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Forecast for 15th - 21st May 2006

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The Sun is passing through the last degrees of Taurus now, so enjoy the feelings of sensuality and earthiness that this sign brings.
In the UK, the blossom has been stunning this year, and the leaves have re-dressed the trees; it?s difficult to feel down when there?s so much beauty around. However, I know it has been a challenging time for some; this week includes some aspects of adjustment, alteration and shedding, which will help to smooth the path for the way ahead, if there?s a willingness to change.

Monday, 15th May
A Sagittarian Moon conjunct (right next to) Pluto emotes questions of depth and intensity. It?s a day of digging deep into your mind and heart to uncover and face changes that you feel you need to make. A square from Mercury to Neptune could make you feel absent-minded, or inclined to side-step any unpleasant truths, but resist the temptation to gloss over the truth, to yourself, or to mislead others, in an effort to avoid painful feelings. The Moon/Pluto aspect is encouraging a purging of all that needs to surface, and will bring healing in its wake.

Tuesday, 16th May
The lunar entry into the earth sign Capricorn makes this a good day for practical, productive matters. A day free of major aspects, take the time to digest anything that happened yesterday, and relish the space to be gently grounded, and be open to what comes up.

Wednesday, 17th May
?Adjustment? is one of the keywords for a so-called ?minor? aspect known as the inconjunct, or quincunx. It occurs when two planets are 150 degrees apart (give or take two degrees), and as it doesn?t shout for attention like a square or opposition, it?s often ignored. However, sometimes its impact is hardly ?minor?.

The Sun is inconjunct Pluto today; the energy shows a lack of understanding, or co-operation (planets involved are from inharmonious elements, and dissimilar qualities, i.e. not much in common). Problems that have been niggling away could become so irritating now that they need to be resolved once and for all. The Sun/Pluto combination is about identity/ control/ power/transformation, and this aspect calls for some adjustment in order to move away from some troubling situation, and to ensure positive growth for the spirit. Another inconjunct, between Mars and Neptune, also happens today, highlighting and calling for untangling energy that is hindering acting in the most efficient and straightforward way. There?s often glamour associated with Mars and Neptune, and/or a capacity to sacrifice oneself in a good cause (interesting thoughts bubble up if you think about those two together), but also a tendency for the truth to be hidden, real motives not understood. The clearer you are about your own reasons for action, the more honest with yourself, the more inspired and inspiring you?ll be, and the more you?ll genuinely be able to help others.

The opposition between Mars and the Moon may instigate eruptions, particularly to do with issues of finding a balance between work and home life. It?s important to state your true feelings, yet respect those of others.

Thursday, 18th May
At the risk of sounding repetitive, there?s another inconjunct today, this time between Mercury and Pluto. Accompanied by harmonious aspects from the Moon, to Mercury and the Sun, this has possibilities of clarifying what you want, so you are in a much better position of having it in your life. The Sun/Mercury conjunction later in the day adds a subjective, mental state, when it may be difficult to understand others? viewpoints.

The Moon enters Aquarius at 8.19 (BST), and the opposition to Saturn later in the day (18.39 BST) indicates others may not be at their most co-operative, or receptive. See it as a time for you, focus on your views and attitudes, and use the Mercury/Pluto aspect to adjust, alter or discard any attitudes, habits, thought patterns that don?t ?fit? the ?you? now.

Friday, 19th May
A lighter day (hooray) is forecast, as the Moon squares Jupiter
(not a difficult one when Jupiter is involved; you may feel like going over the top in some way), sextiles Venus, and conjuncts Neptune. Socializing, being compassionate, seeing the best in people are easy today, maybe because you?ve used the energies of the inconjunct, have made some positive changes, and are feeling lighter.
Mercury skips into one of its own signs, Gemini, (along with Virgo), lifting the fixity of Taurus, and bringing in adaptability, and a more flexible way of thinking.

Saturday, 20th May
A Pisces Moon comes out to play from 11.39 BST, and coupled with a romantic, creative sextile between Venus and Neptune, suggest a day of escaping the mundane.
Drifting down a river, with no worries, a packed hamper and a bottle of wine, listening out for Ratty, Mole, and other creatures that may be found in ?Wind in the Willows? (Kenneth Grahame), comes to mind, although there are many other possibilities.
If you?ve had a creative idea germinating inside, this could be the day to manifest it into something beautiful, that others can enjoy too.

Sunday, 21st June
The Sun moves into Gemini at 5.32 BST, imbuing the energy with airiness, verbal gymnastics, and movement. The stability and durability of Taurus moves off-stage for another year, and the fluidity of Gemini takes its place. The rational energy of Gemini, an air sign, that has the capacity to disseminate much information and then move on, is here for the next few weeks.
Lovely lunar links to Jupiter and Uranus point to a sparky, lively day, with the odd unexpected surprise or two. Enjoy!

Warmest love, Astral xx


A smattering of planetary activity this week:

Monday, 15th May
Mercury square Neptune ? 5.12
Moon conjunct Pluto ? 21.15

Tuesday, 16th May
Moon in Capricorn ? 3.59

Wednesday, 17th May
Sun inconjunct Pluto ? 6.15
Moon square Venus ? 7.42
Moon opposite Mars ? 14.27
Mars inconjunct Neptune ? 19.46

Thursday, 18th May
Moon trine Mercury ? 1.18
Moon trine Sun ? 3.10
Mercury inconjunct Pluto ? 3.43
Moon in Aquarius ? 8.19
Moon opposite Saturn ? 18.39
Sun conjunct Mercury ? 21.02

Friday, 19th May
Moon square Jupiter ? 5.15
Moon sextile Venus ? 16.05
Moon conjunct Neptune ? 18.18
Mercury in Gemini ? 21.52

Saturday, 20th May
Moon square Sun ? 10.21
Moon in Pisces ? 11.39
Venus sextile Neptune ? 19.13

Sunday, 21st May
Sun in Gemini ? 5.32
Moon trine Jupiter ? 7.53
Moon conjunct Uranus ? 12.03

NB All times stated are for British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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