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forecast for 20th - 26th March 2006

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Just as a gate symbolizes the passing from one place to another, so this week sees us passing from one season to the next. The Spring Equinox, (or autumnal if you are a penguin or live in the southern hemisphere), is one of the four major tuning-points in the year, and is celebrated by many, to welcome in new, vibrant energy.

Writing ?tuning points? rather than ?turning points?, by a slip of the fingers, I realised they are these as well, because equinoxes tend to be a time when action has already begun, the year is taking shape, yet this can be a time of refinement, transition and mutation, when a gear-change can help to propel you speedily on your way to becoming who you want to be. It?s a time of changing the pace: action, movement, engaging in life.

This is a time, astronomically speaking, when the feminine, receptive yin energy and masculine, active yang energy are in perfect balance, in the sense that this midpoint between the solstices brings days and nights of equal lengths all over the planet.

?As above, so below?, it?s a perfect time to look reflectively at that balance within too, to note any tendencies to swing one way or another, and to consider ways to restore equilibrium.

The Sun enters the cardinal, fire sign of Aries on Monday, 20th March, at 6.26pm, heralding in the Spring (or Autumn in the southern hemisphere) with a rush of enthusiastic, impulsive, headstrong energy to enable the new season to get off to an exciting beginning, full of hope and promise.

Solar energy shifts from empathetic, receptive Pisces, to decisive, assertive, active Aries.

Aries is symbolic of prime yang energy, one that flows directly, clearly and confidently (literally ?with faith?), towards the target in focus. It can be adventurous, self-centred, impulsive, impatient and competitive. Aries usually know what they want, and tend to go for it single-mindedly. They have an urge to make things happen, (can?t handle being still very well), and become irritable if life is too slow. Those with Aries strong in their charts have a wonderful, simple confidence that they can achieve whatever they put their minds to; their pioneering spirit leads them to places no-one has been before. Excellent at initiating projects, they sometimes find it hard to sustain the enthusiasm, and may need to develop strategies for themselves to keep going, as the ?new? is always more exciting for them. ?I can? is a fitting affirmation for Aries.

Accompanying the fiery Aries on Monday is a complementary Moon in Sagittarius, also a fire sign. The working week begins on a vibrant, colourful note, one that hopefully will have you leaping out of bed in anticipation of innovative, exciting possibilities. Saturn on Leo harmonises with the Sun and Moon, as the equinox occurs, adding a calming, steady influence to this exuberant pair. The energy here is creative and warm, progressive and expansive, dancing flames rather than a bush fire.

A Capricorn Moon adds a practical, productive note on Wednesday, 22nd (3.36pm), which resonates through Thursday and Friday, until the evening. Thursday is an excellent day for work; it could be buzzing with positive, innovative ideas, which can be used to manifest some magic in your life.

The overall tone for this week is a harmonious and idealistic one; co-operation in relationships helps rapport to build. The weekend sees the strengthening of these feelings of understanding and congeniality, when Mars trines Neptune on Saturday, and Venus conjuncts Neptune on Sunday (preceding Venus trine Mars on Monday, 27th).

Saturday is the busiest day astrologically; the Moon moved into Aquarius on Friday night (7.21pm), and this flavours the whole weekend with the spirit of friendliness and bonhomie. The Sun trines Saturn at 7.03am, and the steady but fiery energy of this should help temper any extravagance emanating from the Venus/Jupiter square, at 12.09pm.

Sociable gatherings of all kinds will be fun, and as Mercury slowly starts to move forwards (at 1.43pm), you may find your way to the action is effortless and without hiccups. This is a weekend for love, pleasure and creativity ? enjoy!

Mars/Neptune is compassionate, selfless, and creative. Feelings of well-being increase as energy is shared with others. As both these planets (and Venus) are in air signs, the ?action? is likely to take place in the realm of thoughts and ideas, which are then expressed sympathetically.

Humanitarian ideals loom large with these aspects; hopefully, alongside personal feelings of happiness, there will be thoughts for others, resulting in a tidal wave of giving to those less fortunate, both in your neighbourhood, and in other parts of the world.

You may see many walking around with rose-coloured glasses this week, as they look around, and see beauty everywhere. Sunday sees Venus holding hands with Neptune, both in Aquarius. At its highest level, Venus/Neptune is symbolic of unconditional love, which goes beyond the realm of romance (although this may feature too), to that place where hearts connect across the universe, without any constrictions of space and time.

At its lowest level, it can symbolize illusion and deception, not seeing someone clearly, and being disappointed as a result. Projection is prevalent now, so try to be as honest with yourself as you can about expectations, especially when looking with others.

Clarity can clear confusion, and telling the truth faster, first to yourself, leads to living more freely, and lightly, and to more honest relationships.

There is some wonderful, fresh energy around this week; use it wisely and with generosity. Feel the shift in nature, the rampant growth, and bursting forth happening around you and within you. Walk, skip, or jump through that gate now.

Wishing you all an exhilarating equinox (don?t forget to breathe),
much love, Astral xx

Some of the dances of the heavenly bodies:

Monday, 20th March ? Moon in Sagittarius ? 8.43am
Sun in Aries ? 6.26pm ? the equinox
Wednesday, 22nd March ? Moon in Capricorn ? 3.36pm
Thursday, 23rd March ? Moon sextile Uranus ? 12.36pm
Moon sextile Mercury ? 3.02pm
Moon sextile Jupiter ? 11.30pm
Friday, 24th March ? Moon in Aquarius ? 7.21pm
Saturday, 25th March ? Sun trine Saturn ? 7.03am
Venus square Jupiter ? 12.09am
Mercury stationary ? going forwards 1.43pm
Mars trine Neptune ? 1.52pm
Sunday, 26th March ? Venus conjunct Neptune ? 7.30am BST
Moon in Pisces ? 9.33pm BST

NB. In the UK, clocks go forward in the early hours of Sunday, 26th March.
All times up to and including Saturday, 25th March are GMT. British Summer Time (BST) begins on Sunday, 26th March.

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