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Forecast for 13th -19th February 2006

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?High drama followed by a shift to flowing waters:
swim with the tide?, was my first title for this week?s forecast. This was describing the Full Moon in Leo square Mars, on Monday, 13th February, followed by the Sun?s annual entry into watery Pisces, on Saturday, 18th February. The whole week though is permeated with shifts and changes, some exciting, some exasperating, so it seemed simpler and more accurate to change it to what you see at the top of the column.

Although Leo is renowned for its dramatic behaviour, it is also associated with the heart; the Full Moon here stimulates the heart chakra energy, so by focusing on love, and feeling the light in your own heart, you stimulate its growth at this time. Balanced with the Aquarian Sun it enables the heart and spirit to feel a connection with all souls, and to spread this love exponentially.

A week ago the Sun conjuncted Neptune in Aquarius, an aspect of potential compassion and spirituality. This aspect is still in action, adding potency to the possibilities for healing on the feeling and spiritual level.

At a lower frequency, the possibilities are there too for delusion, disenchantment, emotional outbursts, angry displays (this full Moon is square to Mars), and it could be difficult to retain your inner balance amidst the domestic demands of others. If you can, listen to your true feelings, they may be trying to tell you something you didn?t want to admit to before.

At 4.13pm (GMT) the Moon slips into Virgo, quelling the fiery energy, and adding a common-sense practicality to emotional matters.

Tuesday, 14th February, is Valentine?s Day in the west, symbolically the day associated with love, and although Venus sextiles Jupiter today, which is great for feeling sociable and generous, it?s strongly coloured by a combination of Mercury holding hands with (conjunct) Uranus in Pisces, and the Virgo Moon standing in opposition to them. Unexpected surprises of the nice and not-so-nice kind could occur today. Unpredictability in communication, and also in how you feel, is likely. Travel plans could be put to the test.

Intuition is heightened, flashes of insight probable; it could be the day when clarity dawns as to how you really feel about someone. However, to begin with, you could feel a push-pull feeling between your head and your heart, (Moon opposite Mercury), apparent contradictions vie with one another, until you are able to synthesize them to reach a conclusion that feels true for you.

On Wednesday, 15th February, the Sun sextiles Pluto, which is great for accepting your own power, realizing that using this positively to contribute something to the world, also encourages and helps others. It?s a good time to consider how you use your power because it has a knock-on effect; the more you gently persuade and co-operate, rather than demand and coerce, the more you attract those qualities back.

As the week unfolds, the shifts increase, and tension mounts as the Sun moves into position to square Mars on Sunday, 19th February. The quality of the energy changes, from fixed and static, to mutable and flexible, as Mars moves into Gemini on Friday, 17th February, and the Sun moves into Pisces on Sunday 19th. Situations that have felt to be in ?stuck? mode for months can now change with much greater ease.

Mars has been in Taurus since 28th July 2005, which is much longer than its usual passage through a sign. It was retrograde (appearing to go backwards) from 1st October to 10th December 2005; since then it has slowly been moving forwards. Now it leaves the steady, practical, sensuous earth sign of Taurus to move into the mental, changeable air sign of Gemini.

Mars is the planet connected to the principle of assertiveness, the means you use to get what you?d like. In Gemini, you do it by talking, writing, moving around, both in your head, and physically. Those with the Sun and/or Moon in Gemini could feel more energised while Mars is here (until 14th April 2006), also more nervy, edgy, scattered and volatile.

Pisces becomes the sign under the spotlight as the Sun flows in here on Saturday, 18th February. It?s a mutable, water sign, the most fluid, and ethereal of all the zodiac signs. Pisces feels at home swimming in the realm of feelings and emotions, basking in the realms of other realities, is compassionate and sympathetic towards others, and generally loves anything which feeds the spirit and the imagination (and their escapist tendencies) ? music, art, poetry, dancing, film, photography, to name just a few.

Boundaries can be a concern for Pisces, and the more they define their own, the more they feel protected, and the less likely they are to be drained by others? negativity. The more they can ground their innate creativity, the more they can enchant the world with their talents.

Tenseness and a conflict of wills could occur on Sunday, 19th February, as the Pisces Sun squares the Gemini Mars. This uneasy combination symbolizes a dissonance between the fragile, sensitive vulnerability of the Pisces Sun, and the cool, rational, clever but cutting verbal style of the Gemini Mars.
Concentration may be difficult today; short bursts spent on different activities will be easier.

The Scorpio Moon adds a deeper feel to the day, so that although much may seem scattered on one level, intensity on the emotional level pervades the atmosphere. The more you acknowledge and surrender to whatever it is you?re feeling, the stronger you?ll feel able to stand up for yourself.

Like the willow, be flexible but strong, and all will be well. Everything in life, whether easy of difficult, brings new opportunities, so welcome any challenges this week as signs for new growth. Have a great one!

Much love, Astral xx

Some of the planetary movements this week:

Monday, 13th February ? Full Moon in Leo ? 4.44am
Moon in Virgo ?4.13pm
Tuesday, 14th February ? Moon opposite Mercury ? 11.44am
Moon opposite Uranus ? 12.16pm
Venus sextile Jupiter ? 1.25pm
Mercury conjunct Uranus ? 3.33pm
Wednesday, 15th February ? Sun sextile Pluto ?2.41am
Thursday, 16th February ? Moon in Libra- 5.09am
Friday, 17th February ? Mars in Gemini ? 10.44pm
Saturday, 18th February ? Moon in Scorpio ? 5.11pm
Sun in Pisces ? 7.26pm
Sunday, 20th February - Sun square Mars ? 3.33pm

All times are GMT ? notice all the ?master? numbers in the above times ? 11,33,44. Interesting.

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