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Sitting on a Cloud Mindfully

Column for 30th January - 5th February 2006

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Neptune infuses a magical, ethereal quality to the atmosphere over the next couple of weeks, as first Mercury moves forwards to meet it, on Wednesday, 1st February, followed by the Sun (on Monday 6th February). The Neptunian vibration is enhanced further by a Moon/Neptune conjunction on Monday morning, followed in the evening by the lunar entrance into Pisces, the sign associated with Neptune.

This distant planet is connected to the sea, liquids, dreams, ideals, other ?realities?, glamour, illusion and visions, among other things. Although Neptune was a sea-god, at the moment there?s also a feeling of connecting him with the sky, because he is currently traversing through Aquarius, which is an air sign.

Taking the other ?realities? theme further, as Mercury moves towards the conjunction with Neptune on Wednesday, if you feel inclined, take the time to consider (meaning literally ?with the stars) the spiritual, ethereal realm, where nothing can be proved, but how you feel can reflect the truth. Dreams and ideals are pervaded with a rosy glow, and infinite possibilities abound. Used at the highest level, this energy can give insights into ways forward which will help the good of all, and give hope for humanity.

If the mundane world seems too harsh and unfriendly, imagine (especially up to and including Wednesday) that you have the time and energy to choose a cloud of your choice, fly up to it, and go and meditatively sit on it for a while. The sky is exactly the shade of blue of your choice, from palest duck-egg, through to periwinkle and bright cerulean, to darkest richest midnight blue and indigo. The cloud shapes range from cigar-like long and thin, to fat and squashy; they are all however, predominantly white and soft in texture, so you feel as if you are warmly enveloped in angel?s wings.

Some clouds are tinged with pink, orange, yellow or violet, especially if it?s dawn or evening ? it?s your choice.
While sitting on this cloud you become aware of everything that?s going on around you (this is the secret of Mercury/Neptune ? it has the potential to open doors to other dimensions), and within you.

You may become aware of thoughts, ideas, feelings that you hadn?t noticed before; it?s a good time to pay attention and notice what comes into your mind.

The waxing moon energy (the New Moon was last Sunday ? 29th January) means the energy is there to move forward into new ways of thinking, which is the first step into being more innovative, original and vital.

Some of you may notice from this elevated viewpoint that there are guides of all kinds around you, and they are waiting for you to ask them for help. I heard recently that there are around 33 spirit guides for each and every one of us, all with different gifts, healing, teaching, helping us with specific projects, etc. They will not interfere with your life if you don?t ask, or want them to, but are there if you need help. All you have to do is ask for the best possible help available. It can help to write down what you want, and then note what help you get. You could be amazed by the results.

As Mercury squares Jupiter on Thursday 2nd February you may need to look again at new ideas which have bubbled up, and just check they are not too fluffy, or so exaggerated that they are beyond the realm of becoming manifest in reality. The Moon trines Saturn and sextiles the Sun today, adding a dash of realism and practicality, coupled with an underlying harmony. The Aries Moon also adds some ?oomph? with its pioneering and fiery nature.

Venus, planet of love and money, turns direct on Friday, 3rd February, and slowly begins to retrace its steps forwards. (It went retrograde on Christmas Eve). Changes can be made more easily now in the areas of relationships, creativity, and finances, and the ongoing sextile from Venus to Jupiter until mid- February also adds a benign influence to these matters.

As the Moon enters Taurus for the weekend, the mood is to descend from the cloud, if you haven?t already done so, and to get grounded, do something physical and/or practical. DIY and garden centres may be busy, as may pubs, cafes and restaurants (Taurus loves good food and drink).

Edginess, irritability and verbal sparring (ok ? arguing) may be in evidence on Sunday morning (in the northern hemisphere), as Mars squares Mercury, and then conjuncts the Moon. It could be a day to clear the air, or walk away.

Don?t worry; you can get back on your cloud tomorrow, Monday, 6th, when it?s the Sun?s turn to conjunct Neptune.

Part two of the Neptunian theme will follow in the next column, which also marks the completion of my first year of writing it. It began on last year?s New Moon in Aquarius ? 8th February 2005. Huge thanks to all of you who have supported and encouraged me with your wonderful words, and especially to the dear Doc, for giving me the opportunity to put it here in the first place.

Buckets of love and hugs to you all, Astral xx

Some of the planetary aspects this week:

Saturday, 28th January ? Moon in Aquarius ? 11.09pm
Monday, 30th January ? Moon conjunct Neptune ? 2.02am
Monday, 30th January ? Moon in Pisces ? 10.32pm
Wednesday, 1st February ? Mercury conjunct Neptune ? 8.22pm
Wednesday, 1st February ? Moon in Aries ? 10.46pm
Thursday, 2nd February ? Mercury square Jupiter ? 0.29am
Thursday, 2nd February ? Moon trine Saturn ? 11.01am
Thursday, 2nd February ? Moon sextile Sun ? 9.56pm
Friday, 3rd February ? Venus turns direct ? 9.19am
Saturday, 4th February ? Moon in Taurus ? 1.31am
Sunday, 5th February ? Mercury square Mars- 8.09am
Sunday, 5th February ? Moon conjunct Mars ? 8.54am
* All times are GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

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