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Love is in the Air

Monday 2nd November - Sunday 8th November

Venus, planet of love and values, comes together with Mars, planet of action this week, for the second time in a couple of months. It is time to look at all kinds of relationships, particularly romantic ones.

As both planets are currently moving through Virgo, this may happen in a subtle, understated fashion, with little in the way of grand gestures and razzmatazz. However, there will be an authenticity, honesty and kindness permeating the relationship, which can be worth far more in the long run than grand, showy gestures (although these can be lovely too!).

The last get together of Venus and Mars was on September 1st, when both were in Leo, and Venus was appearing to go backwards (known as being retrograde). That was a time of re-considering values concerning love, and finances. It was a period of deciding what mattered to you, what you really valued.

If you took time out then to ponder on these matters, you may see something come to fruition this week, as there is the potent combination of knowing what you would like, and having the energy to take action to bring it into your life.

Creative projects also come under the auspices of Venus/Mars combinations, and with the benign influence of expansive Jupiter nearby, opportunities for growth are here too. The only gentle warning is to not take on too much, as Jupiter tends to overdo it, given half a chance.

Virgo is a sign associated with healing and craftsmanship, and enjoys making the world a better place, through caring for, and about, others.

As the week begins, the Moon is still in nurturing Cancer, until 15.48, when it shimmies into sunny Leo. The next couple of days are great for focussing on the creative side of life, and for being generally playful.

There could be a bit of tension around Tuesday lunchtime as the Sun in introspective Scorpio is at odds with the outgoing Leo Moon. Part of you may want to stay in and begin hibernation, while the other part wants to go out and socialize.

Mercury, the small planet associated with communication, moves from Libra, into Scorpio at 7.06 on Monday. Conversations may become deeper and more emotional. There’s more willingness to uncover the softer, more vulnerable sides of ourselves, and others, and to be compassionate about what we find.

A potent link between Mercury and Pluto on Tuesday, and between Mercury and Neptune on Friday, point to mending fences that may have been broken when Mercury made tense aspects to Pluto on 22nd October, and to Uranus on the 25th. Breakthroughs may have been made at this time, but also unconsidered and upsetting words spoken.

The Mercury/Neptune link on Friday also opens the airwaves to the unseen world, where guides and angels are ready to be asked for help. Imagination and intuition are potent today, heightening the creative potential of this week.

Thursday 5th November is a day of two parts. The Moon is in Virgo until 15.14 on Saturday. The first part is good for doing work-based activities, even though you may not feel like it. The second is to let your hair down, tap into your imaginative side, and maybe watch the fireworks exploding all over the UK, as it is Guy Fawkes’ Night.

Friday is a great time for transformation. The phoenix-like associations of the sign Scorpio come to the fore today, as the Sun and Moon make flowing connections to Pluto, the planet of transformation. It’s like a double-whammy, helping you to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you now, so that fresh energy can come in. If you have some spare time, it would be a good day to declutter, and/or take a life review of who you are now, and how you would like to move forward.

A Moon/Jupiter get together on Friday (14.04 GMT) adds an optimistic, expansive air to the afternoon, ready for the weekend.

The love theme permeates the weekend, as the Moon, Venus and Mars all come together on Saturday 7th. The Moon moves into Libra at 15.14, shifting the mood from work/chores, to relating to others, particularly in one to one relationships.

Love in all its forms can take precedence today. You could make a note of all the people in your life that you love, just feel blessed they are there, and if you get the chance, tell them how much they mean to you. The wonderful thing about love is that it is boundless. There are no limits on how much you can love.

Just to add to the love theme, Venus moves into its own sign, Libra, on Sunday. Libra is the sign that needs to relate to others, aiming for fairness and balance. It won’t be all plain sailing as she moves through this sign in the next few weeks, thanks to Uranus and Pluto, but life would be dull without a few waves!

Enjoy the week!

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