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Column for 23rd - 29th January 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt?s struck me over the months how often the ?astrological action? takes place at the weekend, and this week is a case in point, as the New Moon in Aquarius happens on Sunday, 29th January, at 2.15pm. The week precluding this plays out the waning phase of the moon, the last week of its 28 day cycle, and this is generally a good time for a pause, taking a breath, a time to experience the space left by the dissipation of energy from the Full Moon (14th January), and to prepare for something new to enter the void.

There?s are two main threads running through this week, underpinned by an upcoming square between Jupiter and Neptune (two players in the former Grand Cross dance), a test of the viability of dreams (but please note it is a test, and not total destruction), and overpinned by the faster-moving but no less affective lunar aspects. It?s like a chord in music, a series of different notes running along their own paths within the stave, some light and harmonious, others dark and discordant, yet, in the benevolent opera of the universe, it all hangs together beautifully, like the Tao itself.

The first thread concerns the Aquarian Sun and Mercury, their conjunction to each other, on Thursday, 26th January, followed by the opposition from Saturn to them, on Friday, 27th January. Mercury in Aquarius? natural way of thinking is logical and rational (it?s an air sign); when it combines with the Sun (and this applies to people with Sun/Mercury generally), thinking is subjective; identity is tied up with thoughts and ideas. This may come across as someone who has strong opinions, and in the fixed sign of Aquarius, he/she may find it difficult to accept the value of others? viewpoints. Sun/Mercury also suggests independent thinking, but with the opposition from Saturn this week, this thinking will be questioned by others in some way. There could be verbal, mental, or intellectual battles about opinions, ideas, ways of communicating, and others will be seeking to put across what they see as their equally valid viewpoint. Stubborn-ness, walking into brick walls of the ?monkey mind?, could ensue, and the answer could be to realise that there is no one ?right? answer, everyone?s opinion is based on their view, and therefore is never completely impartial, and that this is a time, however hard, to put your ego, and your feeling of being on moral high ground to one side, and listen to that still small but hugely powerful voice of your higher self, because that?s the one that will provide you with any answers you need to know.

You could feel dissatisfied with others, feel they put demands on you that drain you; it is a good time to re-assess relationships, but also to realize that on some level you are responsible for what you are experiencing. Acceptance of this can lead to change, liberation, and happiness.

If life- conditions are tough, consider ways of making them less so. If a relationship has reached its final act, bring down the curtain. There is always a solution, often found when you get of your own way, and also by lightening whatever scenario you find yourself in, with laughter.

The above applies particularly to anyone born around the end of January, and to those with planets around nine degrees of the fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio).

The second thread involves Venus, planet of love and money. It is in the final stages of going retrograde, and this week, it trines Mars, and sextiles Jupiter. Venus trine Mars (on Monday, 23rd) is great for promoting harmony and sexiness in relationships, and also for anything creative. There is an easy blend of yin and yang today.

Due to Venus? imminent stationary, about to go forwards again position (on February 3rd), the Venus/Jupiter sextile is around until around mid- February. This is one of the classic benevolent good vibe planetary combinations, giving the potential for expanding the Venus principle, which could result in a delightful, fun-filled quest for love, pleasure, and abundance. The sextile aspect is a sign of potential rather than something that materializes without any effort, so although there is a harmonious flow between Venus and Jupiter, it needs to be optimised for maximum benefit.

These few weeks would be perfect to re-read, or listen to (it?s on audio CD too) ?Manifesto?, by the highly-esteemed Barefoot Doctor, to clarify what it is you really want, and then take some practical steps to start manifesting it. This aspect reminds me of a good fairy (or Barefoot Doctor) waving her (his) magic wand and granting you three wishes ? make sure they are good ones!

This point needs to be made because you could end up with a lot of froth and sparkle, and not much substance. The aforementioned Jupiter/Neptune square, on Saturday, 28th January, is indicative of magnificent dreams, elusive fantasies, and also the quest for mystical - the Tao, God, the Great Spirit, call it what you will. This aspect can be a wake-up call to work out ways of incorporating your spiritual beliefs, and creative dreams, into everyday life in a practical but humble way.

Any ideas of being superior to anyone else because of your beliefs (or knowledge) are likely to be challenged (but that could be ok ? it?ll just enable you to re-confirm to yourself, and give yourself a good talking to, if you feel any delusions of grandeur descending).

The tone of the New Moon has almost been discussed already because it involves the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, all in opposition to Saturn. As the Moon briefly joins the Sun and Mercury, emotional responses are added to the mix, imbuing this new lunar cycle with feelings that will lead to change and new beginnings. The energy is cool and detached, but humanitarian in nature. This socially motivated sign helps us all to move forward, but Saturn?s involvement by opposition will test and challenge, and this is likely to be played out by people who think and feel differently. Maybe this column could have been titled ?vive la difference?; it?s difficult though, isn?t it, if that difference involves ideas that undermine, or harm others?

The energy this week includes good vibes, joy of being, awareness of the viability of dreams, harmony with some, tests and challenges with others. Any obstacles that arise, in the form of people, or circumstances, are there to help you move forwards.

Some of the planetary aspects this week:

Sunday, 22nd January ? Moon in Scorpio ? 10.28am
Monday, 23rd January - Venus (retrograde) trine Mars
Tuesday, 24th January ? Moon in Sagittarius ? 6.38pm
Thursday, 26th January ? Sun conjunct Mercury ? 9.34pm
Thursday, 26th January ? Moon in Capricorn ? 10.31pm
Friday, 27th January ? Mercury opposite Saturn ? 1.03pm
Friday, 27th January ? Venus sextile Jupiter ? 7.07pm
Friday, 27th January ? Sun opposite Saturn ? 10.48pm
Saturday, 28th January ? Jupiter square Neptune ? 1.24am
Saturday, 28th January ? Moon conjunct Venus ? 2.06am
Saturday, 28th January ? Moon in Aquarius ? 11.09pm
Sunday, 29th January ? New Moon in Aquarius ? 2.15pm

Much love to you, Astral xx
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