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Fire settling into Earth

forecast for 17th - 23rd 2006

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The last embers of fiery Aries die down during this week, turning to ash, which in the endless supportive flow of nature then nourishes the soil and the earth. A much-needed inflow of earth energy, in the guise of the Sun entering Taurus on Thursday, 20th, will help to balance the other three elements, fire, air and water, that have recently been taking precedence on the planetary stage.

The earth element is the practical, productive element, in touch with the material, concerned with the physical body and survival needs, such things as having enough food, shelter, money, human warmth, to live in a comfortable way. Taurus is concerned with all this, and also derives much pleasure from indulging the senses. This is the sign that will appreciate good food, warm comfortable surroundings, and physical contact with others, from a heart-felt hug to exchanges of a more intimate kind.

Nature also feeds the spirit of Taurus, as does a secure financial background. Many gardeners and bankers are Taureans; I guess the link is they both like seeing things grow, and tangible manifestation on the physical plane.

Prior to Thursday, there are some interesting aspects involving the Moon, Venus and Mercury. On Monday, 17th April, the Sagittarian Moon clashes with Venus and Uranus, making this a changeable, moody, restless day. The easiest way to handle it is to respond as flexibly as possible to whatever comes up. You may be the one feeling unsettled, or you may have that person around you. Escaping for half an hour to do something you really enjoy will shift the vibration, and you?ll be in a better frame of mind to sort out any difficulties.

Tuesday, 18th has several different threads happening almost simultaneously. Watch and see which one you feel tuned into, or if it?s all of them (your thoughts in Astral?s Star Bar are always welcome).

Venus and Uranus are conjunct in Pisces today; this symbolizes surprising or unusual happenings connected to love. It could signify a very romantic time, falling in love at the drop of the hat. Some will be lucky enough to experience this, and the trine from Venus to Jupiter on Thursday, 20th, continues the love vibration in an expansive, optimistic way. Presents and generosity are associated with Venus/Jupiter too.

Others may use the Venus/Uranus combination to break away from a conventional relationship, or find they are doing something unexpected on the social, or creative front. This is because Venus is symbolic of how we express what we feel, and Uranus usually indicates something unexpected, different or unconventional. The thing to remember with Uranus is it moves fast, and whatever occurs may dissipate as fast as it came in.

It?s exciting but necessarily long lasting. Time will be needed to see if any relationship starting around this time has what it takes to endure. Uranian aspects jolt us out of our ?normal? way of seeing things, make us aware of something that was just lurking beneath the surface of our consciousness. This catapults us into openness to new experiences, and then the universe responds. It?s unusual not to be changed in some way by the experience.

Something of a rather different nature is also around today. Mercury, planet of communication, is making a tense aspect to Mars, and this usually portends irritability and argumentative ness. Thoughts and ideas are expressed abruptly, critically, and sometimes in a deliberately provocative way. It?s connected to the recent Mars/Pluto opposition, and is like a few extra crackles and bangs that you sometimes see in the sky after a rocket has been launched magnificently. You think there can?t be any more explosive displays, but then another dramatic flash lights up the sky.

An intense emotional conjunction between the Moon and Pluto in Sagittarius in the afternoon adds yet another potential spark, and the trine of these two to the Aries Sun add fire, passion and desire for power. It doesn?t look dull, does it?

The tempo changes as the Moon enters the earth sign of Capricorn at 22.13 bst, bringing a calmer, more settling energy. Capricorn is the epitome of common-sense and rationality.

The trine from Mercury to Saturn emphasises the logical thought-processes on Wednesday, 19th, making this a good day to think realistically about solving any problems that have been niggling away. It?s a good combination of being in a frame of mind that is neither too optimistic nor too pessimistic; you can see what is possible more easily now, and what is in the realms of fantasy.

On Thursday, as mentioned above, the Sun moves into the fertile, verdant sign of Taurus, and for the those of us in the northern hemisphere, it?s a time of lush growth, wonderful colour and delicious aromas, as blossom and leaves burst forth in a resplendent display of beauty.

Friday, on the other hand, is a day of self-containment, one for being aware of any inner tension that bubbles up, acknowledging it, and allowing it just to sit, uncomfortably at first maybe, as there?s a feeling of yin and yang vying with each other for the most prominent place. By accepting they both have an equal part to play, and by sending both love and compassion, the tension hopefully dissipates, and harmony is restored.

In the quest to restore balance between the Sun/Moon square, symbolic of the above, Saturn points out where the line needs to be drawn, so that as well as feeling inwardly centred, there is harmony with others too.

This could be a challenging day, because the Sun, Moon and Saturn are all in fixed signs, so none of them is in the mood to give in easily to another. As we move towards the exact Sun square Saturn next Tuesday, 25th, stubbornness could increase, and restriction felt more tangibly. Change, and letting go of something/someone could be the answer (more on this next week).

The weekend is overlaid with an easier feel, as the Aquarian Moon conjuncts Neptune on Saturday, emphasizing the spiritual, humanitarian ideals that make us all feel connected at some level.

The Moon enters Pisces in the early morning of Sunday, 23rd (5.43 bst), continuing the multi-levelled emotional feel, and the trine to Mars in Cancer adding a harmonious flow between the heart and taking action.

I?ve just realised ?School for Warriors 4? is on this Sunday (I write these columns a couple of weeks in advance), and it looks like being a great day for working with energy and emotion in a really positive and caring way. Hearts will warm and intertwine easily today.

Have a great week!
Much love,
Astral xx

Some of the dances of the celestial bodies this week:

Sunday, 16th April ? Moon in Sagittarius (fire) ?15.19
Monday, 17th April ? Moon square Venus (water)? 14.09
Moon square Uranus (water) ? 15.48
Tuesday, 18th April ?Venus conjunct Uranus (both water) ?10.43
Mercury (fire) square Mars (water) ? 10.56
Moon conjunct Pluto (fire) ? 16.12
Moon trine Sun (fire) ? 19.41
Moon in Capricorn (earth) ? 22.13
Wednesday, 19th April ? Moon opposite Mars (water) ? 3.27
Mercury (fire) trine Saturn (fire) ? 22.08
Thursday, 20th April ? Sun enters Taurus (earth) ? 6.26
Venus (water) trine Jupiter (water) ? 16.45
Friday, 21st April - Moon in Aquarius (air) ? 2.56
Moon square Sun (earth) ? 4.28
Moon opposite Saturn (fire) ? 10.50
Saturday, 22nd April ? Moon square Jupiter (water) ? 5.28
Moon conjunct Neptune (air) ? 12.15
Sunday, 23rd April ? Moon in Pisces (water) ? 5.43
Moon trine Mars (water) ? 14.55
NB All times BST (British summer time which is one hour ahead of GMT ? Greenwich mean time).

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