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Know like Water

forecast for 20th - 26th February

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The Sun, ever-present source of light, Mercury the winged messenger, and Uranus the cosmic awakener, are all moving through Pisces, a mutable water sign, symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This symbol encompasses duality; also continuum, and transcendence.

The Pisces vibration is an emotional, watery one, dwelling easily in streams and rivers, flowing and changing shape, and sometimes its course, but nevertheless keeping true to its essence. The essence is that of the Tao; it goes beyond the superficial duality of the two fish that swim this way and that, hither and thither, to that state of heart, mind and soul, that place of peace and bliss, which is enduring. Many Pisces are seekers of this place, and use many different ways to try and find it: music, poetry, art, drink, drugs, spirituality, to name a few.

The Sun is here for a month, softening the solar yang energy, encouraging a way of being that is creative and compassionate, looking deep into the stream rather than just the light dancing upon the surface, beautiful though that is.

Mercury, the small planet with the important mission of dealing with communications of all kinds is meandering through Pisces now, swimming forwards until March 2nd, then doing an about turn like the other fish, moving against the flow until the 25th March, then flicking its tail and turning forwards again until it reaches Aries on April 16th.

Uranus entered Pisces in 2003 and will be there until 2010, so is moving at a much more leisurely pace; this is the planet associated with intuition, sudden awakenings, and ?eureka? moments. Take these three planets together and you have a time for a potential break-through, especially on the sixth-sensory level. The sixth-sensory level is the psychic level, a place that lies dormant within many of us for years, due to social, or other inhibiting factors, such as the ego; talking so loud it drowns out the quieter wiser voice of the higher self.

Now is a great time to gently tap yourself on the third eye (between the eyebrows), which is linked to this part of you, and give yourself a wake-up call.

Trusting the Tao and yourself, having faith that there is a divine plan, that the universe is essentially benevolent, meditation, affirmations, are all ways to tune in to your sixth sense. If you start having periods where you just ?know? you?re in a good place, synchronicities proliferate, hunches pan out, life becomes easier, happier, and you feel less anxious, you know the decisions you have made are the right ones. If the reverse happens, listen to that inner voice, and think again.

With five or six (depending on the Moon sign) planets in mutable signs, which are the flexible, adaptable ones, it?s much easier now to make changes, in your mind and heart, than it was a few weeks, or even a few months ago. Last week Mars entered Gemini, which will cause friction with the Pisces planets, but maybe a necessary friction, one that will lead, after some debate, to dissolution, or resolution.
Anything that goes now may need to, so that space is created for something new to flow in.

Like a floating reed trying to establish itself in the riverbed, the new may take a while to become stable, may need to find some comfortable ?rocks? in the shape of dependable, supportive people, to hold and anchor while roots develop. Venus is still in Capricorn until 5th March, and symbolizes help and love from those who have been on this planet for some time, who?ve had a chance to accumulate some wisdom.

Overlaying these qualities, which permeate the next few weeks, are some more transitory aspects. Monday, 20th February is expansive mentally and emotionally, as Mercury trines Jupiter, and the Moon conjuncts it, then trines Mercury and sextiles Venus. This is definitely a feel-good day, with optimism and good humour to the fore.
The Scorpio Moon adds a passionate tone too which should be indulged if at all possible.

Tuesday is quite different, with the fiery, independent Sagittarius Moon at odds with the gentle Piscean Sun, and also opposite Mars. There?s a push/pull feeling between how you feel and what you want to do, and it?s quite likely to make you feel tetchy. Go and do something physical, on your own if possible; it?ll ground any dissonant mental and emotional energy that?s in the air today. Arguments and tense times could happen unless you?re aware, put up the protection, and refuse to get hooked in.

Wednesday is dreamier, with a Moon/Neptune sextile, although the square to Mercury at 6.17pm (GMT) may mean there?s discord between how you feel and how you express it.

The Moon moves into earthy, practical Capricorn on Thursday, and helps to ground any creative ideas. Communications are friendly and loving today, as Mercury sextiles Venus.

The lunar energy is benignly expansive and exciting on Friday 24th February, with the Moon sextiling Uranus and Jupiter. The Moon/Venus conjunction just after midnight on Friday/Saturday is wonderfully loving time, coupled with a sextile to Mercury, which enables thoughts to flow easily.

Just after the opening minutes of ?School for Warriors 3?, the Moon moves into Aquarius, encouraging a spirit of innovation and connectedness. There?s a growing harmonious energy between the Moon and Mars for most of the day (exact at 4.33pm), when mind and emotions work together, and much learning (they are both in mental air signs) can take place, to be followed by an opposition of Saturn at 7.23pm, when there could be a conflict of interests between the heart and duty/obligations, and probably sadness, as the physical cohesiveness of the group fades.

Nevertheless, happily, I know the spirit of it all will live on, as the Moon conjuncts Neptune on Sunday, 26th February, imbuing the day with a dream-like quality, and the inclination to follow the imagination where it wants to lead. It is a day of reflection, a time to sink into that mellow feeling and sense of wonder, that ?school for warriors? has always left me with so far.

Lots of love, and hope to see you there, Astral xx

Some of the heavenly body movements this week:
Monday, 20th February ? Mercury trine Jupiter ? 4.03am
Moon conjunct Jupiter ? 5.14am
Moon trine Mercury ? 5.23am
Moon sextile Venus ? 10.03am
Tuesday, 21st February ? Moon in Sagittarius ? 2.38am
Moon opposite Mars ? 5.40am
Wednesday, 22nd February ? Moon sextile Neptune ? 11.06am
Moon square Mercury ? 6.17pm
Thursday, 23rd February ? Moon in Capricorn ? 8.16am
Moon sextile Sun ? 4.42pm
Mercury sextile Venus ? 10.16pm
Friday, 24th February- Moon sextile Uranus ? 1.58am
Moon sextile Jupiter ? 3.53am
Saturday, 25th February ? Moon conjunct Venus ? 0.22am
Moon sextile Mercury ? 0.58am
Moon in Aquarius ? 10.14am
Moon opposite Saturn ? 7.23pm
Sunday, 26th February ? Moon conjunct Neptune ? 3.05pm

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