeling (to me anyway) of exciting hints of what may be to come.
If you have been waiting to put a new plan into action, now is the time to take those first steps. Virgo enjoys being helpful and of service. It’s an earth sign, so being of practical use is important, as is a connection to nature, whether it’s connected to the garden, or to the planet.
Being ruled by Mercury, like Gemini, Virgo needs to communicate, crafting words carefully. Virgo doesn’t need adulation, pomp and ceremony; it just likes to get a job done as well as possible. Perfection is the aim, but also usually out of reach. Virgos who have accepted being perfectly imperfect are usually much happier with themselves.
This new moon isn’t as straightforward as it may first seem, because Neptune in Pisces is opposing it, urging the conscientious Virgo to loosen up, dream a while, and consider options that may appear nebulous and way too idealistic. Two signs in opposition like this are vying for attention. Both are mutable signs, they are open to making changes, and being flexible.
So, put plans into action on 25th August, but with the proviso that they may need to be altered around the 29th, when the Virgo Sun opposes Neptune. The more you tap into your intuition around this time, the more inspiration you are likely to receive, and the way forward clearer.
There are several other significant aspects happening on Monday 25th August. Mars, planet of action, links together with Saturn, planet of boundaries, and lessons to be learned. In Scorpio, this signifies energy needs to be harnessed constructively, and perseverance pursued. It’s a good time to get to grips with some difficult task, and if it involves an element of transformation, so much the better.
De-cluttering and clearing out old outworn goods, or habits, would be good now. Also, re-evaluating how you spend your energy, and what on, is good to put under the spotlight. Are there changes you would like to make?
The question of values comes into play this week through three aspects to Venus in Leo. On Monday, Venus makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus, symbolizing innovative ways of attracting harmony into your life, along with the possibility of different ways of making money. Be open to surprises in the emotional sphere, and accept any impromptu invitations.
On Tuesday, a more sombre link between Venus and Saturn prompts questions of whether certain aspects, and/or people still have a positive place in your life. If you’re feeling a lack, either in supportive people around you and/or financial concerns, it may be time to take a realistic look at relationships and money matters, and make some changes. The new ‘stuff’ cannot enter into your life easily, if the old ‘stuff’ is still hanging around.
The third aspect to Venus comes from Mars, on Wednesday, 27th. When these two are in harmony, magnetism and attraction go hand in hand. When there is tension, as there is today, it signifies adjustments need to be made. Venus in Leo likes warmth, drama and general joie-de-vivre. Mars in Scorpio likes to be penetrating, deep and intense. Can you see where the two may clash? The aim here is to give both sides a voice, in as pleasant a way as possible.
Moon signs change every two to three days, permeating the airwaves with a different flavour and colour. The Moon moves from Virgo to Libra late on Wednesday (22.54 British Summer Time), adding more of a desire to find fair solutions when solving relationship issues. There is generally a more sociable vibe around for Thursday and Friday.
On Saturday, the Moon slides into Scorpio, intensifying all things emotional. A harmonious link to Neptune on Saturday evening makes this a great time for watching that film you have been waiting to see, going to the theatre or a club, or just generally letting your hair down and going with the flow. It’s also great to tap into your intuition.
There are also harmonious links between the Moon and the Sun, and Pluto, on Sunday, so although there may be a generally intense feeling in the air, there is the potential for good times too. A reality check happens on Sunday evening, at 20.10, when the Moon and Saturn link up, possibly when you realize you need to get organised for the week ahead. It’s a good time to be focused, and to create a plan of action for the day ahead.
Enjoy the week!
N.B Times shown are for British Summer Time (BST), which is an hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).



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