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Progressive Change

Monday 1st - Friday 5th September 2014

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There is a strengthening of all the positive qualities of Virgo this week, as the Sun makes harmonious aspects to Pluto and Mars. Being organised, paying attention to detail, considering others, being helpful and kind will all enhance your feeling of well-being.
Being outside and aware of all the beauty nature has to offer is also life-enhancing, so get as much fresh air as possible, and tend to and enjoy your plants. Herbs and medicinal plants come under the auspices of Virgo, so itís a good time to give these some tlc.
Monday begins still beneath the veil of the intense Scorpio moon. You may find yourself awake in the middle of the night, as the Moon and Mars link together, thinking of ideas and/or things that need doing. Take some deep breaths, count 1 - 2, 1 Ė 2, 1 Ė 2, until you drift back to sleep (this works for me).
The mood lightens as the day moves on, with the mind and heart easily working together in the afternoon, and the Moon moving into jovial, optimistic Sagittarius at 6.17 pm (British Summer Time).
Mercury, the planet connected to communication of all kinds, moves from Virgo to Libra at 6.38 on Tuesday 2nd. Whereas Virgo thinks analytically, Libra aims for diplomacy and harmony. Conversations may become more vacillating, less clear and orderly, but more oriented towards being social. There will be more connection in one-to-one exchanges. Although Libra aims for harmony and balance, it often only arrives there after aggravation and quibbling. Looking at the aspects coming up with several planets over the next few weeks, Iíd be surprised if there arenít a few changes of mind, readjustments, and even complete turnarounds, over the next few weeks.
This year Mercury spends more time than usual in Libra, giving us more time to practice finding inner balance and peace, and allowing this to help us find a way to express ourselves with more love and affection. This is because Mercury enters Scorpio on September 27th, but then moves retrograde (it appears to go backwards) on 4th October, back into Libra on October 10th, and then it stays in this sign until November 8th. Usually Mercury is in a sign for around three weeks. Mercury will be in Libra this time for nearly eight weeks.
On Tuesday, after a bit of a tussle between the work-oriented Virgo Sun and the playful, freedom-loving Sagittarius Moon, positive aspects between the aforementioned Moon, and Jupiter and Uranus definitely give the edge towards being expansive and innovative. Be open to learning something new, especially if it connects you more to using your intuition.
Wednesday is looking good! There is an extremely positive link between the Sun and Pluto, making this a great time to move forward, on a practical, grounded level (these are Earth signs), but also on an inner level. Transforming negative habit and thought patterns into positive ones will really help enhance your sense of identity, and help you to sparkle even more. This has the knock on effect of making others feeling better too. The Moon and Venus are also dancing in harmonious fire signs today, so be sociable where possible, and take time to relax.
As Wednesday ends, Capricorn becomes the Moonís sign until the weekend. The Sun and Moon are in compatible earth signs now. It may not be all fun and frivolity, but a time to make strides forward on the work front. This is a good time to create a new structure for the purposes of work, to look at time management, and see where you could be more efficient, so thereís more time for play afterwards. Itís a good time to define aims and clarify goals. A link between the Sun and Mars on Thursday provides an opportunity to do something differently, so that you put your own unique stamp on it.
On Friday 5th there may be a need to make an adjustment to any grandiose schemes you have. Scrutinize any plans you have made recently, and see if they need a tweak here and there to make them more readily achievable.
Venus, the planet of attraction, love and money, leaves the sunny sign of Leo, and moves into discerning Virgo, at 18.07 on Friday. Now it is in the same sign as the Sun, simple and often free things of beauty will hold appeal. For example, looking at a stunning sunset, a smile from a stranger, a friendly nuzzle from a cat, a tiny but colourful cyclamen poking up through the ground. The list is endless.
Enjoy the week!
All times shown are for British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).



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