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The Big T - Transition

Forecast for 13th - 19th March 2006

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The main astrological event this week is a full moon eclipse, in Virgo, on Tuesday, 14th March (11.35pm GMT). Coincidentally, an exciting happening of a different kind, Barefoot Doctor?s premier performance of the Travelling Medicine Show, in Salford, near Manchester, happens an hour or two before this lunar eclipse, so do go and see him if you can. It?ll be extremely special.

A full moon lights up the sky every four weeks, casting beams of awareness on to thoughts, and feelings, that have been growing in your consciousness. The beams may be intermittently light and dark, and it may take time for clarity to dawn. Life is a process, with the only certainty being that fluctuations and changes happen, at the speed, if you surrender to it, which is right for you.

Pluto, planet linked to transformation and the never-ending cycle of birth, death, rebirth, is a potent force in the full moon line-up. This is also the planet associated with power and control. The Moon/Pluto exact square occurs just after the full moon (4.33am Wednesday 15th), and the Sun/Pluto square on Friday, 17th 11.07am). Basically the energy is around until this point, although the fall-out could last for weeks, or months.

Eclipses have an extra-ordinary, unpredictable, Uranian feel to them, and have the potential to be major turning-points. As the contradictions of the opposing signs are highlighted, there can be a sudden change of heart, or direction, as a resolution is sought to go beyond the differences, to reach a feeling of unity, of being at one with the Tao. Unexpected happenings can occur, which can leave you feeling off-balance, until you have re-adjusted, and re-centred, especially if this eclipse is affecting a planet in your birth-chart (by conjunction, opposition, or square). The feelings have probably been building for the last month, and could continue until the next lunar eclipse (September 7th).

There are two main issues then that are magnified at this time. One is that change is inevitable (if you have your birth-chart look to see what areas of your life it?s affecting): because a square is involved, that often means that some circumstance, or someone else?s behaviour, or actions, propel you into making the necessary change. It could be an attitudinal adjustment; it could be a significant shift in outer circumstances. The more willing you are to see the truth and reality, the less open you are to being affected detrimentally by others.

Full Moons heighten the emotions, and anything that helps to ground you, (being outside, feeling the connection to the planet, walking, tai chi, etc.), can bring you back to centre, calm the emotions so you are able to look more closely at what they?re telling you. It?s important to acknowledge whatever it is you?re feeling, not try to suppress it, and be kind to yourself.

The other issue under the magnifying glass is that of control, and may be linked to the above. If you adhere to the belief that you create your own reality, use this time to make transitions to a state where you feel a sense of inner power, not there to manipulate, or force yourself on to others, but so your light can shine brighter. Your inner voltage can surge powerfully, and illuminate the darkness others? may be feeling, and so help to heal them.

Observe the energy around the time of the eclipse, and use it as a time to become clear about intentions and profound choices, yet at the same time feeling responsive to what the Tao suggests is the best way forward for you.

It?s the last week of the annual solar passage through Pisces, as next week it enters Aries, on the 20th March, the Spring Equinox, (or autumnal equinox for those of you in the southern hemisphere). This is one of those magical turning-points in the year, and a sense of the incoming change can often be felt. Enjoy the last week of the gentle, whimsical, Piscean solar energy.

Mercury retrograde trines Jupiter on Tuesday, 14th. Mercury is still widely linked to the Sun, and the harmonious, optimistic thinking of this aspect enables any communication glitches to be ironed out with a smile, and a philosophical twinkle in the eye. It?ll help too to dissipate any heaviness that may accompany the full moon.

Jupiter squares Neptune on Thursday, 16th March. When these two aspect each other, the tendency is to believe absolutely anything is possible, even when the facts plainly say otherwise. It?s a good time to have a reality-check, look at which dreams have a solid foundation, and allow the frothy ones to evaporate.

If you can combine fantastic speculation and vision with common-sense groundedness, not spread yourself too thin, so you have enough focus and energy, you can move through this relatively easily.

If however, you find yourself in an untenable position, and one that just doesn?t intuitively feel right, Friday, 17th?s Sun/Pluto square could prompt you to make some significant change.

The Moon is in Scorpio for the weekend, imbuing it with an intense, emotional vibe. Pisces Mercury squares Gemini Mars on Sunday, 19th March. There could be verbal jousting, or much venting of the spleen. Opinions could be expressed forcefully causing upset; think before you speak would be a good maxim today. The Moon/ Mercury trine softens this somewhat, and will help you to engage your heart, so that anything you need to express hopefully will include some sensitivity to the others? feelings.

Some of the activities of the heavenly bodies:

Sunday, 12th March ? Moon in Virgo ? 10.24pm
Monday, 13th March ? Moon opposite Uranus - 9.37pm
Tuesday, 14th March ? Mercury trine Jupiter ? 9.10pm
Full Moon Eclipse ? 11.35pm
(24 degrees Virgo)
Wednesday, 15th March ? Moon square Pluto ? 4.33am
Moon in Libra ?11.12am
Thursday, 16th March ? Jupiter square Neptune ? 7.05am
Friday, 17th March ? Sun square Pluto ? 11.07am
Moon in Scorpio ? 10.59pm
Sunday, 19th March ? Mercury square Mars ? 1.09am

Good luck for the 14th Stevey Boy Russell, may your tantiens shine brightly, and the watchful fox, benefactor, and phat controller, guide you on your way,

Much love to you all , Astral xx

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