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a week of many moods - be true to yourself

forecast for 6th - 12th March 2006

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An interesting, multi-faceted seven days unfolds, and taking you through it means leading you along several pathways. As always, the Moon, the nurturing, mood-filled protectress encircling the earth, moving faster than anything else, imbues the week with a cornucopia of energies, as she dances with some of the other heavenly bodies.

Venus moved into Aquarius last Sunday, 5th March, changing the general tone of how love will be expressed over the next few weeks, from an earthy, practical one, to a cool, friendly but detached one. Aquarius, despite having the symbol of a water-carrier, belongs to the air element, and this element is most at home in the realm of the mind, rationality being its forte. The Moon went into Gemini, another air sign, last Sunday too, so the week begins with responsive Moon, and relating Venus, expressing themselves in quite a cerebral, non-emotional way (which could be highly irritating to some). Mercury, ruler of Gemini and Virgo, is now retrograde, so communications are subject to about-turns, detours, tangentially disappearing up dark alleys, and going off in unexpected directions.

Having said that, on the emotional level, Monday, 6th March has a volatile, edgy, unpredictable quality to it, with the Moon conjuncting Mars, squaring Uranus, and the Sun. Weighing up the value of different priorities, whether within yourself, or between you and another, may cause conflict and unsettledness.

Tuesday, 7th March is another potentially restless day, as the Moon squares Mercury, and opposes Pluto. Difficulties may arise when you try to uncover the truth about some matter. It could be something you?re grappling with on an inner level; your mind may be saying one thing, and your heart another. On the other hand, it could be that someone is not being straight, or honest with you. Telling the truth, first to yourself, then to others, however hard, will cut through negativity, indecisiveness, inner conflicting voices, and put you in a good place to handle the opposition to Pluto.

To give you an idea of the frequency of these lunar aspects, conjunctions and oppositions with the slower-moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), happen once every lunar month, squares and trines twice a month (this doesn?t apply sometimes if the planet is retrograde).

Opportunities arise at these times; the Moon/Pluto one is connected to transformation of the feelings, and changes on the home front. It can be a compulsive aspect, when you feel drawn to someone, or doing something that doesn?t feel rational.

If you can step back, you may become aware of something not previously noticed, and this can lead you to having a breakthrough on an emotional, heart level. On a practical note, I have found this opposition great for de-cluttering: attitudes and outworn habits, as well as material goods, as sentimentality is lessened at this time. It fulfils Pluto?s need to dispose of something, create space, in mind, or physical reality, so that something new can enter.

Symbolically, it?s good psychologically, as by doing this on an outer level, you are shifting something inside too (see the Doc?s wonderful columns on the bins). Pluto is linked with the sign Scorpio, and those with this prominent in their chart (especially Sun, Moon, Venus) can feel especially happy doing this, as they usually quite enjoy the whole birth/death/rebirth cycle.

A light, expansive, warm feel permeates the next couple of days, as the Cancerian Moon trines Uranus, and opens doors to new discoveries. Intuition is heightened, and there is an air of excitement coupled with caring thoughtfulness and kindness.

Thursday, 9th is the best day of the week, as the Sun and Moon are in harmony, as are the Moon and Mercury (the mind and heart now in synchronicity); it is also overflowing with the jovial, benevolent energy of Jupiter, trining the Moon and the Sun. The feel-good factor is running high today, as optimism, and a philosophical approach imbue new plans for the future with a faith that will help to manifest them positively.

If you feel inclined, write yourself a wish list; it could include what you would like in your life, qualities you?d like to develop, material things you?d like to acquire (Jupiter is the planet associated with abundance of all kinds), and don?t forget how you?d like the world to evolve too. A gratitude list is another idea, where you write out all the things you have in your life now (as I write this, mine would include true friends, log fires and warm radiators), as this tends to attract in more things to be grateful for (although that?s not the reason for doing it). It doesn?t have to be grand, even though Jupiter veers towards overdoing it sometimes.

The mood changes again on Friday, 10th March, as the Moon enters Leo, conjuncts Saturn, and opposes Venus. This is a moon that wants to be noticed, but it?s feeling inhibited in expressing how it feels; there?s also the impression that others, especially women, aren?t as supportive as they could be, in some circumstances.

The Venus opposition to Saturn has been building all week, as has Mars square Uranus; they both become exact on Saturday, 11th March. The Leo Moon opposes Neptune late in the day, adding a cloak of nebulousness to the already tense atmosphere.

Relationships are under the spotlight here, and it?s time to take a cool, clear look at what is going on in your closest ones. Disappointments, emotional coolness, finding a balance between duty and how you feel, are issues that could surface. Also, as Venus is connected to financial matters too, you could find yourself looking at these to see how you can improve them.

In either case, Saturn urges you to prune back anything that isn?t working, whether it?s in the area of relationships or money. It isn?t a time to gloss over difficulties, to pretend you feel something you don?t, or to agree to living conditions that you sense will restrict you uncomfortably. It is very much a time to feel true to yourself, to be with people where you can be this, or with that kindred spirit who uplifts, inspires and supports you. If they make you laugh too, that?s even better.

On the same day, Mars squaring Uranus will encourage rashness, impulsiveness, and some may find they can no longer hold back from taking action that frees them from some situation that has been a source of limitation. All I?d say is ?look before you leap?, and once you?ve done that, if you can see a safe landing place, jump.

Sunday, 12th is energetically quieter, and with the Moon trining Pluto, and the Sun conjuncting Mercury in Pisces, it would be a good day for pooling ideas, interesting conversations, and a day to look within to see how you would like to change, so you can express how you feel more authentically.

Some of the planetary aspects this week, and a note on Sunday, 5th March.

A reminder that the Moon is in its waxing phase, Venus went into Aquarius, and the Moon went into Gemini (2.38pm),
on Sunday, 5th March (8.39am)

Monday, 6th March ? Moon conjunct Mars ?5.54am
Moon square Uranus ? 10.45am
Moon square Sun ? 8.16pm
Tuesday, 7th March ? Moon square Mercury ? 1.34pm
Moon opposite Pluto ? 4.09pm
Moon in Cancer ? 10.38pm
Wednesday, 8th March ? Moon trine Uranus ? 8.17pm
Thursday, 9th March ? Moon trine Sun ? 11.16am
Moon trine Jupiter ? 11.26am
Sun trine Jupiter ? 1.14pm
Moon trine Mercury ? 8.41pm
Friday, 10th March ? Moon in Leo ?9.42am
Moon opposite Venus ? 6.43pm
Moon conjunct Saturn ? 7.41pm
Saturday, 11th March ? Venus opposite Saturn ? 7.31am
Mars square Uranus ? 4.49pm
Moon opposite Neptune ? 11.04pm
Moon square Jupiter ? 11.36pm
Sunday, 12th March ? Sun conjunct Mercury ? 2.44am
Moon trine Pluto ? 3.38pm
Moon into Virgo ? 10.24pm

Much love, Astral xx
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