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Yan and Ying

forecast for 22nd - 28th May 2006

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Monday, 22nd May
One of the ?Big Three?, big in the sense of the effect they have on our conscious and subconscious mind, Neptune, turns retrograde today, for approximately five months. Sandwiched, if this is the right word given the millions? of miles between them, between Uranus and Pluto, these make up the trinity of the most distant planets (so far).

Neptune is the planet of inspiration, idealism and creative visualization; also the planet of
confusion, illusion and delusion. As a planet slows down and then turns retrograde (appearing from planet earth to be moving backwards), and during its retro phase, its vibration intensifies, so that any, or all of the above, may be felt acutely. For sensitive souls, and for those whose birth-chart is touched, as Neptune has neared this degree, the intensity has grown.

This can be a period of heightened creative and psychic ability, or one of self-delusion and paranoia. Personally, I?m opting for the former. Universally, there is generally, at the time of Neptune retro, more of an acceptance of spiritual healing, and other alternative therapies.

It is a time when the collective can gather together, and amplify the movement towards global healing and self healing. Some web-sites,including, and
are just two of the wonder-full places where this is happening on a daily basis, through connecting with kindred spirits.

Tuesday, 23rd May
The title of this forecast isn?t a spelling error, just an attempt to point out that sometimes gender roles aren?t that simple, especially in the 21st century. There?s an interesting square today, between Venus in Aries and Mars in Cancer, which has been growing in strength since the 9th May. Traditionally, Mars is at home in the ?macho? sign of Aries, while gentle Venus would feel more of an affinity with the lunar- ruled sign of Cancer. Mars is associated with yang energy; Venus with yin energy. At the moment the planets are travelling through signs that don?t have the natural qualities for them to express themselves. Also, as this is a square aspect, implying tension, they are vying with each other, rather than dancing together harmoniously. Picture a helmeted warrior goddess Valkyrie holding a flame-tipped spear, partnering a homely looking man in his slippers, and you can see they aren?t a natural partnership.

Translated into mundane terms, in relationships, especially sexual ones, there could be stress, as one half has desires that the other doesn?t find it easy to respond to. Women could be in assertive, outgoing, and independent mode; men could be feeling sensitive, vulnerable and needing the comfort blanket of a ?safe? relationship. Any feelings of incompatability, sexual and otherwise, will be highlighted now.

Wednesday, 24th May
As the Moon rode into Aries on Monday, 22nd, this fire sign has the edge over Mars today, when the Moon squares Mars and conjuncts Venus. The energy around favours being strong in your femininity, and for men, appreciating the yin within. There is an inclination for this to get out of hand, and for women especially, to become pushy, inconsiderate and demanding, so bear in mind that true strength is tempered with patience and love.

There?s a shift of energy at 17.00 (BST) when the Moon moves into Taurus, infusing the airwaves with a more leisurely and sensual feel.

Thursday, 25th May
As the Taurus Moon squares Saturn and later opposes Jupiter, this is a day to practice patience, and to see the boundaries, restrictions in your life as ?friends?, which keep you in the right place at the right time, rather than rebelling against them.

Friday, 26th May
Despite the challenges that the Venus square Mars may have revealed this week, the trine from Pluto to Venus, exact today, ensures that any changes made, in the sphere of emotional relationships, are for the better. The braver, more honest, and the deeper you?re willing to go, the more you?ll see these qualities reflected in your relationships.

As Mercury squares Uranus, and the Moon squares Neptune also, it is a complex day, which could unfold in many ways. Bright ideas could bubble up erratically, and dissipate as fast as they arrived. Or they may hang around and evolve into something usable, and potentially money-making (Venus is also connected to money).

The Moon/Neptune square could throw up questions of the viability of these bright ideas, and also such things as the reality of your feelings. What feels true for you now?

Saturday, 27th May/Sunday 28th May
The weekend is one to enjoy a New Moon in Gemini. Being a mutable air sign, this is a time for learning, embracing new ideas, and considering new patterns of thinking. Its flexible nature means it thrives on change, and movement, always wanting to move onwards and upwards. This sometimes means the thoughts and ideas aren?t consolidated; however, Saturn is sextiling this New Moon, meaning that there is a better chance that any ideas, projects, or studies begun now, can be worked with steadily, and in a reasonably ordered fashion, so that they have a fair chance of success.

Gemini, who has the twins Castor and Pollux as its symbol, is the sign of duality, which brings me back to yin and yang, or ying and yan. By embracing these two, the place beyond may be reached, the ineffable Tao, and I?d like to leave you this week with these words from Lao Tzu, taken from ?Celebrate Paradox?,

?To be ready for wholeness, first be fragmented.
To be ready for rightness, first be wronged.
To be ready for fullness, first be empty.
To be ready for renewal, first be worn out.
To be ready for success, first fail.
To be ready for doubt, first be certain.?

Fondest love, Astral xx (Interestingly, I?ve just completed this on the Full Moon in Scorpio, on 13th May, as it?s conjuncting my Mercury, planet of communication. It?s been enjoyable to rise at 6am and write ? hope you?ve enjoyed reading it. Now it?s time for some cornflakes, and more tea.)

What?s happening with the some of the celestial bodies this week:

Monday, 22nd May
Moon trine Mars ? 1.28
Moon square Pluto ? 7.46
Neptune retrograde ? 14.05
Moon in Aries ? 14.24
Mercury sextile Saturn ? 18.58

Tuesday, 23rd May
Moon trine Saturn ? 1.03
Venus square Mars ? 23.00

Wednesday, 24th May
Moon square Mars ? 6.17
Moon conjunct Venus ? 6.36
Moon trine Pluto ? 10.16

Thursday, 25th May
Moon square Saturn ? 4.00
Mercury inconjunct Jupiter- 4.44
Moon opposite Jupiter ? 12.28

Friday, 26th May
Venus trine Pluto ? 2.43
Moon square Neptune ? 2.45
Mercury square Neptune ? 14.48
Moon in Gemini ? 2019

Saturday, 27th May
New Moon 6.26 (5 degrees Gemini)
Moon square Uranus ? 21.46

Sunday, 28th May
Moon conjunct Mercury ? 3.21
Sun sextile Saturn ? 5.48
Moon trine Neptune ? 7.10
Moon opposite Pluto ? 18.08
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