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Freedom, Opportunity, and a Sense of Adventure

forecast for the 1st - 7th May 2006

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The air is hot and dusty; you find yourself in the market of some far-away, exotic country, surrounded by barrels of warm-coloured spices, which potentially can add more flavours to a mouth-watering selection of dishes. Like the spices, there?s a rich and interesting mix to the planetary energies this week.

On Wednesday 3rd, Venus, planet of love, enters Aries, an enterprising fire sign that is high-spirited and thrives on adventure. Feelings of attraction will flow fast and fervently over the next few weeks.

There?s a sense of setting off on a new journey, (maybe begun last Thursday on the New Moon), accompanied by a warm breeze, equipped with a sense of humour and a light spirit, and an aura of quiet confidence. A combination of planets in the fire element, and aspects between the Sun/Jupiter/Uranus suggest a time of opening up, spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. And yet it?s undertaken in a grounded way, even more so after Mercury, planet of communication, enters Taurus on Friday, 5th.

Let me take you now to some of the metaphorical daily watering holes along the way.

Monday, 1st May.
A Gemini Moon gives a restless emotional feeling to the day. The opposition to Pluto adds intensity, and a need to look at how much baggage you are carrying, how much you want to carry, and if there is anyone around to help you share the load. As the Moon also squares Venus you may find yourself saying ?yes? to things you?re not happy about. Tune in to how you really feel, and speak your truth if you can. Ultimately, this will put you in a better place.

Tuesday, 2nd May
Following the Moon?s entry into Cancer yesterday afternoon (4.17pm bst), the mood changed to one of increasing sensitivity. Home, family, and questions of nurturing, both giving and receiving, may be on your mind. The Moon/Mars conjunction adds much emotional energy to the day (potential crabbiness and irritability), and the trines to Uranus and Jupiter, add a desire to be open to what comes up.

Jupiter is the planet that loves to explore new horizons, especially ones that lead to soul growth. Uranus is the planet that loves the new, the unexpected, and the original. Both dislike feeling tied down, and unable to move. Many levels are involved here, depending where you are on your own journey. To maximise the possibilities, and this applies to this week as a whole (you could say life as a whole), be aware, be conscious, and pay attention to what is happening around you.

Wednesday, 3rd May
This is a fiery day, with Mercury in Aries trining Pluto in Sagittarius, plus Venus entering Aries, shifting the emphasis from surrendering Pisces, to active Aries. Directness and honesty is the natural way Venus wants to express herself now. Mercury/Pluto is great for dealing with past misunderstandings, clarifying issues that have been misleading in the past, and being honest about what feels right for you.

Thursday, 4th May/Friday 5th May
Emotionally, the breeze is warm and loving, as the Moon, now in the fire sign Leo, trines Venus in Aries. There may be a slight dampener to this as the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Leo (11.22am bst).

From my own experience, I?ve noticed a good way to use this Moon/Saturn energy is to accept it as a time of self-reliance, and to focus on something grounding, often attending to something that I?ve been procrastinating about but needs sorting out, especially around the home (symbolized by the Moon). This gives a feeling of achievement, (it can be really mundane like sorting out a drawer, old letters, files, etc.), and detracts from any feelings of isolation, or sadness, that this aspect can sometimes bring.

Alongside this, the Sun sextiles Uranus, and opposes Jupiter today, and is followed by a trine between Jupiter and Uranus tomorrow, and squares from the Leo Moon to Jupiter and the Sun (Saturday).

This whole interaction between the Sun/Moon/Jupiter and Uranus is about freedom and growth, and questions will abound now around these issues. Possible expression of this energy could be rebellion and escape, openness and a feeling of liberation, or simply basking in the magnificence and wonder of one?s own creative being and deciding what sign to follow next, what direction to take. Intuition will give you clues if you decide to listen. It?s a time of choice, hopefully wise ones, maybe foolish ones, but ones that can bring you closer to understanding your true spirit.

As Mercury enters Taurus on Friday 5th also, the mental energy will switch from the fast-paced, impatient Aries mode, to the slower, realistic Taurus way.

The Moon/Neptune opposition later in the afternoon may pervade the airwaves with an aura of unreality, or lack of clarity, especially when it comes to the emotions. ?All the world is a stage, and we are just the players?, etc. may seem an apt observation today. What part are you playing? Hope it?s a good one; otherwise it may be time to swap roles. It?s your choice.

Saturday, 6th May

From the time the Moon enters Virgo (1.20pm bst), the overall energy looks calmer, although there is plenty of mental activity around, and an easy harmony between the mind and the heart, which makes it easier for feelings to be expressed authentically.

Sunday, 7th May
An exciting, exuberant energy pervades today, as Mars trines Jupiter. When these two combine easily it often signifies successful business activity, the only pitfall being taking on too much, and being spread so thin that the energy just isn?t there to ensure success. There is a danger (and this applies to the Sun/Jupiter opposition last Thursday too), of the ego being so flattered by the possibility of promotion in connection with grandiose schemes that an attempt is made to go beyond what is humanly possible. It?s imperative to ask what it?s all in aid of?

The Moon/Uranus opposition lends an unpredictable vibe, which could lead to disrupted plans and detours, maybe finding yourself in an unexpected situation, especially to do with the heart.

See this week as an interesting short journey, into realms that feed you with warmth, inspiration, and openness to new possibilities, using new ingredients you may not have tasted before.
Have you enjoyed it, and where would you like to go next?

With much love, Astral xx

Some of the planetary connections this week:

NB: All times are BST (British Summer Time, which is one hour ahead of GMT ? Greenwich Mean Time)

Monday, 1st May ? Moon opposite Pluto ?9.51
Moon square Venus ? 12.13
Moon in Cancer ? 16.17
Tuesday, 2nd May ? Moon conjunct Mars ? 12.16
Moon trine Uranus ? 18.07
Moon trine Jupiter ? 18.52
Wednesday, 3rd May ? Mercury trine Pluto ? 11.16
Venus in Aries ? 11.25
Moon square Mercury ? 19.35
Thursday, 4th May ? Moon in Leo ? 1.18
Moon trine Venus ? 2.43
Moon conjunct Saturn ? 11.22
Sun sextile Uranus ? 13.19
Sun opposite Jupiter ? 15.36
Friday, 5th May ? Jupiter trine Uranus ? 4.48
Moon square Jupiter ? 4.54
Moon square Sun ? 6.13
Mercury in Taurus ? 9.28
Moon opposite Neptune ? 16.34
Saturday, 6th May ? Moon trine Pluto ? 6.02
Moon in Virgo ? 13.20
Moon trine Mercury ? 18.40
Sunday, 7th May ? Mars trine Jupiter ? 10.13
Moon opposite Uranus ? 17.48

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