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Creative Combinations and a Solar Eclipse

forecast for 27th March - 2nd April 2006

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Visualize scented, climbing, cup-shaped pink roses intertwined with delicate, fragrant, deep pink sweet-peas, listen to your favourite sounds, eat your favourite food, contact friends you love, indulge your senses, and seek pleasure as the week begins, enjoying the creative, sexy combination of Aquarian Venus trining Gemini Mars, on Monday, 27th March.

The feminine, yin Venus energy playfully engages with the masculine, yang, Mars energy. Take the day off if you can, and do something creative that lifts your spirits, and if you do have to work, hopefully you?ll find an hour or two in the evening to do something inspiring, physically, mentally and/or emotionally.

Venus and Mars are both in Air signs, the element linked to thoughts and ideas, so the sensuality, potential flirtatiousness, and dancing between woman and man may be expressed in words rather than actions.

Creatively though, this is a dynamic duo, which can help you to expand innovative ideas in any project you may be developing. Taking those first, tentative steps can put you on an interesting path, leading to shaping your ideas, by writing, drawing, painting, doodling, designing, composing. Let it flow, and see what comes up.

Also on Monday, the Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus and Mercury, emphasizing the potent possibilities for bright ideas; intuition is easily accessed at this time.

Emotionally, it could be a bit erratic, either because of the company you find yourself in, or because plans need to be changed at the last minute.

Interestingly, and to demonstrate it really is all yin and yang, alternately easy and challenging, the lunar aspects on Tuesday, 28th, indicate tension and power-plays. There could be feelings ranging from superficial irritation and anger, to something that has been smouldering deeply for some time, now needing to surface so it can be dealt with.

In the UK, the new moon in Aries, which also happens to be an eclipse, is at 11.15am, so watch the energy around the time you?re having your tea/coffee break. Eclipses are interesting phenomena, and belong to different families or cycles, known as the Saros (means repetition, or to be repeated) Series, which last for approximately 18 years, and 11 days. I?m wondering what will happen, as I became a mother the last time around. I think that?s unlikely this time; maybe I?ll be giving birth to something else.

If you?re interested, look back, and once this one has passed (give it a few weeks, maybe months), see if you can see a repeated theme of any kind; also if your attitude has changed towards it. There?s usually a ?wild card? element with eclipses, and although they can be stressful (the lunar one a couple of weeks ago certainly was intense in several ways for me), they can also reveal a hidden problem.

At the time of a solar eclipse, light is blocked out; as it moves away, light is available again. Paradoxically, meditating at the time of the eclipse may illumine what it is you feel in the dark about.

Once you?ve given it a name, it?s easier to dissipate any fear or negativity you feel about it. If you know your chart, you can see what area of your life it?s likely to be linked with.

For this eclipse, there is a narrow band, from Brazil, across the Atlantic, North Africa, Turkey, central Asia, through to Western Mongolia, where it will be total, and places either side, in the Moon?s broader penumbral shadow, where it will be seen as a partial one.

By the 4thcentury B.C., those clever Babylonians, watching the sky with avid interest, were the first to recognise eclipses belonged to families, or cycles, that they had, like a good story, a beginning, a middle, and an end, and that they generally run for 12 ? 13 centuries, (and include over 70 eclipses). In the amazing scheme of things, this eclipse belongs to Saros Series 8 North, which began in 1501, and ends in 2763.

Recent years that are in this particular cycle are: 1916, 1934, 1952, 1970 and 1988. The next two are 2024, and 2042. Many thanks to the NASA Image Gallery, for the photo at the top of the column, and to Bernadette Brady, whose book ?the Eagle and the Lark? contains much information on eclipses.

About Saros Series 8 North, she writes,
?Inventiveness and flashes of genius are the hallmark of this Saros Series. The individual will have intuitive leaps, insights, good ideas, visions or vivid dreams. This new-found inspiration will pull the person away from his or her social or relationship, thereby causing strain in the private life. This is a time when the person needs to be free, if only for a few weeks.?
Food for thought, eh? If you find this resonating, it would be great if you could post something in Astral?s Star Bar, in the Forum.

Moving on now, to a planet undiscovered, (as far as we know), by the Babylonians. Imagine a snail, with a planet rather than a spiral on its back, recognise it as Pluto, the slowest moving planet known so far.

Pluto has realised the tastiest shoots are in the vegetable patch he?s just frequented, so he?s doing an about turn and retrograding back there for the summer, until the 5th September, just before the next lunar eclipse. He knows new growth is about to emerge, and he wants to be on the spot to enjoy it.

However, a battle emerges here, as pesky Pluto thwarts the plants that are trying to grow. It may be harder to manifest the changes you want to at this time; I feel patience is the key, and a trust in the Tao that the timing for unfolding and developing new projects, relationships, ways of life, etc. is right, even if it feels slow. Inner changes may need to be refined, the root system may need to become stronger and more resilient, so that it has a really secure foundation, grounded in, and supported by the earth, and having a good chance of coping with any challenges that ensue.

Lovely, lunar aspects make Thursday, 30th March a positive, warm day, imbuing it with a feeling of being able to express emotions easily, to instigate changes gently but firmly, without ruffling too many feathers. Venus sextiles Pluto on Sunday 2nd, which is great for doing the same.

It?s a good time to clarify how you feel generally, both about yourself and others, and deal with any problems now, as the energy of the upcoming Gemini Mars opposite Sagittarian Pluto (April 8th, but you may be beginning to feel it this week) won?t be as gentle ? more like demolition man or woman. (Don?t worry unduly ? it passes quite quickly, but life may not be the same for some.)

Enjoy the week, and have fun!

Much love, Astral xx

Some of the movements of the celestial bodies this week:

Sunday, 26th March ? Moon in Pisces ?9.33pm
Monday, 27th March ? Venus trine Mars ? 3.41am
Moon conjunct Uranus ? 5.05pm
Moon conjunct Mercury ? 7.02pm
Tuesday, 28th March ? Moon square Mars ? 6.13am
Moon square Pluto ? 4.20pm
Moon in Aries ? 9.31pm
Wednesday, 29th March ? New Moon/ Solar Eclipse ? 11.15am
Pluto stationary/retrograde ? 1.39pm
Thursday, 30th March ? Moon sextile Neptune ? 4.09am
Moon sextile Mars ? 8.15am
Moon sextile Venus ? 10.44am
Moon trine Pluto ? 4.41pm
Moon in Taurus ? 10.01pm
Sunday, 2nd April ? Moon in Gemini ? 0.49am
Venus sextile Pluto ? 11.35pm
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