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Part Two - Sitting on a Cloud - The Joy of Being

Column for 6th - 12th February 2006

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Having spent the weekend being more grounded, Monday, 6th, brings the opportunity to briefly lift off once more, and make yourself comfortable again, on that feathery cloud. Last week Mercury touched Neptune, enabling you to consider new ideas, thoughts and feelings; today it?s the turn of the Sun. The Sun symbolizes vitality, the heart, also to some extent, the ego. Neptune is associated with all things otherworldly, the spiritual, and brings up questions of reality and illusion. There are no boundaries with Neptune; all things seem possible. When these two get together it can manifest in many different ways, and on different levels; it may not be until after the aspect has passed that you realize what it revealed to you.

On one level, it can open doors to the spiritual, to being clairvoyant, which basically means seeing clearly. It isn?t a gift bestowed on a few; everyone has the ability to be psychic, if they choose to practice certain techniques that will open up their sixth sense.

On another level, Neptune can dissolve the ego so much that it?s difficult to function as a human being. Neptune is linked to drugs, alcohol and other means of escapism. Neptune can also befuddle, especially to do with relationships. Many of us have deluded ourselves, at one time or another, that someone is totally amazing, ?the one?, etc. only to find out this person is quite different, once we get to know them.

Sun/Neptune is also the combination associated with spiritual teachers, gurus, and others who promote another way of being, apart from the five-sensory mundane one. If you feel drawn to someone like this, bear in mind that they are human, rather than superhuman, and don?t expect them to provide you with all the answers. Teachers of all kinds are good as catalysts that lead you to the next steps you need to take, but in the end, all the answers you need are within you.

So maybe spend Monday, either on your cloud, or daydreaming in the office, considering how you combine your different beings ? the human in a spiritual body, the spirit in a human body. To be happy is to be comfortable with both sides ? living in a centred grounded way, managing the material world, but with your spirit shining through so you do this spreading light as you go. Whatever you are doing, whether it?s meditating, or doing the washing-up (or both at the same time), be aware of your attitude towards it, and do it with as much love as you can.

The Sun squares Jupiter on Monday too, adding an air of optimism and need for expansiveness. However, try and assess whether schemes do have a chance of success before investing too much money or energy in them. Read the small print on any contracts.

Also, Mercury sextiles Pluto, indicating potential to adjust your way of thinking, to work through differences of opinion with others.

Mercury, planet of communication, moves from the air-sign Aquarius into the watery mind-waves of Pisces on Thursday 9th February. There?s a shift from the natural, logical, rational way of thinking, to a way that includes the intuitive and the psychic. There is much confusion as to what psychic means. As I wrote earlier, it?s my belief we all have the potential to be psychic; in past aeons, this part of us would have been much more in evidence than it is now (although more and more people are beginning to acknowledge this part of themselves). It?s basically about a ?sixth sense? when you ?know? something is true, for that moment anyway. Being psychic doesn?t mean you know exactly how the future will unfold (although you may have an inkling; it?s more about being fully present in the moment, being conscious of how things really are around you, rather than superficial appearances, and trusting your vibes to do what feels right in that moment. It?s the ability to see into a situation rather than looking at the surface. Regarding others, it?s the ability to see into their soul, rather than making judgements about their behaviour and how they appear.

Being psychic means you see the similarities between people, rather than the differences; that you come from your heart, a place of love (co-operation and harmony), rather than from your ego, a place of fear (competition and one-up humanship).

Mercury will be in Pisces until 16th April (it goes retrograde from March 3rd ? March 26th) so will give you extra time, while you?re sitting in traffic jams, hanging around airports, to contemplate thinking outside the box, trusting that everything is unfolding according to some divine plan, much greater than you or I.

By remaining grounded, but handing over the hard stuff to unseen helpers, you can go about your day as light as a feather; maybe it?s one you brought down with you from that cloud.

Much love, Astral xx

Some of the planets? movements this week:

Monday, 6th February ? Sun conjunct Neptune ? 5.33am
Moon in Gemini ? 7.32am
Sun square Jupiter ? 6.16am
Mercury sextile Pluto ? 8.52pm
Wednesday, 8th February - Moon in Cancer ? 4.33pm
Thursday, 9th February ? Mercury in Pisces ? 1.22am
Saturday, 11th February ? Moon in Leo ? 3.44am

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