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Column for 16th - 23rd January 2006

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Some interesting partners dance together in the celestial heavens this week, and the tone changes, on Friday, 20th January, from a predominantly traditional, Capricorn one, to a gradual shift to the radical, humanitarian Aquarian vibration, as the Sun enters Aquarius, and Mercury flies into the same sign on Sunday, 22nd January.

Fireworks begin the week, as the Leo Moon, having conjuncted Saturn yesterday, Sunday, 15th, now sparks off the other three corners of the Grand Cross, squaring Jupiter, Mars, and opposing Neptune. It?s a day of potential exuberance, which could get completely out of hand, as these energies will find it hard to be confined, or changed. There is stubbornness, control-freakiness and deception in the air, most noticeable in women with prima-donna tendencies, who are needy of attention and adoration, of being in the spotlight.

Mercury, messenger of the gods and goddesses, and Venus, planet of love and money, briefly hold hands on Tuesday, 17th January, symbolizing a time of light-hearted merriment, and thoughts and expressions of love, although in Capricorn, this is likely to appear in a subtle yet sensuous way. If you want to tell someone how you feel, this is a good day to pluck up courage and let him or her know.

Mars, symbolic of warrior energy, squares Neptune, planet of idealism and spirituality, on Wednesday, 18th, playing out two corners of the Grand Cross, which is gradually losing it?s four-sided power, as Saturn retreats. It?s an interesting clash, and I can almost see the two sizing each other up in a boxing ring. Pugnacious, stubborn Mars in Taurus stands flexing his biceps, and nebulous Neptune, looking floaty, angelic and ethereal in gossamer robes, armed with his trident, stands in the other. No contest you may think, although that trident looks remarkably spiky.

However, Neptune is in Aquarius, symbolic of humankind, and the growing leanings towards spirituality in the collective suggest that Neptune isn?t as feeble as he may first appear.

The most powerful force in the world is love, and although Mars may come out of his corner with boxing gloves at the ready, ?might is right? written on his lycra?d top, wanting to win at all costs, the internal and magnificent force that Neptune can manifest makes him my favourite.

Neptune can shape-shift, is connected to the higher realms and unending spiritual support, and comes from a place of compassion, and universal love. The value of these may be tested at this time, a sense of weakness and loss of faith may occur, but by tuning in to one?s own soul, and other kindred spirits, the faith will return, spirit will overcome the ego?s bluster and fear. You may find yourself in a position where you question yourself about whether you want to live in a fear-based, egotistical way, or a love-based, spirit-based way.

The ego feeds on the differences between us; the spirit sees the similarities. We need the ego to kick-start us into action, but often it then takes over, and this aspect is giving the opportunity to redress the balance, to give you the chance to decide how you want to live your life, from a place where the ego is dominant, or your spirit?

This is a recurring theme throughout the year; combining living in the ?real? world with living according to your own beliefs and ideals, finding the balance between personal satisfaction, shining your own light in the best way you can, while being mindful of others, and encouraging theirs to shine too.

We are all in this together, and we all have our own part to play. This sense of global community will be much in evidence for the next few weeks, from Friday, 20th, when the Sun enters Aquarius.

I have a soft spot for Aquarians, and find them probably the most interesting sign of the zodiac. They are quirky, original, obstreperous, highly individualistic, inventive, and yet they also have a strong sense of humanity, wanting to make a difference in the world, so that others are helped through their work.

Mercury, planet of communication, enters Aquarius too, on 22nd January, indicating a shift from essentially pragmatic thinking to combining realism (Saturn co-rules Aquarius, along with Uranus), with an injection of innovation and progressive thought, enabling new and exciting ideas to bubble up. Mercury is known as being ?exalted? in Aquarius, which means the energy is well-suited to the Aquarian style. It?s a time for bright ideas!

Wishing you a de-light-filled week, much love, Astral xx

Here are some of the major aspects for this week ? enjoy the dance!

? Saturday, 14th January ? Moon in Leo ?9.31pm
? Monday, 16th January - Moon square Jupiter ? 4.34am
? Monday, 16th January ? Moon square Mars ? 4.56am
? Monday, 16th January ? Moon opposite Neptune ? 6.31am
? Tuesday, 17th January ? Moon in Virgo ? 9.49am
? Tuesday, 17th January ? Mercury conjunct Venus ? 3.31pm
? Wednesday, 18th January ? Mars square Neptune ? 1.53pm
? Thursday, 19th January ? Moon in Libra ? 10.49pm
? Friday, 20th January ? Sun in Aquarius ? 5.15am
? Sunday, 22nd January ? Moon in Scorpio ? 10.28am
? Sunday, 22nd January ? Mercury in Aquarius ? 8.41pm
? All times are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

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