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softness and hardness

forecast for 3rd - 9th April 2006

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In ?The Tao of Relationships?, Ray Grigg writes, ?be held by hardness but rely on softness. Hardness is self that defines and limits; softness is not-self that opens and allows.
Created by hardness, quarrels are resolved by softness.
In streams, water finds its way beyond every stone.?

Astrologically, the softness is evoked by Venus? entry into Pisces, on Thursday, 6th April, where it is said to be exalted, because the finest qualities of Venus can often seen as it passes through this sign. Compassion and unconditional love flow like a gentle stream following its way to the Source. It?s the place to find comfort and solace, and is an eternal sanctuary of Love.

Feelings flow fluidly, like a fish flicking its tail this way and that, as Pisces is a mutable, water sign, and will change and adapt as water shapes itself to fit in with boundaries: continental landmasses, or riverbanks of the smallest stream.

The hardness comes from the Gemini Mars opposition Pluto in Sagittarius, on Saturday, 8th April. Some people, who know something of astrology, may quake a little when they see this one, and it?s been building the last couple of weeks. (I referred to it as the ?demolition man/woman aspect last week).

I?d like to issue a gentle reminder that planets don?t ?do? anything; they highlight the kind of energy around at any particular time. If they make a strong contact with your birth-chart, they give you opportunities to test how you are faring at expressing these energies in the highest way for you, at that stage in your life, and also make you aware of how others may be acting at this time.

Life is a classroom and a playground; certain transits allow you to see how you?re doing, and what you need to develop.
Sometimes it seems fate is out of our hands; at others, it feels like we are very much in control of our destinies. Fate or freewill is an ongoing debate; no one can solve the mystery fully.

I see both playing a part. It?s up to you to make certain choices that then lead to certain outcomes, but sometimes others act in a way that it feels like they are blocking your path, that then propels you in having to decide how to react to them (even if it?s taking up the stance of non-action), and maybe alter the course you had decided on. Mars/Pluto is one aspect where you may find this happening. Other people or circumstances being such that something gives. The signs involved are mutable ones, which means people are generally more willing to adapt and be flexible, to consider other options. If this had fallen in fixed signs, the deadlock could have been prolonged.

One of the wonderful things about astrology is that you can apply the ?fore-warned is fore-armed? theory. Be in control of the situation as much as you can, but be aware and conscious of what others might be doing. If you aren?t sure about what you?re feeling (Pluto can be subconscious and subversive), check how your body is feeling. It is a trustworthy barometer of what is good for your spirit (rather than your ego, which will fight for control). If you?re feeling physically uncomfortable, chances are you?re in a situation that needs sorting in some way.

There is a lot of physical energy involved in this combination. If you find yourself in a heated situation, it may be necessary to temporarily walk away, and burn off some energy doing something physical where you can really exert yourself. You?ll then be too tired to be as mad as you would have been before.

Saturn begins to slowly move forwards on Wednesday, 5th April, having been retrograde since November 22nd 2005.
On some level, creative pursuits may have felt heavy over the last four months. It may have been difficult to inject enthusiasm and joyfulness into them, but this should change now.

It?s a more conducive time too to work out boundaries, define your own limits as to what feels comfortable to you, and to generally get ?sorted?. The feeling of being grounded may be elusive, and need to be consciously developed, by doing something physical, getting back into your body, and feeling the support from the ground beneath you, planet earth, which is always there, even if it?s below thick layers of tarmac.

This is partly because there hasn?t been a planet in an earth sign since Venus left Capricorn on March 5th (apart from the transiting Moon which will provide an earthy emotional vibe here and there, it goes into the earth sign Virgo on Sunday, 9th this week). Until April 20th, when the Sun moves into Taurus, this will be the case.

Earth signs express themselves practically and reliably, and can be counted upon to say what is really necessary in life. Food, water, shelter, warmth, money, companionship, and one or two other things. If you?re feeling lost in the world of head-stuff (the air element?s playground), earth will show you what counts in the ?real? world.

A photographer came to see me the other week, and said, ?If I wake up, with all my faculties working, still alive, I?m quite happy. Anything else is a bonus?. He?s a Taurus.

I?ve dwelled on a few major aspects this week, rather than skimming through more of them, as I feel the Mars/Pluto is the one that will be building through the week, and wanted to give you some guidance on possibilities of approaching it. Hope this helps!

Much love, Astral xx

Some of the movement of the celestial bodies this week:

Sunday, 2nd April ? Moon in Gemini ? 0.49am
Monday, 3rd April ? Moon square Mercury ? 6.02 am
Moon conjunct Mars ? 8.18pm
Tuesday, 4th April ? Moon opposite Pluto ? 1.09am
Moon in Cancer ? 7.15am
Mercury trine Jupiter ? 4.25pm
Wednesday, 5th April ? Moon square Sun ? 1.01pm
Saturn goes direct ? 1.54pm
Thursday, 6th April ? Venus enters Pisces ?2.21am
Moon in Leo ? 5.25pm
Friday, 7th April ? Moon conjunct Saturn ? 2.09am
Sun inconjunct Jupiter ? 4.38am
Saturday, 8th April ? Mars opposite Pluto ? 9.22am
Sunday, 9th April ? Moon in Virgo ? 5.58am
Sun sextile Neptune ? 8.33am
Moon opposite Venus ? 1.25am

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