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Dancing with the Elements and a Full Moon in Libra

Forecast for 10th - 16th April 2006

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There?s a multitude of planetary happenings this week, as you can see at the end of this column. As an experiment, I?ve also added the element the planet is in - fire, earth, air or water ? so you can see the overall element flavour for the day. To find the element for the Moon, just look at the day it changes sign. (If I?d added the element for the Moon each day, the times would have fallen on to the next line; it wasn?t a pretty sight).

My mission has always been to make astrology more understandable and user-friendly, rather than being shrouded in mystery for a select few. If you would like more information about the signs and the elements, have a look at the first few paragraphs of my article ?Energy Balancing?, on

For the sake of clarity, and for a change, I?m proceeding through the week in an orderly fashion, intending to help you fully enjoy what?s on offer.

Monday, 10th April
Moon opposite Uranus tends to throw up surprises, and unexpected happenings; the sextile to Jupiter adds a bright, expansive spark. Stay loose if you can, and open to intuitive flashes that could lead you to an enjoyable place, either in the realm of the imagination, or reality.

Tuesday, 11th April
Until 6.47pm bst (5.47gmt), when the Moon enters Libra, this could be a high-level tense day. The Virgo Moon triggers a difficult aspect pattern, forming an opposition to Mercury, square to Pluto, and square to Mars. The four together form a transitory grand cross, and may re-affirm any challenges that occurred in the past couple of weeks (especially around the 8th April, when Mars opposed Pluto). This includes all the mutable signs, including the communication signs of Gemini and Virgo, which can make understanding different viewpoints and perspectives harder, but the chance to work through this, and make changes for the better, easier.

Wednesday, 12th April
This is a day for common-sense, and co-operation, as the Libran Moon sextiles Saturn.

Thursday, 13th April
The star performer of this week?s celestial play is the Moon, as she twirls elegantly and mysteriously, on the cosmic stage, in her best shimmery, silvery attire, shining brightly against the backdrop of glittering constellations, planets in supporting roles, and disappearing galaxies. She never fails to make a stunning appearance in full, every 27days, 7 hours and 43 minutes. She may hide above the clouds sometimes, but she is there.

At 5.40 pm bst (4.40pm gmt) the Moon in Libra opposes the Sun in Aries, focussing on the self on the one hand (Aries), and our relationship to others, on the other (Libra). At its best, this Full Moon can facilitate awareness of ourselves, enabling us to nurture our spirit in our own individual body; at the same time it can deepen our connection to the spiritual aspect of others, dissolving any boundaries which make us feel alone.

It?s still the aftermath, the fall-out period following the Mars/Pluto opposition on the 8th, and tense Tuesday; verbal flak could still be ricocheting as Mercury squares Pluto, a few hours after the Full Moon.

A difficult situation may culminate, issues of balance and fairness may arise; one party may have to compromise their wishes in order to resolve a conflict, and re-establish a feeling of co-operation. It?s a pertinent time to consider how much give and take there is with others in your life, and if/how you can re-balance, so that you are at ease with both.

Friday, 14th April
Mars moves from the air sign Gemini to watery Cancer. Some astrologers say Mars is in its ?fall? in this sign, and doesn?t exert the courage and assertiveness it shows in some of the other signs. The energy here is naturally expressed protectively, often in connection with ?family?, whether this is DNA family, close friends you see as such, or a tribe of souls you feel strongly linked to. Energetically, Mars can be positive or negative. Cancer belongs to the water element, and Mars here often indicates deep emotions, and inner tensions, rather than external ones. It?s good to be aware that a caring attitude can become a controlling one, and that smothering irritates some.
The Scorpio Moon emphasises the emotional vibe today; accept and trust your feelings, be sensitive to others.

Saturday, 15th April
Lovely lunar aspects predominate today, making this an auspicious Saturday. With the moon trining Venus, Uranus, and conjuncting Jupiter, the fun element is strong, and opportunities abound for a good time. Create your own, if others aren?t forthcoming.
As the Moon squares Neptune in the evening (U.K. time), you may find yourself floating away. Escapism rules ? drink, films, dance, music may appeal, and be really enjoyable. Be aware it?ll be easy to overdo it.

Sunday, 16th April
This is a potent Fire day. Mercury, perky planet of communication zips speedily into Aries, having been languishing sensitively in Pisces, since 9th February. Communications for the next few weeks will be direct and to the point. Diplomacy and forethought could be in short supply; the ability to hone in on the root of any problem will be heightened. The Moon enters Sagittarius for a couple of days, adding a light, philosophical, humorous touch to anything that happens to be going around.
The Moon/Mercury trine enables the heart and mind to dance together congenially, so it?s easy to express what you?re thinking, and know it comes from the heart too.
A magnificent trine between the Sun and Pluto has been building all week, encouraging movement towards positive change and transformation. It may affect Scorpios especially (this is the sign liked with Pluto), but everyone can take advantage of the creative, powerful energy involved here.
If you want to break free, especially from some attitude, habit, or person that you feel has been holding you back, now is the time. The Moon/Saturn trine is a steadying influence, which will help provide a stable foundation for any change, so that anything new, whether it?s a relationship, or project, will be strong and durable.

Up in the sky this week:

Sunday, 9th April ? Moon in Virgo (earth element) ? 5.58am
Monday, 10th April ? Moon opposite Uranus (water)? 8.11am
Moon sextile Jupiter (water) ?4.13pm
Tuesday, 11th April ? Moon opposite Mercury (water) ? 5.56am
Moon square Pluto (fire) ? 12.09pm
Moon square Mars (air) ? 3.59pm
Moon in Libra (air) ? 6.47pm
Wednesday, 12th April ? Moon sextile Saturn (fire) ? 3.38am
Thursday, 13th April ? Moon trine Neptune (air) ? 9.24am
Moon opposite Sun (Full Moon) -
(air/fire) 5.40pm
Mercury (water) square Pluto (fire) ? 9.54pm
Moon sextile Pluto (fire) ? 11.42pm
Friday, 14th April ? Mars in Cancer (water) - 1.59am
Moon in Scorpio (water) ? 6.08am
Moon trine Mars (water) ? 6.21am
Moon square Saturn (fire) ? 2.46pm
Saturday, 15th April ? Moon trine Venus (water) ? 0.33am
Moon trine Uranus (water) ? 7.26am
Moon conjunct Jupiter (water) ? 1.32pm
Moon square Neptune (air) ? 7.29pm
Sunday, 16th April ? Mercury in Aries (fire) ? 1.20pm
Moon in Sagittarius (fire) 3.19pm
Moon trine Mercury (fire) ? 3.33pm
Sun trine Pluto (fire/fire) ? 8.35pm
Moon trine Saturn (fire) ? 11.41pm
NB: all times are British Summer Time (deduct 1 hour for Greenwich Mean Time)

Have a great week!
Fondest love,
Astral xx
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