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New Moon in Pisces and the Great Awakener

forecast for 27th February - 5th March 2006

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Picture a tranquil sea with a distant horizon, sense the rhythm of the ebb and flow of the tides, feel the infinite possibilities that could now unfold if you surrender to the inevitable cycle of emptiness and full-ness, listen to your intuition and live out its guidance, feeling harmony within, in mind, heart and belly, and you get an inkling of what the new moon in Pisces is about.

A bolt of Uranian lightning illuminates the sky and the sea, a sign of high-voltage energy infusing the scene with something unexpected and potentially miraculous.

The Great Awakener is another name for Uranus, planet of disruption, change, surprises. These sometimes emerge from a flash of intuitive insight, and grow into a change of consciousness, which then leads to living a different way, and maybe pursuing a different course. This planet, with its affiliation to the universal mind, often makes us aware of something that had been lying just beneath the surface of consciousness.

On Monday, 27th February, the Moon moves into sensitive Pisces, and in the early hours of Tuesday 28th, merges with the Sun, and Uranus. This has to be the most potent New Moon for moving into a new phase, whether it?s on an individual level (this would be so particularly for those with birthdays on, or around this date), or a collective one. However you can all tap into this energy, and use it to begin a new cycle that will feed your soul.

It may take time to emerge, as this is a seeding time, when the shoot may be just emerging above the ground, but the structure, colour and strength of the plant have yet to reach fruition. Enjoy the process, take it slowly and meditatively, sink into it, and be aware of signs around you, especially those that highlight where your boundaries are in life, and notice if you have a desire to break through or widen these. Neptune, ruler of Pisces, likes to roam through time and space, unencumbered by restriction; Uranus seeks progress through rearranging, and revolutionising the qualities of the sign involved, in this case, Pisces.

The sign of the fishes is subtle, elusive, imaginative and changeable, and is at home swimming in the realm of the emotions. The natural expression of this new moon would be in the world of moods and feelings, where new ways of accepting and acknowledging these, without any imposed conditions by parents, society, etc. enable people to become more comfortable with their true self, harmonising and uniting all levels of this self with the feeling of love.

There?s the potential here too to form relationships with people that are based on soul-connection, that by-pass all the ego games and agendas, and reach that stage of true relationship, appreciating each others? individuality, sharing a synergy which takes it all that stage further and deeper.

As you can see from below, there is an inordinate amount of activity happening with the heavenly bodies; however it doesn?t feel right to overload you with every little detail, just to give you an overall view to have alongside the new moon energy.

The densest, heaviest aspect is a square between Mercury, planet of communication, and Pluto, planet of revelation and transformation. This aspect has been gaining power since mid-February, and is exact on Tuesday, 28th, and 4th March. Why twice? It?s that time again for Mercury to go retrograde, which it does, on Thursday, 2nd March. This could be a week of intense communications, introspection, followed by secrets coming to light, the truth revealed, (then maybe more introspection). Some will feel inclined to be overly persuasive and coercive in trying to get their view across. It?s a time for considering your opinions and feelings, before opening your mouth, or putting fingers on the keyboard, and then communicating these in as kind a way as possible, especially if you are trying to instigate change that will not be accepted readily by others.

(On the political front, there could be changes within the Labour Party (it has a Piscean Sun chart, as does Gordon Brown).

Mercury is retrograde until 25th March; this usually means communications of all kinds can go awry, so plan accordingly, and see it as the universe having a bit of fun with you, encouraging you to take a few detours, that may open up new vistas. I say this because Mercury is trining Jupiter through most of this journey in reverse, suggesting optimism, an ability to see the positive side of life, a broadening and expansiveness of the mind, which could lead to wonderful possibilities in the future.

On Saturday, 4th March, Jupiter, planet of growth and philosophy, turns retrograde too (until July 6th), symbolizing a time when inner journeys may have more significance than outer ones.

Be aware of all subtle nuances this week; the new moon can bring gifts you hadn?t expected. Use no more than four ounces of pressure in all your dealings, and you may find a door opening into a world that brings you delight and new hope.

Warmest love, Astral xx

Some of the planetary aspects this busy week (there are more!):
Monday, 27th February ? Moon in Pisces ? 9.56am
Tuesday, 28th February ? New Moon in Pisces - 0.32am
Moon conjunct Uranus ? 2.40am
Mercury square Pluto ? 2.44pm
Mars sextile Saturn ? 6.20pm
Mercury sextile Venus ? 10.07pm
Wednesday, 1st March ? Moon in Aries ? 9.19am
Sun conjunct Uranus ? 11.02am
Thursday, 2nd March ? Mercury goes retrograde (appearing to go backwards) ? 8.29pm
Friday, 3rd March ? Moon in Taurus ? 10.22am
Saturday, 4th March ? Jupiter goes retrograde ? 6.03pm
Mercury square Pluto ? 10.21pm
Sunday, 5th March ? Venus in Aquarius ? 8.39am
Moon in Gemini ? 2.38pm

NB All times are GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

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