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Release the Past - Welcome the Future

Column for 31st October - 6th November

Light and darkness, revelations and mystery, glowing candles and shadows, will be apparent this week, and a chance to let go of the past, and move forward to a much brighter future. There?s an opening here to re-generate and trans-form, to make a wish on the New Moon to bring in something, or someone, that/who will change your life in some way, or at the very least, your view of it.

There is a deep and powerful energy bound up with this New Moon in Scorpio, on Wednesday, 2nd November (1.25am GMT), a profound vibration I?ve been feeling for weeks, and a wonderful expansiveness and desire to explore new territory, whether it?s physical, mental, spiritual, or all three, as Jupiter combines its energy with the Sun and the Moon.

Last year, when I was going through a difficult time, a friend and I went to a pub. As we reached the entrance she pointed to an old, very worn doormat, and next to it, a large planter filled with beautiful coloured flowers.

?Which do you want to be?? she said, and in that moment, I became very aware of what role I had taken on, albeit unconsciously, and made the choice to become more like the container of flowers.

If you wonder why I mention this, it?s because New Moons symbolize beginnings, and beginnings involve conscious intentions, and choices, which then lead to new ways of being.

This New Moon also happens to fall on my birthday, so it feels pertinent to mention how that choice I made last year has led me to where I am now, and how I feel this time now, contains the seeds that I feel are sprouting even as I write this.

Scorpio is the sign of transformation, and with the helping hand of Jupiter, planet of teaching, learning, growth and expansion, much headway, heart-way and spirit-way can be made. This applies particularly to people with birthdays around the beginning of November, and planets around 9 degrees of Scorpio (give or take a few degrees).

It?s isn?t all about easy, thrusting, straightforward, upward growth as there are likely to be some challenges, in the form of weeds that may want to take over, or weather conditions that halt or hinder progress. Saturn, the wise teacher, or grumpy old man, depending on your point of view, squares the New Moon, and tests the viability of the seeds, but adds durability once the roots have been established.

Expect challenging circumstances, and people who aren?t kindred spirits, to block your path, especially on Thursday, 3rd November. Using Jupiterian benevolence, beam at them; inwardly bless them for giving you the chance to re-affirm your choices, because of their doubt and negative attitudes.

There?s a telepathic collective pool of lightness, healing and desire to serve others; there?s also a telepathic pool of negativity and darkness, often whipped up by some sections of the media to instigate more fear. Don?t succumb to the negative projections of others, but focus on the light, and imagine the world you would like to live in.

What you focus on grows. What you send out in the way of thought and intention, comes back to you ten-fold.

When the Sun and Jupiter are in Scorpio it signifies a time of transformation, the point in the cycle where something dies in order for the new to be born. Deep, emotional energy is available as a source of strength for the next phase, but it needs to be used wisely, as it could just be wasted in extravagance and non self-fulfilling desires.

Venus, planet of love and money, moves from fun-loving Sagittarius, into hard-working, ambitious Capricorn. Capricorn is another of those signs that is often much-maligned. It is a cardinal, earth sign, which means it?s great at initiating change, trust-worthy and sensual. There?s often a dry sense of humour too. Using this energy, emotions can be expressed with integrity but also with great warmth.

Status can often be important to someone born with Venus here too; how the outer world sees them colours how they see themselves. As they grow older and wiser, this matters less, and they see their contribution to society as something that carries more value.

Another interesting thing about people with Capricorn strong in their chart is that they generally come into their own as they get older, are happier with some mileage behind them, feel more comfortable with themselves, and actually become more youthful as their chronological age increases.

Time isn?t really linear ? it?s circular; birth, death, rebirth, round and round.

Nature is the same, and it?s sometimes helpful to remember that whatever is happening in our own lives, nature, the sun, the moon, trees and mountains, are always there.

The Celts celebrated the change from summer to winter, and the thinning of the worlds between the living, and heavenly spirits at Samhain, now usually known, and celebrated in a different way, as Hallowe?en, (Monday, 31st October).

In Celtic times, it was a celebration of peace and friendship, when warriors put their swords away for the winter months. Wouldn?t it be wonderful if weapons were put aside now, and the only kinds of warriors in sight are the spiritual kind? (you know where to come.)

Light some candles, stay warm, and enjoy the longer nights by gazing at the stars, and the ever-changing size of the Moon. If you?re in the UK, enjoy the fireworks on Guy Fawkes? night (5th November) and stay safe, if you?re in the southern hemisphere, enjoy the signs of spring!

Moon signs:
Moon in Scorpio: Monday, 1st November (7.29am GMT) ? passionate, deep, sensitive, perceptive
Moon in Sagittarius: Thursday, 3rd November (1.55pm GMT) ? fun, optimistic, questing, philosophical
Moon in Capricorn: Saturday, 5th November (6.17pm GMT) ? hard-working, practical, motivated, responsible.

Much love and blessings, Astral xx
Copyright: Sue Walker. October 2005.

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