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Full Moon in Scorpio - Illusion and Reality

Forecast for 8th - 14th May 2006

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The Taurus Sun, coupled with Mercury in Taurus, opposes the Moon in Scorpio, and is squared (tense energy) by Neptune, making this a passionate, intense, complex Full Moon, one which should be treated with respect and maybe protective gloves (or even body suit). It doesn?t happen until Saturday, 13th May, but I sense the energy will be building all week.

Alongside this powerful vibration which incorporates three of the four fixed signs, (meaning the energy is quite single-minded), is the continuing unfolding of a Grand Trine in the water signs, involving Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

A Grand Trine is a term used when three planets are approximately 120 degrees away from each other, and are occupying each sign of one particular element, in this case, Cancer Scorpio and Pisces. The energy between them flows easily and harmoniously. It can be so easy that although intentions are good, no action is taken, and the aspect passes without anything manifesting in reality. The ?square? aspects (around 90 degrees apart) are often the ones that spur us into action, as we strive to create some harmony out of the tension.

For the gist of this Grand Trine, see last week?s forecast (Jupiter trine Uranus, Mars trine Jupiter), and then note the remaining trine happens between Mars and Uranus on Monday, 8th May. The dynamic is around for innovative action, using feelings as the guiding mode, rather than the mind.

Mercury, the planet associated with the mind, and communication, is squaring Saturn on Monday, and this suggests a mind hampered by doubt and limiting thoughts. Venus, however, is trining Saturn today, enabling the feelings to be considered in a reserved but realistic way.
A Moon /Pluto square at 18.49 BST adds an intense feel to the atmosphere. It?s fairly fleeting but powerful, and possibly confrontational.

The Moon enters Libra at 2.10 BST on Tuesday, 9th, imbuing the airwaves with a desire for balance and fairness. The quest is to find some solutions that nurture both one?s own feelings of safe-ness, and others? sense of being cared for, and loved.
As the Moon opposes Venus, this may not be easy, and there could be dissonance between pleasing yourself and pleasing another. Compromise could be the key, as long as you both retain a sense of authenticity, and don?t totally sacrifice yourself.

This focus on relationships, like wading through murky water until you reach the clear part that hasn?t been stirred up by the shifting sand, could take up your attention until the Full Moon, and beyond. The dominant aspect for Wednesday is the Sun coming to an exact square to Neptune.

It may be difficult to express yourself, or project your power, because of feelings of doubt, weakness and negativity. One solution is to put your ego (the Sun) to one side, and surrender to what the universe (the Tao) has to offer. By doing this, you enable your higher self to take charge, and this will always bring you the best possible solution to any challenging circumstances you find yourself in.

A negative manifestation of this Neptune contact, and one which is around until, and including the time of the Full Moon, is being on the receiving end of lies, deceit, disillusion. Or these things coming to light as the shining globe of the Moon grows through the week, revealing something previously hidden, which can no longer be ignored.

Relationships are really under the spotlight now (they have been for some weeks); issues of clarity and honesty are to the fore, first with yourself, then with others. There is nothing to fear if you are honest and content with yourself, listening to your own inner voice, rather than being enmeshed in others? attitudes, beliefs and opinions.

Dreams, intentions and goals may be considered to see what possibilities have the highest good for you now; it?s a good time to make a note of what comes up, and then look at it again later, maybe around the time of the next new moon (May 27th).

Interspersed with these Neptunian feelings of what is real and what isn?t ? discussions of which have been ongoing for aeons ? are a couple of Scorpio Moon days. The Moon enters this sign on Thursday, 11th May (13.25 BST), potentially giving you clues on how to transform (or at least change), your habitual way of expressing your emotions. Scorpio is courageous and brave, and is always (along with Virgo) striving for self-improvement.

With many lunar aspects, and links to Mercury/Jupiter and Uranus, Friday, 12th could be a day full of insight, new ideas, and a time to leap out of any ?box? you might find yourself in. There?s an interesting combination of Scorpio passion, frivolity and possibility a bit of madness.

The Full Moon is technically at 7.51 BST on Saturday, although I feel, as I said earlier, we will all have felt it well before then. Taurus is often focused on the material and the physical; Scorpio concerns itself with the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. There can be a fear of loss around this time, especially if it?s something, or someone who has given us a feeling of security. It is just an illusion that this person or thing gives us what we need. When we let go and surrender to something higher (call it the Tao, God, the Great Spirit, what you will), an incredible sense of deep peace, trust and clarity can enter into us.

A welcome out-breath of all the intensity of the past few days can flow out as the Moon goes into Sagittarius on Saturday night (21.56 BST). My natal Moon is in Sag, and although it?s often a restless time for me personally, it usually carries an optimistic, philosophical, sense of the playful feel too, and I?d say, wherever you find yourself, and whatever state you?re in, put anything disheartening to one side for the day, and go and do something fun that lifts your spirit. It?ll help to put you back on track for the next planetary adventures.

With much love to all of you,
Astral xx

Some of the astrological happenings this week:
(Please note all times are British Summer Time ? one hour ahead of GMT ? Greenwich Mean Time)
Monday, 8th May ? Mars trine Uranus ? 1.38
Venus trine Saturn ? 3.57
Mercury square Saturn ? 4.02
Tuesday, 9th May ? Moon in Libra ? 2.10
Moon opposite Venus ? 16.17
Wednesday, 10th May ? Sun square Neptune ? 15.02
Thursday, 11th May ? Moon in Scorpio ? 13.25
Friday, 12th May ? Moon square Saturn ? 0.04
Mercury opposite Jupiter ? 0.20
Mercury sextile Uranus ? 13.03
Moon conjunct Jupiter ? 14.14
Moon trine Uranus ? 16.27
Moon opposite Mercury ? 17.06
Moon trine Mars ? 21.34
Saturday, 13th May ? Moon square Neptune ? 3.01
Full Moon in Scorpio ?
22 degrees 23 minutes ? 7.51
Moon in Sagittarius ? 21.56
Sunday, 14th May ? Mercury sextile Mars ? 5.05
Moon trine Saturn ? 8.22
Moon trine Venus ? 21.39
Moon square Uranus ? 23.50

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